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  • Lowest Interest Rates

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You can easily meet your personal financial responsibilities using a personal loan from Mashreq Bank. Whether you plan to refurbish your home, plan a wedding, pay for your child's tuition, or expand your business, you can utilise a personal loan from Mashreq Bank in the UAE. However, while selecting a personal loan, it is crucial to keep the monthly instalment or the EMI in mind.

You can easily utilise the Mashreq Bank personal loan calculator to determine your monthly instalments. This online EMI calculator establishes the monthly payment amount necessary to repay the personal loan. This article will discuss how the EMI calculator for personal loans from Mashreq Bank functions and the variables having an impact on the EMI calculation.

Mashreq Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

The personal loan calculator from Mashreq Bank is an online tool for calculating the EMIs for your Mashreq personal loan. It gives you the exact amount (as per the rates and terms you provide to the calculator) that you must pay back each month as well as the overall interest amount for your personal loan. 

You can easily plan the repayment of your personal loan accordingly and take care of your other financial commitments when you are aware of the payments in advance. With each payment made, a percentage of the loan's outstanding balance, which includes the principal and interest, is decreased.

Another benefit of using the Mashreq Bank personal loan calculator is that you can easily find Mashreq Bank personal loans and compare them with other loans to get the best plan for yourself at lower interest rates. 

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How Does Mashreq Bank Personal Loan Calculator Work?

The functioning of the Mashreq Bank Personal Loan Calculator is quite simple. It is an automated calculation tool that displays the amount that one would need to pay as their EMI on a monthly basis. This tool quickly estimates the EMI amount, the interest amount, and the total payable amount as soon as you enter the necessary details like the loan amount, applicable interest rate, and repayment tenure. 

Factors Affecting the Calculation of Personal Loan EMI

The following are the key factors that influence your Mashreq Bank personal loan EMI calculation –

  • Finance Amount – The amount that you plan to borrow as an applicant is referred to as the finance or loan amount. This amount is then divided into monthly instalments that you would be required to pay along with the rate of interest. The finance amount has a direct impact on the instalment amount – the more the finance amount, the higher the EMI amount. 
  • Duration of the Loan – This term refers to the tenure in which you will need to repay your personal loan. Generally, a personal loan in UAE has a tenure of between 1 and 4 years. With a longer loan repayment tenure, the EMI amount will be lower as the total loan amount will be distributed into more instalments. 

Note: While the instalment amount decreases with an increase in the repayment tenure, the applicable interest may increase as the interest would be calculated for a longer period.

  • Rate of Interest – This is the rate at which the interest is calculated on your loan amount. The lower the rate of interest for your loan, the lower the EMI. 

Information You Need to Provide in Your Mashreq Bank Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Using the Mashreq Bank personal loan EMI calculator is fairly straightforward, as you can simply provide the following data to make the calculation - 

  • The loan amount or the principal amount
  • The interest rate applied to the total amount of the personal loan.
  • The period in which the loan repayment has to be completed 

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Key Takeaways

Calculating your personal loan EMI via manual calculations could be a highly challenging and time-consuming process. Using the Mashreq personal loan EMI calculator for the same, however, is a straightforward fix as you can get accurate results quickly and save considerable time here. personal loan calculator in UAE

You can also check out multiple personal loan choices after calculating their monthly instalment amount and choosing the one that best suits your needs. A key benefit of a is that it provides the data (like the instalment amount and the total interest charged) that you would need to design a proper monthly budget. 

You can explore various personal loan plans and check out the salient features of Mashreq personal loan in UAE with Policybazaar UAE. By visiting and going to the ‘Personal Loans in UAE’ section, you can check out and compare the top personal loan plans and their features, and get the most suitable one for yourself comfortably.

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