Why do you need a Personal Loan during the Christmas Season?

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Why do you need a Personal Loan during the Christmas Season?

The festival of Christmas is celebrated all around the globe with heart and soul. There are only a few days remaining for the festive night where all of us try the best for making it the one to remember. Not just the day of Christmas or the Christmas eve, but the celebrations last till the day of the New Years. Altogether, it can be said that it is the time when distanced family and friends reunite and share their best wishes and happiness in the form of gifts or at times by a small trip.

No need to mention that whether it is about traveling to your home country, trips, night outs, or buying gifts, it requires a good amount of funds. The ideal situation is that all of us save extra money each month so that we can celebrate without any kind of financial stress. However, unfortunately, the practical and real world is different in many ways from the ideal one. In reality, people feel the lack of money when it comes to celebrate this festive season to the fullest. Now, that this lit festival round the corner, starting from the oldest to the youngest members in the family come up with a list for shopping and Christmas gifts.

However, this needs a good amount of money. In such a case, a personal loan is the best option in terms of availability as well as various other factors.

A personal loan is a collateral-free loan and you are free to use the amount of the loan in any way you like. Therefore, opting for a personal loan for Christmas gifts and other festive needs could be helpful in many ways.

1. Renovation of your House

Decorating or renovating your house, requires a considerable amount of funds. There are various online lenders who provide personal loans at the time of the festive season, which can be very beneficial for you.

2. Gifting and Shopping Expenses

The list of our relatives and friends is pretty long is so is the list of od the gifts to be bought. A few of the gifts could be dresses, dry fruits, sweets, etc, while some of the other gifts that we give to our closed ones can be jewelry.

Whatever the present or gift you might be giving, the cumulative required amount for all the gifts can sum up to be a huge one. A personal loan for Christmas gifts may refill your bank account instantly so that you can enjoy an uninterrupted and smooth shopping experience.

3. Painting your House

If not the renovation of your house, the wall painting of the house is a must for most of us. Most of the time, people tend to postpone the painting of their walls to be done at the time of the festivals. In the present time, the paintings will get expensive every day. Moreover, in case you wish to personalized wall painting, the price will rise further.

In case you also wanted to give a fresh new look to the walls of your house, but are hesitating due to the lack of funds, personal loans are always an option for helping you. You can easily apply for an instant personal loan online and it will get disbursed to you in a few hours.

4. Flying to the Home

In case you are working or studying in the UAE and are staying away from your home country then you would want to visit your family and home during the festive season. Nobody else would ever understand the value of being with your loved ones except for you.

Therefore, it becomes a necessity to catch a flight to your home country. The prices of flight tickets have been skyrocketing every day and a lack of funds is pretty common. For fighting such situations, you have the option of applying for a personal loan online and make way to your home country easily at the time of the festive season.

 Things you should consider while opting for a personal loan during the festive season?

  1. Maintaining the Credit Score

A lot of lenders prefer those individuals who have a good to excellent credit Score. Anything below that will lead to the rejection of the application. Hence, it is necessary that you maintain a healthy credit score. In case you don’t have one, take some time to improve it before applying for a personal loan.

  1. Checking your eligibility

Ensure that you go through the eligibility requirements before applying for the loan. When the application is submitted without checking the eligibility and the lender rejects the application, there will be a negative impact on your credit score and you might not be able to opt for a personal loan again for a certain time period.

  1. Do not over-borrow

Always keep in mind that you should not get carried away with the festive mood and attractive offers and end up borrowing more than necessary. The personal loan includes a rate of interest and other charges such as processing fees. When you borrow more than necessary, you can end up under a debt trap because you may fail to make the repayment of the loan.

  1. Don’t apply with many lenders

When you apply for a personal loan with many lenders at one time, your loan application can get rejected because every time you submit an application for personal, it is recorded in the credit report in terms of hard inquiries and this will be visible for all the lenders who wish to check the credit report. Hence, you may come out as credit hungry in front of the lenders and they may reject the loan application you have submitted.

  1. Comparing different lenders

Different lenders offer various attractive benefits for both self-employed professionals as well as salaried individuals during the Christmas and New Year’s season. Take time and compare personal loans offered by different lenders and select the one that is suitable to you according to your repayment ability and requirement. 

The personal loans are a recommendation by many financial experts for carrying the expenses of this festival. This loan comes with a pretty long repayment tenure of up to 4 years generally, making the amount of EMI smaller. Before you opt for a personal loan check the installments with the personal loan EMI calculator online. Additionally, you can make the prepayment of your loan at any time after one year ends without any additional charges. Since personal loans are unsecured loans, you do not need to make use of the valuables in the form of the collateral of the loan.

It is Christmas After all!

The festivals such as Christmas come only one time in a year and therefore the celebrations for this festival should not be dull. When you have the option of spending enough for making the festival worthy of enjoying, it will turn to be something you will always remember and cherish. Hence, if it is the shortage of money that is stopping you from celebrating the festival to the fullest, in that case, a personal loan will always be there to assist you financially.

Getting a personal loan at the time of the festival is a good option, and you can enjoy these festivities with no financial constraint. But remember to borrow smartly and make sure you make the repayment of the loan amount on time.

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