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Emirates NBD is one of the oldest banks in the UAE, originally founded in 1963. It existed as the National Bank of Dubai (NBD) till 2007, when its merger with Emirates Bank International (EBI) lead to the formation of Emirates NBD.

Emirates NBD is a popular choice when it comes to different types of loans in the UAE. Moreover, the bank allows you to apply for loan deferment if you require a break from making regular payments against your loan due for any reason.

It’s important to note that you can apply for deferment of your Emirates NBD personal loan or any other loan only if you have set ‘auto debit’ as the repayment mode and fulfil some other conditions. 

To understand the Emirates NBD loan deferment process in detail, how to initiate this process, and all the other necessary details, let’s go through the article below.

Emirates NBD Loan Deferment Process – An Overview

Emirates NBD, in 2020, had announced measures to help individuals impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, the bank allowed the deferment of mortgage loans, auto loans, and personal loans in UAE for up to 3 months. 

You can, however, apply for loan deferment even in regular cases for your Emirates NBD personal loans and other loan options. To apply for a loan deferment with Emirates NBD, you would be required to fill out a deferment instalment application form with details such as your name, account number, loan agreement ID, and so forth. 

You can select the type of loan for which you are seeking the deferral and provide a few more details such as the instalment amount and the period for which the EMI is dated. The bank will review your application after receiving it and proceed with it accordingly. 

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How Does the Emirates NBD Personal Loan Deferment Work?

To seek deferment for your loan with Emirates NBD, you must ensure that your loan is current and that you have not missed or made any late payments. Furthermore, you can only defer payments for loans in non-consecutive months for up to 2 times a year for personal loans, and once for auto loans. Keep in mind that you cannot apply for home loan deferments.

With that in mind, let’s check out how you can apply for an Emirates NBD loan deferment via any of the following methods – 

  1. Mobile Banking
  2. Online Banking
  3. Phone Banking 
  4. Visiting the Nearest Branch

Emirates NBD loan deferment via Mobile Banking

You must request a deferral for your loan payment at least 7 working days before the due date. 

  • Log into your mobile banking account
  • Click on the hamburger icon on the top left of the app
  • Select ‘Loans’ and move on to ‘Loan account’ 
  • Click on ‘Deferment of Instalment’, enter your details, and select your loan account
  • Authorise the bank to debit charges and continue

Emirates NBD loan deferment via Online Banking

With online banking, the same condition applies as mobile banking, i.e., you have to request a deferral for your loan at least 7 working days before the due date.

  • Log into your online banking account
  • Select the ‘Digital Store’ option and click ‘Loans’
  • Go to ‘Request for Loans’ and click on the ‘Instalment Deferral’ option
  • Enter your details and select your loan account
  • Give your approval to authorise the debit charges before proceeding

Emirates NBD loan deferment via Phone Banking 

Say & defer loan after connecting with the bank by dialling +971 600 54 0000. Keep in mind that you have to place your request at least 5 working days before the due date.

Emirates NBD loan deferment via Visiting the Nearest Branch

You can also visit your nearest Emirates NBD branch with your passport and Emirates ID (for identification) to apply for Emirates NBD loan deferment. Remember to place your request at least 5 working days prior to the due date.

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Fees & Charges for Emirates NBD Loan Deferment

Whether you seek deferment for your auto loan or personal loan in UAE, Emirates NBD would charge a fee of AED 105 for each deferral. 

How Does Emirates NBD Loan Deferment Affect Your Credit Score?

Deferment of your loan won't impact your credit Score if the bank approves it. This is because the bank wouldn't report deferred payments as skipped or missed payments to the al etihad credit bureau (AECB), which calculates your credit score. 

It's crucial to make sure that you don't skip or miss loan payments unless you receive a letter of approval from Emirates NBD. Deferring without approval, in practice, means skipping your instalment, in which case your credit score would be negatively affected. 

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To Conclude

If you are in a financial crisis and are unable to pay your loan instalments on time, you can always take the Emirates NBD loan deferment option and get more time for the same. The process for this is quite convenient, as you can use online banking, phone banking, and mobile banking, or even visit a bank branch to apply. 

Keep in mind that the limit of non-consecutive monthly deferments that you can avail of per year is 2 for personal loans and 1 for auto loans. Furthermore, a fee of AED 105 applies for each deferment. 

In case you have any queries related to the deferment, you can reach out to Emirates NBD by calling +971 600 54 0000 or dropping an email at customersupport@emiratesnbd.com. You can also connect with us at policybazaar.ae and get access to 24x7 customer care and expert advice.

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