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United Arab Bank Mortgage & Home Loan Calculator

United Arab Bank (UAB), founded in 1975, is known for providing innovative and customer-centric banking solutions in the UAE. With a strong presence in the region, UAB offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services to cater to the diverse needs of its clientele.

Among its offerings, UAB provides a specialised home loan product tailored to help individuals and families finance their properties. This home loan product is designed with attractive features and flexible terms, ensuring that aspiring homeowners can turn their property aspirations into reality.

Interestingly, the bank also allows borrowers to use the United Arab Bank home loan calculator to assess their monthly instalments. In this article, we will provide you with insights into the bank’s mortgage loan calculator.

United Arab Bank Mortgage Loan Calculator: What is It?

The United Arab Bank home loan calculator is a digital tool designed to help individuals in the UAE, determine their potential monthly mortgage payments when they are considering buying a home. The calculator is available on the website of the bank.

To use the calculator, you typically enter key details such as the loan amount you are seeking, the loan, and the applicable interest rate. Once these values are entered, the calculator instantly generates an estimate of your monthly instalment.

This estimate is essential for prospective homebuyers as it allows them to assess whether the loan is affordable and fits within their financial plans.

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What are the Main Features of the United Arab Bank Home Loan Calculator?

Using the United Arab Bank home loan calculator in the UAE offers several benefits for anyone considering a home loan -

  • Financial Clarity - The UAB home loan calculator provides you with an estimation of your monthly instalments, helping you understand the financial commitment of your home loan. This clarity, essential for effective budgeting, ensures that your home loan fits into your overall financial strategy.
  • Elimination of Manual Calculations - The United Arab Bank mortgage loan calculator eliminates the need for complex manual calculations, reducing the chances of errors and providing accurate results. This convenience saves you time and effort.
  • Instant Results - You receive immediate results with just a few clicks, enabling quick decision-making. This allows you to adjust your loan parameters and see how they impact your monthly payments.
  • 24/7 Accessibility - The bank’s online home loan calculator is available round the clock, allowing you to calculate your monthly instalments at your convenience.
  • Streamlined Home Loan Comparison - While comparing different home loan offers can be challenging, these online calculators can greatly simplify the process. You can enter the terms of various loans and instantly see how they differ in terms of monthly payments, total interest expenses, and the overall loan cost. This is beneficial in selecting the best home loan.
  • Data Privacy - The United Arab home loan calculator prioritises your privacy. This tool does not require the input of personal information, ensuring the safety and security of your data.
  • Flexibility for Value Adjustments - The online calculator offers the flexibility to experiment with different loan parameters. You can adjust values as often as you want to explore different scenarios until you find the results that best suit your financial requirements.
  • Informed Decision-Making - By using the United Arab Bank home loan calculator, you gain valuable insights into the affordability of your desired home. This can help you make well-informed choices regarding loan terms and other financial commitments.
  • Financial Goal Alignment - The United Arab Bank mortgage loan calculator helps you align your home loan with your financial objectives. You can adjust parameters to see how they impact your monthly payments and overall loan costs, ensuring that your home purchase supports your long-term financial goals.

How Does the United Arab Bank Mortgage Loan Calculator Function?

Here’s how you can use the United Arab Bank home loan calculator -

  • Visit the official website of the bank.
  • Under the ‘Loan’ section, select ‘Home’.
  • On the next page, scroll till you locate the calculator.
  • Provide the loan amount and loan tenure to get your result.

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Top Factors Influencing the Monthly Instalment Amount of the United Arab Bank Home Loan

When you're looking to buy a home in the UAE and need a home loan, there are three important factors that determine how much you will pay each month. Let’s understand these three parameters in detail -

Interest Rate

Think of the interest rate as the cost of borrowing money. If the interest rate is high, you have to pay more each month to the bank. However, if the interest rate is low, your monthly payment will be less. Thus, a lower interest rate is preferable as it means you will pay less money over time.

Loan Tenure

Loan tenure is like a timeline for repaying your loan. It indicates how long you have to pay back the money you borrowed.

If you choose a longer tenure of say 20 years, your monthly payments will be smaller because you are spreading the cost over a longer period. But if you go for a shorter tenure, like 10 years, your monthly payment will be higher because you have less time to pay it back. 

While longer tenures make your monthly payments easier, they usually end up costing you more in total because of the interest you pay over a longer time.

Loan Amount

The loan amount is simply how much money you are borrowing to buy your home. If you borrow a lot of money, your monthly payments will be larger. On the other hand, if you borrow less, your monthly payments will be smaller. Banks look at your income and credit history to decide how much they are willing to lend you.

So when you are getting a home loan in the UAE, it's important to understand these three things. Lower interest rates are good because they mean you pay less over time. Longer loan tenures make monthly payments smaller but can cost more in total due to more interest.

In a Nutshell

Individuals looking to finance their home can use the United Arab Bank home loan calculator as it is a valuable tool that offers numerous benefits. This includes efficient financial planning, the elimination of manual calculations, and immediate results accessible 24/7. These calculators also streamline the comparison of home loan offers, prioritise data privacy, and provide flexibility for adjusting values.

With its easily accessible interface, this calculator can help you make well-informed decisions so that your chosen loan matches your financial requirements and goals.

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