Mawarid Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card

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This Mawarid Finance Credit Card depends upon the Wakalah and Murabaha modes under Islamic financing. The Falak Tayyeb World credit card includes a host of amazing privileges and benefits that are designed to suit the daily needs of the cardholders. The cardholder can avail features like balance transfer, easy payment plans, free lounge access and more using this free for life credit card.

Benefits and Features of Mawarid Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card

Following are the exclusive features and benefits on this Mawarid Finance Credit Card.

No Annual Fee

This credit card charges zero annual fees from the cardholders, hence making it free for life.

Profit Rate is Competitive

The credit card charges a comparatively low-profit rate (Murabaha) of 1.75 percent per month.

Free Lounge Access

The cardholder can avail a free LoungeKey airport lounge membership. This membership offers unlimited access to more than 900 lounges in over 450 cities in around 135 countries globally. It provides complimentary access to the business services such as the internet, email, fax machines, phones, and conference space in a few lounges. The cardholder can also enjoy free snacks and refreshments.

Balance Transfer

The card member can easily transfer the balance outstanding on any of their credit cards to their Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card. On this balance transfer facility, they can enjoy a 0 percent profit rate for six months. The cardholder will have to bear a one-time processing fee of 1,500 AED on this balance transfer facility.

Easy Payment Plan

With this Mawarid Credit Card, the cardholder can make payments for their large purchases conveniently and easily. They can pay this off in simple sox equal installments per month at a 0 percent profit.

Cash Advance

The cardholder may avail the facility of cash withdrawal equal to the thirty percent of the available credit limit from those ATMs that have a MasterCard logo.

Secured Transactions

The cardholder can make safe transactions because this card is protected with a PIN and Chip security and 3D secure. Only the cardholder can authorize the transactions on their Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card.

SMS Service

This World Credit Card also offers a complimentary SMS service to keep the card member updated all the time.

Mawarid Finance Mobile App

The card member can easily manage their card accounts round the clock using the Mobile App by Mawarid Finance. It comes with a clear and easily accessible design and allows the cardholder to perform various functions, some of them are-

  1. Access their card accounts
  2. Activate their cards
  3. Check their last payments
  4. Change or create their cash withdrawal or transaction PIN
  5. Review their last five transactions
  6. Check the due amount, minimum due, and balance available
  7. Receiving the latest product promotions and updates

Rewards and Offers on Mawarid Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card

The card member may earn reward points on each of their spendings. These reward points can be redeemed for credits in the form of cash.

Fees and Charges on Mawarid Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card

Following are the applicable charges and fees on this Mawarid Finance Credit Card.

Fees & Charges Details
Annual Fee Nil
                            Additional Supplementary Card 52.50 AED (per card)
Murabaha Profit Rate 1.75 percent monthly
Wakalah Fee 1.05 AED P.A.
Fee on International Currency Transaction 2.27 percent
Over Limit Charge 525 AED
Late Payment Charge 241.50 AED
Card Replacement Charge 78.75 AED
PIN Reissuance Charge 26.25 AED
Maintenance Fees Nil
Annual Membership Charges 1.05 AED
Copy Statement of Credit Card 78.75 AED per transaction
Maximum limit on Cash Withdrawal 30 percent of the available credit limit
Maximum per day amount for Cash Withdrawal 10,000 AED
Limit on the Withdrawal transaction number Nil
Maximum cash withdrawal transaction limit Nil
Fees for disputing the transaction that was later found genuine 105 AED

(These charges have been applicable with effect from September 1st, 2019)

Additional Benefits of Mawarid Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card

Following are some additional benefits on this Mawarid Finance Credit Card.

Buy one Get one

The card member can download the app MasterCard For You from the google play store or apple app store to avail various Buy one Get one offers on their World Credit Card.

Falak Tayyeb Savers

The cardholder may experience large discounts and offers in shopping, restaurants, entertainment, and wellness merchants in the UAE using this Falak Tayyeb World Credit Card.