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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*


Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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Top RAKBANK Credit Cards

The RAKBANK nmc Credit Card has been designed in association with nmc Group, which is a well-renowned leader in healthcare. This exclusive RAKBANK credit card offers a wide range of wellness benefits, enabling its card member to make the most of it. In addition to offering the exciting benefits, this credit card comes with unmatched rewarding features that other credit cards simply can’t match.

Features & Benefits of the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card

Given below are the list of the main features and benefits of the RAKBANK nmc credit card:

  • No Annual Fee: This RAKBANK credit card is a ‘free for life’ credit card as there is no annual fee charged on it.
  • Low Interest Rate: This card charges a low interest rate on outstanding retail purchase transactions.
  • No-Interest credit: The RAKBANK nmc Credit Card offers no-interest credit for a maximum of 55 days.
  • Supplementary Cards: The card member can avail supplementary RAKBANK nmc Credit cards for their eligible family members.
  • Purchase Protection: This card offers it cardholder complimentary purchase protection.
  • Travel Accident Insurance: It offers the primary card member and their eligible family members free travel accident insurance. It includes medical cover, travel inconvenience cover, accident cover, and much more.
  • Cash Advance: The cardholder can withdraw instant cash up to 80 percent of the total credit limit in times of financial emergency.
  • Discounted Offers: Member of this RAKBANK credit card can avail plenty of exclusive discounts across nmc hospitals, beauty salons, pharmacies, jewelers, and restaurants.
  • Minimum Monthly Payment’: Member of this card can make the lowest monthly payment of just 3 percent.
  • RAKMoney Transfer: The cardholder can send money utilizing the service of RAKMoney Transfer via Digital Banking across the globe. Else, the card member can directly send money through any of the RAKBANK branches.
  • Easy Installment Plan: The card member can convert their credit card purchases at participating merchants into easy to pay monthly installment through a 0 percent easy payment plan for up to 12 months.
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Rewards & Offers of the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card

Category Cashback
International Retail Transactions including Internet Transactions & Cash Advances 1%
Domestic Retail Transactions 1%

*Please note that the cardholder can avail 1 percent cashback on total monthly domestic retail transaction subject to a minimum spends of 1000 AED in a month.

**The cardholder can avail 0.25 percent cashback for every 1 AED spent on Telecommunication & utility bill payments, car rentals, real estate, petrol or gas stations, and transport.

Fees & Charges of the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card

Here is the list of fees & charges of the RAKBANK nmc Credit Card:

Type of Charges Amount
Annual Membership Fee of Primary Card Free For Life
Annual Membership Fee of Supplementary Card Free For Life
Finance Charges - Retail Transactions (per month) 3.45 percent
Finance Charges - Balance Transfer (per month) 1.50 percent
Finance Charges  - Credit Card Cheques (per month) 2.25 percent
Finance Charges - Cash Advances (per month) 3.45 percent
Finance Charges - Smart Cash (per month) 2 percent

Other Fees & Charges

Types of Charges Amount
Cash Advance Charge 3% or 99 AED, whichever is greater
Card Replacement Charge 75 AED
Over limit Charge 275 AED
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Duplicate Statement Charge (for each statement) 45 AED
Returned Cheque Charge 100 AED
Charge For Procuring A Copy Of Sales Voucher 65 AED
Fee of International Courier 100 AED
Processing Charge for ‘Credit Card Cheque’ 1 percent (Min 50 AED & Max 250 AED)
Processing Charge for Smart Cash 100 AED
Processing Charge for Easy Payment Plan (EPP) at selected merchants
  • 49 AED for three months
  • 49 AED for six months
  • 1.5 percent for nine months
  • 2 percent for twelve months
Cancellation Charge Or Early Settlement  For Credit Card Cheque, Smart Cash, Balance Transfer, And All Easy Payment Plans 249 AED
  • International Transaction Charge in Non-AED Currency
  • International Transaction Charge in AED Currency
  • 2 percent of the transaction amount
  • 2.5 percent of the transaction amount
Credit Shield Insurance (CSI) 0.99 percent of the outstanding balance
International Remittance Charge 75 AED
Rescheduling Charges Maximum of a 1 percent of the card’s total outstanding balance
E-statement Charge Nil
Case Release Fee 525 AED
Printed statement delivery charges AED 5 per statement
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Additional Benefits of RAKBANK nmc Credit Card

  • Discount with RAkfoodie: The cardholder can avail a maximum of 30 percent off at 2000+ restaurants using this RAKBANK credit card.
  • Other Exclusive Offers
    • The card member can enjoy 10 percent off across Ultra Sound, X-ray, CT, Mammography, & MRI Scans at ‘National Hospital Abu Dhabi’, ‘nmc Hospital Dubai & Abu Dhabi’, and ‘nmc Medical Centre Sharjah’.
    • The cardholder can enjoy 8 percent off of the purchase of non-pharmaceutical products at ‘Bait Al Shifaa Pharmacy, Dubai’, ‘New Medical Centre Pharmacy, Abu Dhabi’, ‘Reema Pharmacy, Abu Dhabi’, & ‘New Pharmacy LLC, Abu Dhabi’
    • With this card, member of this card can avail 15 percent off on optical products at ‘Focus Optics, Dubai’ & ‘nmc Opticals, Abu Dhabi’.
    • The cardholder can avail 10 percent off on gold jewelry at ‘Aabharan Jewellers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi’.
    • Member of this card can avail 10 percent off on dining at ‘Lotus Hotel & Dakshin Restaurant in Dubai’, ‘Foodlands Restaurant in Dubai & Abu Dhabi’ & ‘Zari Zardozi & Le M�ridien in Abu Dhabi’.

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