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United Arab Bank (UAB), a prominent financial institution in the UAE,  offers tailored solutions for home financing. Established in 1975 through collaboration between local UAE investors and Societe Generale, the bank has gained a strong reputation for expertise and customer satisfaction.

With flexible terms and competitive rates, United Arab Bank offers home loans for purchasing or refinancing homes, allowing repayments for up to25 years. However, before applying for home loan, it is vital to check the United Arab Bank home loan eligibility criteria.

The following article provides the key details on United Arab Bank home loan eligibility criteria. and th list of required documents to speed-up the process of your home loan application.

United Arab Bank Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

You must meet specific criteria to qualify for a home loan from UAB. The following table provides a comprehensive overview of the UAB home loan eligibility criteria.

Parameters Eligibility Criteria
Citizen Both UAE Nationals and Resident Expatriates
Employment Status Both Salaried and Self-Employed Individuals
Minimum Monthly Income
  • AED 15,000 (for UAE Nationals)
  • AED 20,000 (for Resident Expatriates)
  • AED 50,000 (for Self Employed Individuals)

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Documents Required for United Arab Bank Home Loan

To apply for a United Arab Bank home loan in the UAE you must submit all the relevant documents. These documents include:

  • Valid passport copy: Clear copy of your valid passport, including personal details and expiration date.
  • Emirates ID copy: If you are a UAE national, submit your valid Emirates ID card. Ensure that the copy is legible.
  • Residence visa copy: If you are an expatriate residing in the UAE, submit your valid residence visa. This document confirms your legal status in the country.
  • Trade licence copy: If you are self-employed, get a copy of your trade licence. This document verifies your business activity and self-employment status.
  • Memorandum of understanding/sales and purchase agreement: Provide a copy of the MoU or SPA for the property you intend to purchase. The terms and conditions of the property transaction are detailed in this document.
  • Title deed copy: Include a copy of the title deed for the property under consideration. This document serves as proof of ownership and verifies the property's legal registration.
  • Proof of income: You must provide income and financial stability documents. Depending on your employment type, you must submit the following:
    • Salary certificate from the employer (for salaried individuals): Obtain a salary certificate stating your monthly or annual income, job designation, and length of employment.
    • Bank account statements for the past 6 months: Provide recent six months' active bank account statements regardless of employment type. These statements should reflect regular income deposits and provide an overview of your financial transactions.

Please note that list provided is not exhaustive. Depending on individual profiles and specific circumstances, the bank may request additional documents. It is recommended that all requisite documents be submitted within the specified timeframe to ensure a smooth process and avoid any potential complications or delays. 

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Over To You

United Arab Bank stands as a reliable home loan provider in the UAE. With its attractive features such as flexible repayment terms, favorable interest rates, and high loan-to-value ratios, the bank allows customers to opt for home loans spanning up to 25 years. Meeting the stipulated eligibility criteria paves the way for prospective home buyers to tap into these loans.

By choosing United Arab Bank home loan, customers can not only realize their dream of owning a home but also benefit from the bank's competitive offerings. As always, ensuring one aligns with the eligibility requirements is crucial to making the most of what the bank has to offer

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Q1. What is the maximum home loan amount provided by the United Arab Bank?

Ans: The maximum loan amount provided by United Arab Bank is AED 15,000,000.

Q2. Is a refinance facility available for the United Arab Bank home loan?

Ans: United Arab Bank offers a refinance facility for unencumbered property.

Q3. What maximum repayment tenure is available for United Arab Bank home loans?

Ans: The repayment tenure for a United Arab Bank home loan is up to 25 years.

Q4. What is the loan-to-value ratio for home loans?

Ans: Home loans provided by United Arab Bank generally offer up to 80% loan-to-value, which means you can borrow up to 80% of the property's value, and the remaining 20% is the down payment you will need to make.

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