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RAKBANK Géant La Carte MasterCard Credit Card

This RAKBANK credit card is a co-branded credit card between the RAKBANK and FuCom Group that owns the supermarket chains of Le Marche and Géant hypermarkets in the GCC. It offers the amazing RAKBANK credit card benefits and privileges along with discounts and rewards at Le Marche and Géant. The card is also loaded with the points program by La Carte through which they can earn rewards and later redeem them for gift vouchers by Géant.

Benefits and Features of RAKBANK Géant La Carte MasterCard Credit Card

Listed below are some benefits and features of this RAKBANK Credit Card.

  • Annual Fee: Nil: The cardholder has to pay no annual fee on this card, making it free for life.
  • Supplementary Cards: This RAKBANK Géant La Carte Credit Card provides free supplementary cards for the family members of the primary cardholder.
  • Finance Charges: The credit card levies finance charges as low as 3.45 percent on the card member on retail and cash transactions.
  • Cash Advance: The card member can withdraw cash equal to 80 percent of their available credit limit under the cash advance facility.
  • No-Interest Period: This RAK credit card offers a no interest credit for a maximum of 55 days.
  • Minimum Payment: It is important to make at least minimum payment on this card. If the minimum payment is not made, a late payment charge might be levied on the card member The minimum payment on this credit card is 3 percent per month.
  • Easy Payment Plan: Shopping has become easier for the cardholder with this 0 interest Easy Payment Plan. The cardholder can convert their heavy purchases into installments for three, six, nine, or twelve months, at a huge range of selected merchants.
  • Purchase Protection: The credit card offers the cardholder a cover on their purchases in the situation when they get stolen or damaged through accidental, violent, or visible means.
  • Insurance on Travel Accident: The cardholder can avail an insurance cover on travel accident that includes coverage in case of unexpected, sudden, or violent event that might befall them at the time of the journey. This does not include the self-inflicted intentional injury.

Rewards and Offers on RAKBANK Géant La Carte MasterCard Credit Card

Listed below are some rewards and offers on this RAKBANK Credit Card.

Category Amount Le Carte Points
Purchases at Le Marche and Géant hypermarkets in the GCC 10 AED 2
Purchases at any other outlet throughout UAE and globally 10 AED 1

Fees and Charges on RAKBANK Géant La Carte MasterCard Credit Card

Listed below are fees & charges on this RAKBANK Credit Card.

 Fees and Charges  Amount 
Annual Fees Nil
Annual Fees on Supplementary Cards Nil
Retail Transaction Charge (per month) 3.45 percent
Balance Transfer (per month) 1.50 percent
Cheques on Credit Card (per month) 2.25 percent
Cash Transaction Charge (per month) 3.45 percent
Smart Cash (per month) 2 percent
Fees on Cash Advance 3% or 99 AED (whichever is higher)
Fees on Card Replacement 75 AED
Over-limit Charges 275 AED
Late Payment Charges 230 AED
Duplicate Statement Charges 45 AED (per statement)
Returned Cheque Charges 100 AED
Sales Voucher Copy Charges 65 AED
Fees on International Courier 100 AED
Processing Charge on Credit Card Cheque 1%, minimum AED 50 and maximum AED 250
Processing Charge on Smart Cash 100 AED
Processing Fee for EPP 3 months- 49 AED6 months- 49 AED9 months- 1.5%12 months- 2%
Cancellation or Early Settlement Charge for BT/SC/AII/CCC EPP Plans 249 AED
International Transaction Charges for Purchases In non-AED currency: 2% on the transaction amountIn AED currency: 2.5% on transaction amount
Credit Shield 0.99 percent
Payment through Exchange House Charges 3 AED (each transaction)
International Remittance Charges 75 AED
International Remittance Enquiry Charges 50 AED

Additional Benefits of RAKBANK Géant La Carte MasterCard Credit Card

Listed below are some additional benefits of this RAKBANK Credit Card.

Dining Benefits

This credit card offers the cardholder exclusive dining discount of up to thirty percent at around 2000 restaurants and outlets throughout the UAE with the help of RAKfoodie.

Money Transfer

The cardholder can use the RAK Money Transfer facility for sending money via digital banking no matter where they are. They may also transfer money via any branch of the bank. The funds can be sent to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Europe, Pakistan, India, Philippines, and various other countries through RAK Money Transfer.

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