RAKBANK nmc Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 02 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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Developed in partnership with the nmc Group, a leader in the healthcare sector, the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card offers health and wellness benefits. Apart from that, you can also enjoy various other rewarding features & benefits on this card that help you in leading the life you always wanted to live.

Highlights of nmc Credit Card

  • No annual charge levied on both primary & supplementary credit card ever
  • Minimum payment amount is three percent in a month
  • Offers on shopping and dining
  • 45 percent to be paid as retail finance fee
  • Cashback on all local and international spends
  • Cash advance limit is 80 percent of the credit card limit

Main RAKBANK nmc Credit Card Features

Here is a rundown on the best features of the MasterCard credit card.

Cash Advance

You can enjoy a cash advance up to 80 percent of the credit card limit. You have to pay a cash advance fee of 3 percent or 99 dirhams, whichever is more. The bank also charges 3.45 percent on cash advance.

No-Interest Days

The RAKBANK provides a no-interest duration of 55 days (maximum) to the member of this amazing credit card.

Minimum Payment

The bank offers the users of this card the lowest minimum payment of only 3 percent in a billing month. The due date of payment is 25 days from the statement date.

Easy Payment Plan

Using the easy plans for making payment, RAKBANK has successfully made your shopping simpler. Your huge purchases can be converted into zero percent instalments for three, six, nine, or 12 months with various participating merchants.


The bank provides the facility to transfer funds through the RAKMoneyTransfer service via digital banking irrespective of wherever you are or by directly visiting the branch of the bank. You can transfer the funds to Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Europe, & various other places across the globe.

Main RAKBANK nmc Credit Card Benefits

Here is a rundown on the best benefits of this MasterCard credit card.


With this credit card, the user can avail a discount of 30 percent (maximum) at above 2,000 restaurants within the UAE.

Zero Annual Charges

The credit card does not charge any annual fees throughout the life of the card.

Nmc Discounts

You can enjoy unmatched discount offers at nmc pharmacies, hospitals, opticians, restaurants, jewelers, and beauty salons.

Cashback on Transactions

This credit card allows you to earn while you spend. The RAKBANK Credit Card offers you a cashback of one percent on international purchase transactions including internet transactions and cash advances. You can also get a cashback of one percent on domestic purchases on a minimum retail spend of 1,000 dirhams in a month.

You get a cashback of 0.25 percent on each one dirham spent under the category of utility and telecom bill payments and government services, car rentals, real estate, gas/petrol and transport stations. You can earn a maximum discount of 300 dirhams on both local as well as international spends in a billing month.

Other Benefits

This MasterCard also offers other benefits such as privileges on shopping and dining along with a low rate of interest.

The Final Words!

RAKBANK has a lot of co-branded cards, including the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card, which is specially designed in partnership with the nmc Group. nmc is an established name in the healthcare sector. With this credit card, you can enjoy various health benefits along with several dining, shopping, and financial benefits in the UAE. This credit card also provides you with a cashback on both local as well as international transactions.