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  • Flexible repayment periods up to 25 years
  • Processing fees as low as 1%
  • Profit rates starting at 2.75% per year

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  • Abu Dhabi
  • Sharjah
  • Ras Al Khaimah
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All About ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals 

Specified minimum monthly salary

AED 10,000 for UAE nationals

Maximum Mortgage Amount for UAE nationals

AED 20 million 

Applicable Interest Rate

2.06% for flat rate & 3.75% as reducing rate

Pre-payment of loan

Allowed with a fee of 1% (calculated on the outstanding amount) – the fee is capped at a maximum of AED 10,000

Maximum Loan Tenure

25 years

Property insurance


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Budgeting for the purchase of a home can be taxing on the pocket if you opt for self-finance. Moreover, with the range of plans related to home loan in UAE, one can have the required amount right away and successfully make the purchase. A notable provider in the country is the Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, which offers a wide range of mortgage loan plans to help fulfil the house dreams of both UAE nationals and Expatriates.

While several affordable ADIB home loan plans could be found, the bank offers further benefits to UAE nationals. With the bank having several great mortgage loans in UAE, let’s have a look at the ADIB home finance for UAE nationals plans in detail

ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

  • Minimum Salary AED 10,000
  • Flat Rate 2.06%
  • Reducing Rate 3.75%
  • Down Payment 20%
  • No Salary Transfer
  • Islamic Finance
  • Sharia Compliant

Features & Benefits of ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

Described below are some key advantages of ADIB home loan in the UAE.

  1. Option to Get a Higher LTV (Loan to Value) - ADIB bank offers up to AED 20 million in the form of a home loan in UAE. Moreover, in some cases, the bank can cover almost 85 per cent of your housing finance, which will leave you only with 15 per cent of your house value to be paid by yourself.
  2. Loan Insurance  - ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals offers the option to avail of insurance with the loan, which safeguards the borrower as well as their family from financial risk brought due to the loan repayment in case something happens to the borrowing individual.
  3. Attractive Interest Rates - Anyone looking for a home loan in UAE would prefer low interest rates. The same is provided by this bank, which offers impressive interest rates on ADIB home loan policies that start as low as 2.06% flat.
  4. Dedicated Customer Care - The excellent features provided by ADIB mortgage loan are backed by its dedicated and expert relationship managers, who are available to guide users at every step of their financial decisions.

Documents Required for ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

The required documents when you apply for an ADIB home loan are:

  • Bank statement
  • Salary proof
  • Copy of the passport
  • The family book or Khulaset Al Qaid 
  • Emirates ID
  • Contractor and Consultant report
  • Ownership documents for self-employed people
  • Property documents
  • Liability letter (if applicable)

It should be noted that if any additional documents are required for the application, the bank will directly request the same.

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Eligibility Criteria for ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

ADIB Home Finance for UAE nationals is a great option when you are looking for home loans in UAE. However, you have to make sure that you fulfil the following criteria before proceeding with your application:

  1. The person must be at least 21 years old and at most 70 years of age
  2. To apply for a loan, you need to be a confirmed employee or be in service for
    1. At least 3 months if you are a UAE National
    2. At least 6 months in case you are an expatriate
  3. The minimum income should be in accordance with the following table: 


UAE Nationals

Expatriate Residents


AED 2,000,000 annually 

AED 3,000,000 annually


AED 10,000 per month

AED 15,000 per month

Note: As the requirements may vary depending on the applicant, one should always confirm the eligibility criteria with the bank before applying.

How to Apply for ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals?

You can apply for an ADIB Mortgage loan through both online and offline modes. 

Online Apply for ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

The application process for an ADIB home loan can be completed online via the company website or 

  1. Visit the website and click on the ‘Home Insurance’ tab.
  2. A form will appear on your screen, where you will be required to fill up suitable details like your name, email ID, contact number, and so on.
  3. Various home loan options by top-rated banks will appear on your screen. You can compare and scan through them and select your preferred mortgage loan plan.
  4. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, given below your preferred policy.

Once you finish the above-mentioned steps, an executive of Policybazaar UAE will soon connect with you for further procedures.

Offline Apply for ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

  1. Search for the nearest ADIB bank branch from your location.
  2. Visit the bank and connect with a bank official to obtain the application form.
  3. The bank official will inform you about all the requirements, terms, and conditions.
  4. Carefully check the ADIB home loan policy and submit the necessary documents along with the form to apply for a home loan.

The rest of the process is the same as online, as a bank official will contact you for the next steps.

Top Reasons to Choose ADIB Home Finance for UAE Nationals

With a well-established mortgage market in UAE, properties are attracting more buyers than ever with a balance of both UAE nationals and ex-pats. If you wish to fulfil your dream of purchasing your own property at affordable costs, obtaining an ADIB mortgage loan could prove beneficial. Serving millions of customers and recognised as the fourth largest Islamic bank in the world, ADIB ensures the utmost convenience for customers seeking a home loan in UAE.


What are the types of home financing solutions that ADIB offers?

With the help of ADIB home finance, you can either buy or build your home using the following home financing products:

  • Owner to Owner: Loan for a completed property that was owned by someone 
  • Construction Financing: For constructing property on your own land or land given to you
  • Developer’s Financing: To finance construction projects of major developers associated with the bank
  • Re-financing Takeover: To transfer a home loan from another bank to ADIB bank
  • Equity Release: Finance for purchasing a property that will be leased out
Do I need my salary to be transferred to ADIB when I take a home loan?

While this isn’t a mandatory step, transferring your salary to ADIB can help you reap certain financial benefits over others and have more favourable financial terms.

What is the maximum loan repayment term that I can opt for, for my ADIB home loan?

ADIB offers a time limit of up to 25 years to repay the home loan.

What is the meaning of a Loan Buyout?

A loan buyout is an option that you can enjoy with the ADIB home loan. If you are unsatisfied with your home loan provider, you can transfer the same to ADIB and enjoy better interest rates along with more comfortable repayment tenures.

How can I find an ADIB branch near me?

To find the bank branch nearest to your location, you can visit the company website. Go to the ‘locate us’ option and fill in the name of your area to see the ADIB branch near you.

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