Personal Loan in UAE without Salary Transfer


The consumer finance eligibility criteria in the UAE involve many things amongst which salary transfer is mandatory at most of the banks and financial institutions. Since personal loans are unsecured, they are offered on no collateral. Thus, lenders expect the applicants to transfer their monthly salary to their respective bank accounts in order to reduce the risk in getting the owed funds back.

However, there are several banks and financial institutions understand the need for its potential customers and offer a personal loan in UAE without a salary transfer for both expats and UAE Nationals. This type of consumer finances are approved on low limitations but the fees & charges may vary when compared to the borrower who is transferring their salary into the respective bank account.

Personal Loan in UAE without Salary Transfer Interest Rate

The non-salary transfer PL in the UAE can be availed at an attractive rate of interest. However, the rate of interest on PL is calculated in 2 ways:

  • Flat Interest Rate:This type of interest rate remains fixed & is levied on the principal amount of PL.
  • Reducing Interest Rate:Reducing interest rate is calculated on the outstanding finance amount on a monthly basis in the reducing balance rate method.

Features & Benefits of personal loan in UAE without salary transfer

Following are the eminent features & benefits of the PL without salary transfer:

  • Loan Amount: The borrower can avail a suitable loan amount to meet their various monetary needs with a personal loan in Dubai without salary transfer.
  • Competitive Interest Rate: The benefit of a personal loan without salary transfer also extends to an attractive interest rate. Non-salary transfer finance levy the competitive rate of interest based on the credit score of the applicant.
  • Flexible Repayment Tenure:The borrower can enjoy flexible repayment tenure of up to 48 months to suit their personal needs.
  • No Guarantor/Collateral:The process of the non-salary transfer consumer finance is quick & speedy, and no guarantor or security is required to avail personal finance.
  • Quick Disbursal:Personal loan in UAE without salary transfer gets disbursed into the bank account within a very short span of time.  
  • No Salary Transfer:The borrower is not required to transfer their salary into the respective bank.
  • Minimal Documentation: The document process is also simple and the paperwork involved is minimal, thus helping the borrower to save on time & effort.

Eligibility Criteria for Personal Loan without Salary Transfer

Here are the eligibility criteria for a personal loan in UAE without salary transfer:


Most of the banks and financial institutions have a common age criterion.  In order to be eligible for a personal loan in UAE without salary transfer, the minimum age of the applicant is 21 years. However, the maximum age is 60 years for expats & it is 65 years for UAE Nationals.


To apply for consumer loan without salary transfer, the applicant must have a steady source of income. Moreover, the minimum income requirement varies from lender to lender.

Company Listing

Generally, PL without salary transfer providers have a list of approved employers in the UAE. It might get difficult to avail personal loan in UAE without company listing.

Employment Status

To be eligible for a Consumer finance without salary transfer, the applicant must be salaried or self-employed.

Work Experience

Applicants whose employer is not listed with any bank can enhance their chances of approving their loan application if they’ve a long employment history. Few of the banks & financial institutions require the minimum work experience of 6 months at the present company to be eligible for a non-transfer salary PL.

Documents Required for Personal Loan without Salary Transfer

In addition to meeting the minimum eligibility criteria requirements, the applicant needs to submit the following documents to avail non-salary transfer consumer finance:

Application Form

Application form for non-transfer salary consumer finance can either be submitted online or offline based on the option offered by the respective bank or financial institution.

ID & Address Proof

The applicant will have to submit their UAE residence visa (for expats), passport, and Emirates ID.

Employment Proof

Some banks or financial institutions also ask for a job confirmation letter with the current employer, salary slip, etc.

Bank Statement

Lenders usually ask for the bank statement of last 3 to 6 months to sanction a personal loan in the UAE without salary transfer.

Note: The applicant may need to submit additional documents as per the sole discretion of the respective bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1.  Do banks offer a personal loan in UAE for expats without salary transfer?

Yes, there are several banks & financial institutions that offer PL without salary transfer for expats in the UAE.

Q.2. Is there a minimum income requirement on non-salary transfer personal finances?

Well, Yes. There is a minimum income requirement on non-salary transfer finances as lender check your repayment capacity based on your income. However, the minimum salary requirement differs from one bank to another.

Q.3. Can I avail a non-transfer personal loan without salary certificate?

Salary certificate is a mandatory document for availing a PL in the UAE without a salary transfer.

Q.4.  Do lenders check credit rating before offering consumer finance in UAE without salary transfer?

Yes, banks or lenders consider your credit score before offering a loan to know how financially responsible you are.

Q.5. Is there any minimum work experience required to be eligible for a personal loan in UAE without salary transfer?

A minimum of 6 months of work experience is required to be eligible for non-salary transfer consumer loan.