Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates

Personal Loan up to 8 times your Salary

Personal Loan in UAE
  • Minimum Salary 5000 AED
  • EMI Tenure up to 48 Months
  • Lowest Interest Rates

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While everyone would like to fulfil their requirements by themselves, one may often end up requiring additional assistance in the form of a personal loan in UAE. Whether you are taking a long journey overseas, planning to expand your business, or funding the education of your children, you can utilise additional funds to fulfil your requirement without draining your savings.

While Emiratis have several options for a personal loan in UAE, expatriates may often find it difficult to get the plans at affordable rates. With an Emirates NBD personal loan, however, even expats can access funds quickly at reasonable interest rates and clear terms. 

Benefits and Features of Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates

Since its inception, Emirates NBD has emerged as one of the most reliable lending organisations in the UAE. With a wide range of solutions and products, it offers numerous plans related to a personal loan in UAE to individuals looking to overcome a financial crisis or simply fulfil a personal requirement.

Given below are the benefits and features offered by Emirates NBD salary transfer personal loans for expatriates:

  1. Low Interest Loan  - Emirates NBD provides personal loans with interest rates as low as 3.03 per cent per annum, making it easier to manage the overall cost of your Emirates NBD personal loan. With interest rates so low, expats can now also receive the funds they require urgently and at a reasonable cost.
  2. High Loan Amount - With the loan amount going as high as AED 2 million, this Emirates NBD bank personal loan can help you get on track with your goals by helping you to pay for renovations, medical expenses, or other urgent needs without collecting funds from different sources.
  3. First Instalment Deferment - The first instalment payment deferment is a convenient way to initiate your loan repayment without much strain. Using this feature, you can stretch the payment of the first instalment up to 75 days and get sufficient time to prepare your finances for the repayment.
  4. Adequate Time to Repay - Emirates NBD bank offers 48 months of repayment tenure for this personal loan in UAE. Consequently, you can first fulfil your financial requirements and repay the loan in manageable instalments.
  5. Top-Up Funds - Among the unique features of this Emirates NBD personal loan plan, the bank here offers top-up funds on the loans to customers who have been paying their loan instalments for at least 3 months. Top-up funds are beneficial for customers who need extra funds urgently when already repaying a personal loan in UAE.  However, it must be noted that this facility is only offered to customers who have paid the full amount of their respective instalments to date.
  6. Loan Return - Emirates NBD Bank also offers a seven-day loan return facility to borrowers. Thus, if you wish to cancel your loan within the first seven days without paying any penalty or fee, you can easily opt for this feature and get your money back without facing any difficulties.
  7. Credit Life Insurance - Besides a large set of excellent features and benefits, one can also have financial security with respect to their Emirates NBD personal loan due to credit life insurance. It offers life insurance coverage where, in the case of the borrower's demise, the insurance provider will reimburse the unpaid loan balance under this life insurance plan.

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Interest Rates of Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates

Emirates NBD offers some of the most affordable personal loans in the UAE. Here is a table of interest rates offered by Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates:

Personal Loan Plan

Type of Loan

Rate of Interest Starting from

Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates

Fresh Loan

3.03% per annum

Loan Transfer

2.81% per annum

Documents Required for Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates

Given below are the documents required to apply for an Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loan in UAE as an expat:

  1. Copy of Passport with Resident VISA
  2. Valid Emirates ID
  3. Undated Security Cheque
  4. Recent Salary Certificates
  5. Last 3-month Bank Statement
  6. Salary Transfer Letter
  7. DDS Registration Form
  8. Liability Letter (for loan transfers)

Note: The bank may request extra documents for verification throughout the loan application procedure.

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Eligibility Criteria for Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates

Similar to other banks and financial institutions, Emirates NBD has a set of requirements that a user would need to fulfil before being considered an eligible applicant for a personal loan in UAE. Given below are the major requirements for the same:

  • Age: Emirates NBD personal loans require the applicant to be of at least 21 years
  • Residency: This loan product is exclusive to expatriate customers
  • Salary: This Emirates NBD personal loan in UAE has a minimum salary requirement of AED 5,000 per month

Minimum Age Requirement

21 years



Salary Requirement

At least AED 5,000 per month

How to Apply for Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates?

The application process for the Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates is fairly simple. You can simply fill out the application form for the same and submit it with all the necessary documents to obtain your personal loan. 

Before seeking a personal loan, it is crucial to shop online and evaluate the available offers. To apply for the loan plan while fulfilling the aspect of exploring and comparing plans, one can apply through Policybazaar UAE. 

You can, thus, apply for a personal loan in UAE from Emirates NBD from either the official bank Emirates NBD website, through policybazaar.ae, or one of the branches of the bank. Given below are steps that you can follow for each mode of application. 

Via Policybazaar.ae 

  1. On the policybazaar.ae homepage, click 'Personal Loans in UAE' under the section ‘Banking Products’. 
  2. Fill out the quick survey form with the essential information. This will allow us to show only the relevant loan to you.
  3. Thoroughly examine the available options and compare their features.
  4. Select a plan (like the Emirates NBD personal loan here) and click on the 'Apply Now' button to initiate the process.
  5. Fill out and submit the loan application form in the next step.

Once you submit the application form, you can relax and wait for a Policybazaar UAE executive to call you and guide you along the further application process. With us, you will get the facilities to compare the best plans for a personal loan in UAE in one place and even buy the plan of your choice in just a few clicks. 

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Via the Bank’s Website/Branch

If you wish to apply via the official bank website, you must first visit the Emirates NBD webpage. Under the Personal banking choices, pick 'Personal Loan' to view the available plans under the category. When you click 'Apply Now' for a plan of your choice, you will be provided with the loan application form. All that remains, then, is for you to complete that form and upload it online. 

You can also go to a nearby Emirates NBD bank office and fill out the personal loan application in person. The application procedure will conclude once you submit the form with the required documents. 

In both methods (online and offline), the applicant must wait for the bank to connect with them and discuss how to proceed with the application. However, the former mode is easier as it removes the necessity of spending time and resources on visiting the branches and carrying documents in physical form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age for a Personal Loan from Emirates NBD?

To file an application for an Emirates NBD Personal Loan, candidates must be at least 21 years old.

What is the shortest loan period I may acquire from Emirates NBD?

Emirates NBD offers a minimum loan repayment term of 12 months.

What is the current rate of interest for Emirates NBD Personal Loans?

Emirates NBD provides a fixed interest rate that begins at 3.03 per cent per annum for new loans and 2.81 per cent per annum for loan transfers.


Is it necessary to transfer your salary while filing a Personal Loan application?

Yes. To approve a personal loan application, Emirates NBD requires a salary transfer letter.

Can I terminate my personal loan after the funds have been sent into my bank account?

Yes. You have one week from the date of loan disbursement to terminate your personal loan. It is crucial, however, to have the entire loan amount present in your bank account.

Do I have to resubmit my documentation when asking for a personal loan top-up?

Yes. When seeking a personal loan top-up, you must provide ID proof, an undated security cheque, recent wage certificates, as well as a salary transfer letter even if these documents were presented at the time of the original application.

How Can Ex-pats apply for an Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loan?

Expats can visit the bank website or one of their nearby Emirates NBD bank branches to apply for an Emirates NBD Salary Transfer Personal Loans for Expatriates. One can also visit policybazaar.ae to go through the various personal loan choices and apply for the suitable option right away.

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