Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 07 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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The Noor Bank is a Shariah-compliant bank that offers a wide range of products and services. The Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card is designed to meet the basic needs of the cardholders. It is packed with a wide range of privileges ranging from travel benefits such as air miles to rewards on community spends as cashback.

Highlights of the Card

  • Cashback on community spends
  • Airport lounge access
  • Dining benefits
  • Hotel benefits
  • Advanced security features

Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card Features

The key features of a Wafa Titanium Credit Card are:

FlySmiles Earned on Your Spends

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded for the spends they make? The holder of a Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card is enrolled in the FlySmiLes program.

Under this program, every time you use your card, you earn FlySmiLes miles. These can be redeemed for services provided by SriLankan Airlines, such as free air tickets, complimentary flight upgrades, and much more. 

Enhanced Security

The security of their card is the topmost priority for any cardholder. The Noor Bank ensures maximum security for the cardholder while making transactions through:

  1. Chip & PIN Technology: All retail transactions are secured via the Chip & Pin technology.
  2. OTP: All your online transactions are secured with a unique One Time Password also known as OTP.
  3. Touch ID: The access to the mobile app is secured using the touch ID feature.
  4. SMS Alerts: You are notified via SMS alerts for any transaction made by your card.

Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card Benefits

The exclusive benefits in line for a cardholder are:

Bonus Miles

You are warmly welcomed with gift miles with your Wafa card. When you activate your Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card you are entitled to 10,000 Srilankan Airlines’ Bonus Miles. You are eligible for these free miles as soon as you make your first retail spend.

Cashback on Your Purchases

You will now be rewarded for every community spending on your card. Every time you use your Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card for any retail spends at the Aswaaq community stores, you can earn and redeemed points.

You can earn cashback up to 11% with your spends. The cashback for every spending category is detailed below:

Monthly Spending Amount at Aswaaq Cashback with the Wafa Titanium Card (%)
Less than AED 1,500 2
Between AED 1,501 and AED 3,000 5.5
More than AED 3,000 11

Airport Lounge Access

To have a comfortable pre flight experience is important for a smooth and comfortable journey. With your Wafa, you can now relax in a comfortable lounge before getting on that tiring flight. As a cardholder, you are entitled to unlimited access to selected airport lounges across Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and UAE.

Additional Offers

As a cherry on the top, this Noor Bank Credit Card provides some additional benefits to their cardmembers, such as:

  • You can enjoy exclusive benefits and offers provided by Mastercard
  • When you dine at the Tanuki Restaurant at The Dubai Mall, you can avail a discount of 15% on your bill
  • For your first booking on the site of bookanyservice, you are entitled to a discount voucher worth AED 50
  • You can take advantage of a 0% instalment plan offered by the Noor Bank Credit Cards

To Further Conclude

The Wafa Titanium member enjoys a wide range of travel and lifestyle benefits. With rewards to offer with every spend, the Noor Bank Wafa Titanium Credit Card aims at providing maximum satisfaction to its members while making any transaction.