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While it is popularly advised that you should save up to 20% of your monthly salary to cater to your emergency requirements, there are times when that portion may not be enough for the situation you might be stuck in. This is where credit facility comes into the scene. In the UAE, you can instantly get an instant personal loan and advance salary loan.

However, owing to their features, it can become difficult to choose between the two at the time of requirement. This is what we will tackle in this article by looking at the major differences between the two. Towards the end of this article, you would be able to decide which one is a better option for you in an emergency. 

Salary Advance - An Overview 

Giving an employee a salary advance is similar to giving them a loan. This advanced salary is given based on the salary that will eventually be due to the employee. It is different from lending money to friends or family members where the money is paid back at some unspecified point in the future. An advanced salary is a simple loan with its own time frame, terms, and circumstances for repayment.

Generally, the repayment plan entails a withdrawal from the employee's upcoming income. Either the entire amount is withheld from the paycheck or a smaller sum is withheld each month from the future payment. If you, as a salaried employee, choose to proceed with taking out an advance on your pay, you can do so in one of the following ways -

  • By signing into your internet banking account and sending your advance salary request
  • Utilising certain banking devices
  • Using a registered cellphone number to send SMS
  • Placing a request using an ATM
  • Visiting a bank branch and presenting an advance salary application there.

Features of Salary Advance Loan

Here are the key features of a salary advance loan -

  • This option is available to bank customers at 80% of pay or as per the institution's requirements.
  • The minimum salary must be AED 5,000 or in accordance with the bank’s norms.
  • A bank customer may apply for this facility each month but no more than 12 times per year.
  • Any salary advance taken out must be paid completely back by each month's end.
  • Salary advance payment is subject to a transaction fee (generally around AED 300) that is determined as per the bank’s norms. 

Personal Loan - An Overview

A personal loan can be obtained without collateral or a guarantor as it is an unsecured loan. You can obtain a personal loan in the UAE to address a variety of personal financial demands, including debt reduction, wedding expenses, higher education, travel abroad, business expansion, foreign travel, and more.

The maximum amount for personal loans, which have a 48-month repayment period, is up to 20 times the monthly salary. Based on variables such as your income source, credit history, age, employment situation, and others, the personal loan rate of interest and loan amount are determined in the UAE.

Features of a Personal Loan in the UAE

Listed below are the major features of a personal loan in the UAE -

  • No collateral is required
  • Flexible loan repayment tenure
  • Easy loan application process
  • Minimal documentation required
  • Flexible usage - the loan can be utilised for a medical emergency, home renovation, travelling, debt consolidation, and more
  • High finance amount

Difference Between Salary Advance and Personal Loan

The following are the key differences between salary advance loans and personal loans -

  • Salary advance loans are a type of short-term loan offered to salaried individuals. These loans can be utilised for personal expenses such as medical bills, dealing with emergencies, marriages, and more.
  • The amount received for long-term financial purposes is known as a personal loan; this type of debt is repaid over a protracted period. Loans are used for a variety of purposes, including financing assets like a vehicle, a property, or even tuition costs. On the other hand, an instantaneous advance against salary is utilised for pressing financial requirements.
  • When you use this money from your employer, the employer deducts it directly from your pay. Banks, however, only provide salary advance loans with a one-year payback limitation or limit.
  • Banks consider your financial background and credit score when approving a quick personal loan. The interest rates for personal loans are generally quite high in the UAE. Salary loans, on the other hand, have low interest rates and are perfect for those who are stressed for cash and require quick loans to cover unforeseen bills till their paycheck is credited.
  • As a salaried worker or a sole proprietor, you are qualified for a personal loan. However, employers only provide them in the form of salary advance loans to their full-time employees. This means that if you work for yourself, a salary advance loan is not something you may apply for.
  • As there is no requirement for collateral, personal loans are unsecured and provide better opportunities for borrowers. If you find yourself in a financial bind and need your paycheck by a certain date, you will not have any significant possessions. 

However, if you accept a salary advance, your company will hold onto your following month's pay as security. If you don't pay, you can forfeit the right to future paychecks, which would make things more expensive.

How to Choose a Salary Advance and Personal Loan?

When choosing between a salary advance loan and a personal loan, keep these points in mind -

  • The Amount You Need - If you can manage your requirement with a low amount, a salary advance loan through your bank or lending institution would be preferable. However, if the requirement is higher, a personal loan would make a better fit.
  • How Fast Do You Need the Loan? - Due to interest rates once more, you can do better with a personal loan if you can wait a few days and have strong credit. However, if your bank provides salary advance loans, it can quickly accept you if you're an established client in good standing. This is because it already has a record of you and has access to your money through your bank account. Additionally, your bank can effortlessly transfer the borrowed funds to your account.
  • Your Loan Repayment Tenure - Personal loans generally have the advantage in this situation. A personal loan can be repaid in months to years, which makes it quite convenient to manage.

Once more, though, a lot depends on how much cash you must borrow. Both salary advance and personal loans have their uses, and if you ever find yourself needing to borrow a little sum of money, either one is a good option to explore. However, it is in your best advantage to stay away from payday loans.

Salary Advance or Personal Loan: Make Your Pick

It is clear from the aforementioned considerations that a personal loan is superior to a loan for a salary advance. You can borrow money with a personal loan at a cheaper interest rate than what companies are willing to offer without having to put your income or any other commodity as security. However, you must weigh both options carefully before making your decision because every employer has unique wage requirements. Each lender also provides different personal loan terms at the same time. Regardless of whether a salary advance is a wise choice, remember that it is not your only choice. 

To Conclude

One kind of short-term loan available to those who are salaried is a salary advance loan. It can be used for anything, including covering major costs like medical bills or responding to crises. A personal loan is a sum of money obtained for long-term financial needs; this kind of debt is repaid over a lengthy period.

Personal loans can be used for a wide range of expenses related to buying a car or a house, paying for your child’s school fees, business expansion, and more. In contrast, immediate salary advances are primarily used to meet urgent financial needs. Both salary advance loans and personal loans have their uses, and either one is a good option to explore if you ever find yourself needing to borrow a little sum of money.

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