Qatar Travel Insurance

Qatar Travel Insurance

Be it a family vacation, solo trip, or a business trip, you always need a travel insurance plan to back you up with all the unforeseen events. Before you make any travel plans, make sure that you include travel insurance in your plans.

Travel insurance is not just a piece of paper. It is more than this.

Purchasing travel insurance must be more than just having papers needed to visit Schengen countries – it is all about catering to the safety needs for you and your loved ones, if things don’t fall in your favour.

Travel insurance with Qatar Insurance Company (QIC) offers you the security to know that you and your loved ones are in safe hands.

Qatar Travel Insurance got you covered:

Qatar Travel Insurance covers the following events:

If you lose your luggage:

If you happen to lose your baggage – or it is damaged – QIC will provide you with compensation for the necessary things you need so that you enjoy your trips uninterrupted.

Trip Cancellation or if your trip is shortened:

What happens if you fall sick or come across a situation that is beyond your control, and have to cancel your trip? No worries, QIC is there to back you up. Qatar Travel Insurance Policy will reimburse a fixed sum of amount to cover the incurred travel expenses.

In case of Medical Contingencies:

Need to visit the hospital during your expedition? Qatar Travel Insurance plans cover all the expenses incurred during a medical contingency caused due to accident, ailment, or even food poisoning.

Qatar Travel Insurance Online - cover that safeguards you and your loved ones:

From accidents caused by any terrorist activity, food poisoning, to damaged or lost baggage, and more, QIC has got your covered!

  • Damages caused by sports equipment
  • Damages accidentally caused by you to others while travelling
  • Lost Passport
  • Personal travel mishaps or accidents
  • Overseas legal expenses
  • If the accident occurs due to any terror campaign or terrorist activity, QIC covers trip cancellations, personal accidents along with medical expenses

Optional Add-on: Winter Sports Extension:

Buy Qatar Travel Insurance and get covered for winter sports also. QIC makes sure that you are safe and secured while enjoying skiing without any worry.

Hassle-free Travels - Pay for where you travel!

Travelcare Plus by Qatar Travel Insurance covers you for various travel destinations across the globe including Canada, the United States of America (USA) along with Schengen countries. You just have to pick a travel destination (as mentioned below) and pay the insurance premium accordingly.


The worldwide coverage of the Qatar travel insurance is designed for tourists or travellers visiting Canada/the USA.

Worldwide except for Canada and USA:

This plan is an extensive cover, where you could be covered for the lost or damaged baggage or some other travel related troubles such as loss of passport.

Fly Europe:

This cover is designed for the tourists or travellers who have to purchase insurance in order to avail Schengen VISA. This travel insurance policy covers medical expenses up to a limit of USD 50, 000 only.


This cover includes Arab countries, GCC, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bhutan, Nepal, Philippines, Korea, and Bangladesh.

Buy Qatar Travel Insurance Online:

At Qatar Insurance Company, the convenience of customer and quality of the services are of utmost importance. You can buy Qatar Travel Insurance Online at Policybazaar.

They have also facilitated the insurance seekers with the QIC App, where you can manage all your insurance easily.

Prices of Qatar Travel Insurance Policies:

Single Trip

(No. of days)


Worldwide except for Canada and USA

Fly Europe



QR 720

QR 650

QR 450


61-90 days


QR 350

QR 250


46-60 days

QR 444

QR 299

QR 150

QR 154

32-45 days

QR 348

QR 234

QR 150

QR 127

22-31 days

QR 288

QR 196

QR 110

QR 99

15-21 days

QR 222

QR 150

QR 90

QR 83

8-14 days

QR 168

QR 115

QR 70

QR 72

1-7 days

QR 126

QR 87

QR 50

QR 44

NOTE: Annual policy is for multiple trips for a maximum of 90 days.

Qatar Travel Insurance Claim Process:

If there’re any situations, where you find a need to make a claim under Qatar Travel Insurance Policy, you must do it within 30 days of such incidents:

  • Get in touch with Qatar Insurance Company and brief the details of such incidents and request =the Claim Form. While you contact, quote the Policy Number mentioned in the Schedule.
  • The completed claim form must be returned with all the reports, receipts and the evidence requested in the Claim Form. All the claims must be supported by valuations, receipts, police, medical or any other reports.

Under some circumstances, as mentioned below, an immediate action is required to make sure that the claim made by is not biased.

Cancellation Clause:

You must notify the Travel Agent or Tour Operator about the cancellation of your trip in writing, If the trip is not arranged via Travel Agent or Tour Operator, you must give notification of cancellation to the Transport and Accommodation providers right away on the occurrence of situations giving rise to claims.

Medical Expenses Claim:

You must notify the Assistance Company within 48 hours of the admission for an in-patient treatment or in case of contingency repatriation is needed or in the case of the demise of any policyholder.

Personal Baggage Claim:

You must report the damage or loss of baggage occurred in transit immediately. You must report all the other losses or damages to the local police within 24 hours of loss or damage.

Curtailment Claim:

You must notify to the Assistance Company about the curtailment of the trip prior to your departure to return back home.

Delayed Baggage Claim:

You must report to the carrier along with a written report in case of non-arrival of your baggage.

Passport Claim:

You must notify the nearest Embassy of the policyholder about the loss of your passport immediately.

Missed Departure Claim:

You must check-in at the international airport or rail terminal depending on the official itinerary and/or possess:

  • A report by repairer in case of a claim in regard to the breakdown of the private car or accidental damage in which you were travelling, or
  • Written evidence from the carrier or the handling agents of the delayed hours and the reason for the delay.

Things to know before buying Qatar Travel Insurance Online:

Before you buy Qatar Travel Insurance for your trip, take the following points into consideration:

Cost of your holiday or trip:

Unanticipated events can mean to cancel your trip sometimes; in such cases, it is to reassure to know that you may get your money back.

Activities you likely to do on your trip:

If you plan anything extreme, QIC offers add-on coverage with the travel insurance plan for hazardous activities.

Total cost of your luggage:

You must know the overall cost of your baggage.

Now when everything that needs to be said has already been covered here, here, it is easy sorting out your preference. With Qatar Travel Insurance, all your travel related needs are covered with the utmost ease. Now plan your favourite trips and satiate your wanderlust for there's someone looking after your integral needs while you are busy exploring.

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