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Commercial Bank of Dubai (CBD) offers home loan plans at affordable interest rates ensuring ease of purchasing homes in the UAE. The bank provides loans to expatriates as well as UAE nationals on the basis of pre-set eligibility criteria. The eligibility criteria also help the bank determine the loan amount an applicant can get and the interest rate for it.

Hence, it is also important that every borrower has optimum knowledge about CBD home loan eligibility requirements. This article will provide insights into the CBD home loan eligibility criteria.

CBD Home Loan Eligibility Criteria in UAE

Commercial Bank of Dubai offers affordable home loan in UAE solutions with flexible repayment tenure and low interest rates. Applicants are required to meet the basic eligibility criteria set by CBD bank in order to get CBD home loans. The following is a list of CBD mortgage loan eligibility requirements:

Eligibility Requirements


Minimum Age Requirement

21 years

Maximum Age Limit

  • 65 years for salaried applicants.
  • 70 years for self-employed applicants.

Salary Requirement

  • AED 12000 per month for salaried applicants.
  • AED 20000 per month for self-employed applicants. 


UAE Nationals and Ex-pats

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Additional Eligibility Criteria:

If you are a salaried applicant looking to get a CBD home loan in UAE, you need to have served for a minimum period of 6 months at your current company. If you are a business owner, your company should be at least 3 years old in the UAE.

Why is it Important to Fulfil Loan Eligibility Requirements?

Eligibility criteria for credit tools like home loans, credit cards, etc. are set to ensure that the borrowers taking these tools can manage them properly and repay the due balance in time. Eligibility requirements help banks avoid loan frauds and payment defaults. So, before applying for any bank loan, it is also important for potential borrowers to know what eligibility requirements must be met to get the loan. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can expatriate customers submit an application form for a CBD mortgage loan in UAE?

Yes, Commercial Bank of Dubai offers home loan products to both UAE national and ex-pat customers.

Are self-employed applicants allowed to apply for CBD home loans?

Yes, self-employed individuals are eligible for CBD home loans.

How old do I need to be in order to be eligible for CBD mortgage loans?

You need to be 21 years old or older to be eligible for a CBD mortgage loan in UAE.


How to apply for CBD home loans?

Interested applicants can visit a nearby CBD branch office or the bank website in order to submit an application Commercial Bank of Dubai home loan. Alternatively, you can visit Policybazaar.ae to compare different home loan products you are eligible for and apply for the one which suits you the best.

How does the bank verify my eligibility requirements?

The bank demands documented proof of income, residency and identity to verify the eligibility of an applicant during the loan application processing phase.

Can I get a home loan for under-construction property from the Commercial Bank of Dubai?

Yes, CBD home loan covers both under-construction and ready-to-move-in properties.

Can I get a loan approved without fulfilling the minimum salary requirement?

No, the bank does not approve the applications where the applicants do not meet the minimum salary requirements.

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