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Arranging funds for your personal requirements like education, home rent, and marriage can often prove burdensome. In such cases, taking up a personal loan proves to be a great option, especially considering the number of financial institutions offering a personal loan in UAE. One such provider is the Dubai First Bank, which has affordable personal loan plans available in its itinerary. Moreover, a Dubai First personal loan calculator is also available for applicants considering applying for such a loan.

Let’s check out the significance of the Dubai First personal loan EMI calculator and how it helps in determining the monthly instalments for a personal loan.

Dubai First Personal Loan Calculator

When availing of a personal loan, it is crucial to be aware of the applicable monthly instalments. For this, the Dubai First personal loan comes in handy. It is an online tool present on the official website of the Dubai First Bank that can help users estimate the monthly instalment. 

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Individuals seeking a personal loan from the bank itself can easily calculate their monthly instalments. It is a convenient calculator as it gives you accurate results quickly.

Personal Loan EMI Calculator
Loan Amount

(From AED 10,000 to AED 10,000,000)

Interest Rate

Reducing Rate (1% - 50%)

Loan Tenure

(Minimum 1 and Maximum 240 months)

Total Interest Amount


Monthly Instalment


Total Payable (Principal+Interest)


How Does the Dubai First Personal Loan Calculator Function?

The Dubai First personal loan EMI calculator is an easily accessible tool. Once you locate the calculator on the official website, you will be required to enter a few details such as the loan tenure, loan amount, and interest rate. Once you submit the values, you will get the results in just a few seconds.

Tools like personal loan calculator are immensely helpful before applying for a personal loan. If you want to analyse the loan amount or the monthly instalment and compare various plans, you can enter different values to get a rough estimation. The calculator is available for free and provides accurate results.

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Factors Affecting the Monthly Instalment of Dubai First Personal Loan

Here are the factors that affect the monthly instalment amount of Dubai First personal loan:

  • Amount of the Loan: The loan amount has a direct impact on the monthly instalment. If you opt for a higher loan amount, the monthly instalment amount also increases.
  • Tenure of the Loan: Unlike the loan amount, the loan repayment tenure is inversely related to the monthly instalment. If you increase the tenure, the instalment amount would decrease. However, keep in mind that opting for a longer tenure leads to a higher interest amount.
  • Rate of Interest: The equation of the rate of interest with the instalment amount, again, is fairly straightforward. With a higher rate of interest, the applicable instalment amount also increases.

Key Takeaways

The Dubai First personal loan calculator is an effective tool for calculating the instalments for the personal loan offered by the bank. You can easily access this calculator on the official website of the bank and enter the specified details while estimating the monthly instalment.

You can always directly connect with us at if you need any help regarding the Dubai First personal loan calculator. To raise your queries, drop us an email at or call us at our customer support number- 04 247 2904.

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