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Buying a house is an important milestone for all but it comes with a list of challenges. Financing the purchase is one of the biggest one of these challenges. Home loans in the UAE are designed to help residents and nationals attain their dream homes without having to spend their life’s savings in one go.

Samba offer affordable home loans with high loan amounts and competitive interest rates – perfect to begin your home purchasing journey. A small list of eligibility criteria must be satisfied before an applicant can get Samba home loans. Let’s cover all important aspects related to Samba home loan eligibility criteria and the included requirements.  

Samba Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

Samba offers affordable home loan plans. Each type of home plan offered by Samba comes with generic as well as individual eligibility criteria. This can include residency, nationality, monthly income and more. Following are all eligibility criteria for Samba home loans in UAE:

Eligibility Requirements


Minimum Age Requirement

21 years

Salary Requirement

AED 15,000 per month

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Residency Requirements for Samba Home Loan

Home Loan Plan

Eligibility Requirements

Purchase of Property Loan

UAE National and Ex-pat

Loan Against Property

UAE National and Ex-pat

Buyout from other Banks

UAE National and Ex-pat

Buyout from other Banks plus Equity Release

UAE National and Ex-pat

Why is it important to fulfil loan eligibility requirements?

Eligibility requirements set for Samba home loans are an easy way to find creditworthy candidates. They are used by banks and loan companies to ensure that their applicants are capable of repaying the loan in due time. Eligibility criteria also help in determining the amount of loan you are eligible to get. In addition to this, the bank also tries and identify fraudulent applications with the help of eligibility criteria screening. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for Samba Home Loan?

You can go to any nearby Samba branch or the official website to submit an application for a Samba mortgage loan in UAE. You can also go to to compare and avail home loans online.

What is the minimum salary for home loan eligibility from Samba?

The minimum monthly salary for a Samba home loan in UAE is AED 15,000.

How old do I need to be to apply for a Samba home loan in UAE?

Samba home loan applicants need to be at least 21 years old.

Can I apply for a Samba home loan as an expatriate?

Yes. Samba has several home loan products available for ex-pat borrowers.

Are self-employed applicants allowed to apply for Samba home loans?

Yes, as long as they satisfy the bank's conditions, both self-employed and salaried customers are eligible for Samba mortgage loans.

Can I get my home loan approved even though I don't meet the Samba eligibility requirements?

No, Samba reserves the right to reject any loan applications that don't meet the eligibility criteria.

How does Samba confirms that I qualify for a mortgage?

In order to confirm the applicant's eligibility, Samba requests documented proof of the applicant's identity, residency, and income.

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