A Quick Comparison between Deem CashUp & MilesUp Credit Cards

  | Published: 29 December 2020 | Last Updated On: 20 January 2021

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A credit card is digital money that allows you to make payments conveniently. This financial tool not only provides you the buying power but also helps you to make the most of your every purchase.

You know, how?

The majority of the credit cards in the UAE offer a wide range of rewards and benefits in terms of cash back, miles, shopping, etc. Such type of reward credit cards do not just improve your buying experience but also they go one step ahead and make your every purchase worthwhile by filling your pocket with bonus points and cash back every time you make any purchase using the card. What’s more interesting is the fact that these reward points can be redeemed for buying new products or items at no cost.

But, now the main concern is there are several banks in the UAE that offer rewards credit cards so which one is the best?

Well, if you are confused then fret not.

Because we are going to discuss the best bank that offers different types of reward credit cards. It is none other than Deem Bank. Yes, you read that right.

Deem bank offers two types of reward credit cards i.e. Deem CashUp Cards and Deem MilesUp Cards. Both these reward credit cards offer the primary benefit of the reward points program as well as their redemption options. The reward points help you to save your hard-earned money and provide you the best experience of using a card.

To know more about both these reward credit cards offered by the Deem, read this article further.

Deem CashUp Cards - What is It?

The Deem CashUp Credit Card provides you Cash Up on things you love to spend on right from shopping, flights, and groceries to hotels, and more. Meaning that, the reward credit card helps you to earn a percentage of your spending back in terms of cash. It is credited into your credit card account in order to offset your next credit card purchase.

Available in three variants i.e. Titanium, Platinum, and World, Deem CashUp cards are basically designed to increase your earnings with the power of CashUp points which can be redeemed for cash back, to purchase gift vouchers online, and to pay for purchases through the Deem Online Portal or the mobile app of Deem.  

Deem MilesUp Cards - What is It?

If you are someone who travels a lot whether for a business purpose or just for a leisure trip, then a Deem MilesUp credit card can be your best bet. This reward credit card helps its customers to earn accelerated Miles Up upon spending on hotel reservations, flight tickets, fashion, entertainment, and even daily spend such as groceries.

Available in three variants i.e. i.e. Titanium, Platinum, and World, Deem MilesUp cards up your travel game by offering these Miles Up reward points. What’s more interesting fact is that you can even redeem some or all of your accumulated Miles Up for a wide range of benefits including flight tickets, hotel reservations, gift vouchers online from the top brands, & gadgets.

Deem CashUp Cards Vs Deem MilesUp cards

Below we will quickly compare both the Deem reward cards i.e. Deem CashUp Credit Cards and Deem MilesUp credit cards based on their primary features and benefits:


Deem CashUp Cards

Deem MilesUp cards


  • Up to 10% Cash Up can be earned on shopping and flight tickets.
  • Up to 5% Cash Up can be earned on entertainment spends.
  • Up to 3% Cash Up can be earned on fuel and grocery spends.
  • Up to 5x Miles Up can be earned on the purchase of flight tickets and hotel bookings.
  • 5x Miles Up can be earned on foreign spends.
  • 3x Miles Up can be earned on shopping.

Minimum Monthly  Income Required

  • AED 5000 for  Deem Titanium CashUp Credit Card
  • AED 10,000 for Deem Platinum CashUp Credit Card
  • AED 25,000 for Deem World CashUp Credit Card
  • AED 5000 for Deem Titanium MilesUp Credit Card
  • AED 10,000 for Deem Platinum MilesUp  Credit Card
  • AED 25,000 for Deem World MilesUp Credit Card

Minimum Spend for Earning Rewards

No minimum spend is required to earn Cash Up on all Deem Cash Up Cards.

No minimum spend is required to earn Miles Up on all Deem MilesUp Cards.

Ideal For

  • Rewards
  • Shopping
  • Lifestyle Benefits
  • Fuel
  • Rewards
  • Travel  Offers
  • Shopping


As you can see, both the Deem credit cards i.e. Deem Cash Up Cards and Deem MilesUp Cards come with exclusive rewards and offers that provide you the buying power along with the flexibility to make the most of your every purchase.

So, before you choose any of them, make sure you ask one question to yourself that which type of reward credit card makes the most sense for you? Because it really make sense to choose the credit card with a reward program that suits your lifestyle needs and spending pattern.