Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Titanium Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 18 October 2019 | Last Updated On: 13 January 2021
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Mawarid Finance has launched an innovative credit card known as Falak Tayyeb Credit Card, which is a unique Shari’a compliant credit card. Based on the Wakala and Murabaha mode of financing, Falak Tayyeb card offers an instant finance opportunity. Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Credit Card comes with exclusive benefits and privileges which can be considered if you are looking for a credit card in the UAE.

Highlight of the Card-

Free supplementary and internet card

  • Free for life
  • Competitive interest rate
  • Exciting discounts on dining, shopping and entertainment through Falak Tayyeb Savers
  • Easy installment plan
  • Cash withdrawal up to 30% of the credit limit

Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Titanium Credit Card Features

Following are the key features of the Mawarid Falalk Tayyeb Titanium Credit Card :

  • Cash Advantage: This credit card provides instant cash facility to its customers. They can withdraw cash up to 30% of the available credit limit in times of financial emergency.
  • Easy Payment Plan: No interest charged by Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Credit Card from cardholder up to 6 months. You don’t have to pay any interest in any type of expense you made.
  • Security: Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Titanium credit card offers CHIP and PIN or 3D secure facility that will ensure the safety and security of the cardholder. This advanced feature helps the bank to gain customer trust.

Payment Options – Cardholder can pay their credit card payment through various channels such as

  • Cheque payment
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit Card

Also, you can pay your credit card bill by reaching to a kiosk machine at the below-mentioned places-

  • Mawarid  Finance IBRI house
  • Mawarid Finance Palladium

Round-the-Clock Service

The cardholder can avail  24x 7 services. Also, with the help of Mawarid Finance Mobile app, credit card related services such as paying the instalment, applying for a new card or activating a card, check the due amount etc. can be done without a hassle at your phone screen.

Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Titanium Credit Card Benefits

Mawarid Finance Credit Card offers the following benefits to its cardholders:

Complimentary airport lounge access

The cardholder can enjoy complimentary airport lounge access at various airports across the world.

Balance transfer

This card provides a balance transfer facility. This facility allows the cardholders to transfer their outstanding balance with another bank credit card to Falak Tayyeb Credit Card at a zero% interest rate. This benefit can be availed for a period of 6 months.

Additional Benefits

Falak Tayyed Saver- The cardholder can enjoy heavy discounts and privileges across dining, entertainment, and shopping all over the world.

Mastercard  App Benefits

The cardholder also can avail buy-one-get-one offers with the Mastercard App. You can easily download this app through the Play Store or App Store on your phone.


If you like a simple way of handling your finances, then the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Titanium credit card is the choice for you. It provides you with the simplicity of managing your needs with exclusive deals. Mawarid finance aims at providing you with the ease of tracking your credit card without having to worry about the unavoidable expense.