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Summary for FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

Minimum salary required 

AED 15,000/month

Minimum application age

21 years

Maximum loan amount

AED 1 million

Maximum repayment tenure

48 months (60 months for employees of the Ministry of Defence) 

Interest rate starting at

8.99% per year

FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

Large purchases, sudden financial requirements, and others are some of the various reasons why individuals resort to personal loans. However, one may often search for a personal loan in UAE that does not ask you to transfer your salary. In such scenarios, the FAB Non Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals is an excellent opportunity for the UAE Nationals to quickly accomplish their financial goals. 

The high amount of loan offered at flexible tenure with this First Abu Dhabi Bank personal loan is probably all you need to sit back, relax, and have your requirements fulfilled in a short time. If the idea of a personal loan without salary transfer enthrals you, continue further to know everything about this FAB Personal Loan. 

New to Country Loans / New to Employment Loans

  • Minimum Salary AED 15,000
  • Monthly Payment AED 2,297
  • Flat Rate 4.86%
  • Reducing Rate NA
  • No Salary Transfer
  • Islamic Finance

Features & Benefits of FAB Non Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

The myriad of features and benefits offered by this FAB personal loan is sufficient to realistically achieve the completion of your needs at minimal expenses. Have a look at the several features and benefits of a FAB personal loan- 

  1. Loan Amount to Satisfy Your Capital Requirements - When individuals look for financing, a high loan amount with easy eligibility criteria is one of the most fascinating aspects for them. FAB Non Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals is exactly as per such expectations, with UAE nationals getting to enjoy a high loan amount of up to AED 1 million with this personal loan in UAE. 
  2. Adequate and Flexible Repayment Tenure - Flexibility and the availability of a sufficient repayment tenure are essential when considering a loan, as the absence of these two makes it difficult to comply with the repayment terms. However, this is not the case with the FAB Personal Loan, with the bank offering a repayment tenure of up to 48 months so that you can repay the loan in manageable instalments. Moreover, if you are from the Ministry of Defence, the tenure is stretched to 60 months. 
  3. Optional Salary Transfer - Salary transfer, as the name of this FAB personal loan suggests, is not mandatory when you apply for FAB Personal Loan for  UAE Nationals. Fulfilling the basic eligibility criteria and paying the installments on time is all you need to avail this loan. 
  4. High Accessibility in Terms of Employment Status - If you are worried about not finding your employer's name on the 'list of employers' of FAB Bank, you can now drop your worries. FAB Personal loan is even offered to individuals working for an organisation that is not on the list of employers approved by the bank. 
  5. Competitive Interest Rates - Interest rate plays a decisive role when it comes to borrowing a loan, as they determine the total interest amount for a personal loan in UAE to a great extent (along with the opted tenure). With a FAB personal loan, however, you can get the required funds at competitive interest rates that start at just 8.99% per year. 
  6. Easy-to-Fulfil Minimum Salary Requirement - With the FAB bank setting the minimum salary requirement bar to just AED 15,000 per month, UAE Nationals can easily get this loan without having to rush anywhere for personal loan. 

Income Salary for FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

With monthly income being central to the formation of eligibility criteria, check out if you fall in the eligible income slab for the FAB Personal loan –

Income Criteria


Minimum income required 

AED 15,000/month

Apply best personal loan to get rid of financial problems

Interest Rate for FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

Here is the applicable interest rate for FAB Personal Loan –



Interest rate charged

8.99% onwards per year

Eligibility Criteria for FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

If you wish to know if you qualify for the FAB Non Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals, just read the table given below and verify your eligibility accordingly –

Eligibility Criteria 


Minimum age required 

21 years

Minimum service experience 

18 months with current employer 

Document Required for FAB Non Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals

It is a wise decision to carry all the required and valid documents while applying for a personal loan in UAE to avoid the unnecessary back-and-forth at the time of form filling. Read the pointers below to have an insight into the documents required for the FAB Personal Loan -

  • A valid Passport copy or Emirates ID copy (also carry the originals) 
  • Last 6 month's bank statement (FAB employees can skip this part) 
  • A salary certificate that is addressed to FAB 
  • A duly filled and signed personal loan application form 

How to Apply for FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans?

Follow the steps given below if you wish to  apply for the FAB Non-Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals:

Method 1 - Directly via FAB Bank

Go to the nearest FAB branch or visit the official website of the bank. Choose a personal loan plan as per your preference and fill out the relevant form for the plan. Submit all the related documents along with the application form as directed. After verification, the bank will connect with you for further steps and disburse the amount to your bank account if your application is approved. 

Method 2 - Via Policybazaar UAE

The second method takes you to policybazaar.ae. Follow the steps given below to apply this way -

  • Step 1: Website Visit the website of Policybazaar UAE, i.e., policybazaar.ae.
  • Step 2: Personal Loan Select the 'Personal Loans in UAE' from the options available on the main page of the website.
  • Step 3: Form Fill out your details like your name, email, contact info, income, and so on, and submit it.
  • Step 4: Quotations Several quotations will be shown to you. Choose FAB Non Salary Transfer Personal Loans for UAE Nationals or any other plan of your choice here.
  • Step 5: The Last Step Submit your request for the plan of your choice by providing a few more details. Upon approval, an executive from Policybazaar UAE will connect with you.

The major benefit of applying with Policybazaar UAE is that you will get to see all the top plans related to a personal loan in UAE in one place. Consequently, you will be able to compare the plans in one place and make a purchase right away in a few clicks.

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I am not an employee of FAB, can I still apply for a personal loan?

You don’t have to be an employee of FAB Bank to be eligible for its personal loan.

What is the maximum repayment tenure for defence employees?

The maximum repayment tenure for the Ministry of Defence employees is 60 months.

Are there any arrangement fees charged by the bank?

Yes, the bank charges 1.05% of arrangement fees for the FAB Personal Loan.

What added benefit do I get with FAB Personal Loan?

Besides the high loan amount, flexible tenure, and low-interest rates, you also get to enjoy a comprehensive life insurance cover with FAB personal loans.

Can I get FAB Personal Loan if my company is not listed on the FAB list of employers?

Yes, you are eligible to get the FAB personal loan even if your company is not present on the list of employers approved by FAB.

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