RAKBANK Kalyan Jewellers Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 07 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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Who does not love beautiful jewellery? Of course, we all do. RAKBANK Kalyan Jewellers Credit Card helps to feed your love for jewellery. It is the first and the only card that offers Goldback on shopping done at Kalyan Jewellers. Other than that, this credit card offers various benefits and privileges to its users.

Highlights of the RAKBANK Card

  • Zero annual charges on both supplementary and primary credit cards
  • Retail finance charges are 3.45 percent
  • Cash withdrawal of a maximum of 80% of the credit card limit
  • 3 percent every month to be paid as minimum payment
  • Goldback on jewellery purchased from Kalyan Jewellers
  • Privileged offers on shopping and dining

Main RAKBANK Kalyan Jewellers Credit Card Features

Metioned below are some of the top features of the card in the UAE.

Simple Payment Plan

You can buy diamond or gold worth 1,000 dirhams or above at Kalyan Jewellers within the UAE & enjoy easy payment plans. The plans include zero percent simple payment plan for three or six months on gold shopping and zero percent simple payment plan for six or twelve months on diamond shopping.

Interest-Free Duration

The RAKBANK provides the interest-free duration of up to 55 days to member of this MasterCard credit card.


Irrespective of wherever you are, you can make a money transfer to various countries including India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Nepal, Pakistan, and Europe through the facility of RAKMoneyTransfer using digital banking.

Main RAKBANK Kalyan Jewellers Credit Card Benefits

Mentioned below are some of the top benefits of the card in the UAE.  


Using the RAKBANK card, you may avail a maximum 30 percent off at above 2,000 restaurants and cafes in the Emirates.

Purchase Protection Facility

In case of theft or an unfortunate accidental damage to your RAKBANK card, the purchase protection facility will keep your purchases covered.

Travel Accident Coverage

This Credit Card offers you a free travel accident coverage, which keeps you insured in case an accident happens during the trip.

Careem Offers

Upon installing the official Careem App & signing up as a first-time customer, you may enjoy a free ride. For the subsequent rides, you will get a 20 percent off on up to 3 rides monthly. For the 1st ride complimentary offer enter the code “MC1RIDE” & for the 20 percent off offer enter the code “MASTERCARD”.

Airport Lounge Facility

RAKBANK Kalyan Jewellers Credit Card offers complimentary & unlimited access to lounges at above ten famous VIP airport lounges in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Jordan, & Kuwait.

BOGO Offers

You may enjoy various free Buy one Get one offers across Africa and the Middle East on entertainment, dining, cafes, and attractions. These offers can be availed through the “MasterCard For You App”.

MasterCard for You

This mobile app allows you to access several possibilities that allows you to learn the way of making the most of your credit card. Simply select the kind of MasterCard you hold and find out how it can make your lifestyle and travel better and more peaceful. The following offers can be availed through this app.

  • Various lifestyle, insurance, and travel benefits
  • Privileges for online shopping
  • BOGO Offers at selected locations
  • Learning about the protection benefits on your card

You can download this app from the App store of Google play store on your smartphone.


  • On purchasing gold worth 2,500 dirhams, you get a complimentary gold coin of 0.3 grams
  • On purchasing precious jewellery or uncut diamond worth 3,250 dirhams, you get a complimentary gold coin of 2.1 grams.
  • This offer can be availed between October 22, 2019, and November 15, 2019.

You can avail this offer by visiting any outlet of Kalyan Jewellers in the UAE and making the payment using the RAKBANK credit card. You may also get a complimentary gold coin if you meet the spending criteria.

In a Nutshell!

With amazing gold offers, this RAKBANK Kalyan Jewellers Credit Card is one of its kind in the UAE market. You may enjoy a host of offers on this MasterCard that makes it easier for you to cope up with the high-end lifestyle in the UAE. This credit card is perfect for those who are a fan of beautiful jewellery pieces.