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Personal Loan in UAE

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  • Minimum Salary 5000 AED
  • EMI Tenure up to 48 Months
  • Lowest Interest Rates

Get personal loan at Lowest Interest Rate

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Ras Al Khaimah
  • Ajman
  • Other

HSBC, having more than 39 million customers across 62+ countries and regions, is a prominent bank in the UAE as well. It is a popular choice for products such as credit cards, bank accounts, personal loans, and more.

You can apply for an HSBC personal loan in UAE whenever you require money for personal events like weddings, home renovation, children's higher education, consolidating a previous loan, family vacation, and so on. Apart from these, personal loans are also helpful during any monetary exigencies.

If you have an HSBC personal loan or plan to take one, you should be aware of the HSBC Personal Loan customer care details so that you can get information and assistance regarding the same whenever you need it.

HSBC Personal Loan Customer Care

Using the HSBC personal loan customer care number, you can easily connect with the bank for any queries related to personal loans. For customers within and outside the UAE, the HSBC personal loan customer care is +971 4 3314496.

Benefits of Getting a Personal Loan from HSBC

HSBC UAE is an excellent choice for getting personal loans. With these loans, you can easily fulfil your financial requirements and enjoy a plethora of benefits. Given below are the key benefits of HSBC personal loans in UAE - 

  • Term Flexibility - You can repay your loan over a period of 6 to 48 months.
  • Attractive Interest Rates - You can avail of this loan at attractive interest rates (depending on your profile as a borrower).
  • Credit Life Insurance Not Mandatory - With the HSBC personal loan, you can borrow without paying for additional insurance.
  • Quick Approval - If you apply online, you can receive loan approval in principle in about ten minutes.
  • Contribute to Ecosystem Restoration - On your behalf, HSBC will plant a tree in the UAE (for each approved HSBC Energy Efficiency Loan application).

Eligibility Criteria for Getting an HSBC Personal Loan

You can apply for an HSBC personal loan in UAE if you are –

  • A citizen or resident of the UAE
  • Between the age of 21 and 65 year
  • Have a monthly salary of AED 7,500 or more
  • Maintain an HSBC bank current account and deposit your salary there

Wrapping Up

If you have any quick financial requirements for a personal event, you can certainly turn to HSBC personal loans. These loans come with features such as flexible repayment tenures, attractive rates, and more that can help you fulfil your needs without any major burden of the loan. Additionally, the bank provides speedy processing and disbursal with this loan.

For any query related to this personal loan, you can simply connect with the bank using the HSBC personal loan customer care number and dialling +971 4 3314496.

Check out some frequently asked questions in the next section.


Q1. Can I change my personal information while submitting an online application for a personal loan?

Ans: Several informational fields are changeable, allowing customers to make the necessary changes. However, you can't modify any fields that have locked icons.

Q2. In how long a period can I repay my HSBC personal loan?

Ans: HSBC personal loans have loan repayment tenures of up to 48 months.

Q3. What is HSBC Energy Loan about?

Ans: The bank does offer HSBC Energy Efficiency Loans, which can be used for the installation of solar PV panels for the usage of your house.

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