Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 02 November 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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Mawarid Finance is an Islamic Finance Company in UAE that offers an innovative range of Islamic Finance products and services. One of these products is the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card. It is built on an uncompromised commitment to Shariah principles and designed while keeping your convenience in mind. In addition to global acceptance, you are offered a wide range of benefits and rewards that make your life more flexible and simpler. It is more than just an Islamic Credit Card and aims at becoming an essential part of your lifestyle to serve you whenever you need it.

Highlights of the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card

  • Free for life
  • Mastercard App
  • Attractive profit rates
  • Enhanced security
  • Free SMS alerts
  • Rewards on every spend

Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card Features

The key features of Mawarid Platinum Card are:

Free for Life

The Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card is a free for life card, i.e. the cardmember is not charged any annual membership fee for holding the credit card.

Rewards On Every Spend

Every time you use your card for any spends you are eligible to earn rewards. These rewards can be redeemed as cash credit.

Balance Transfer

You can transfer all your other banks’ outstanding balances to your Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card. This helps in managing all your balances in one place at attractive profit rates starting as low as 0% for 6 months.

A one-time processing fee is applicable. The details can be found on the bank’s official website.

Easy Payment Plan

You can now split your big purchases into small monthly installments that can be paid over a period of up to 6 months at attractive rates across a variety of partner retailers.

Cash Withdrawl

If you are in the need of immediate funds, you can use the cash withdrawal facility and withdraw up to 30% of your credit card limit easily through an ATM that accepts Mastercard.

Advanced Security Features

This Mawarid Finance Credit Card ensures maximum security for the users while making transactions. The retail spends made on the card is secured by the Chip & Pin technology. Whereas, the online transactions are secured with the 3D security feature.

Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card Benefits

The exclusive benefits offered to the cardholder are:

Complimentary Access to Airport Lounges

Your pre-flight experience is now made comfortable. You can relax before taking that tiring flight away from busy and crowded airports. The cardholder is eligible for a LoungeKey provided by Mastercard. With the LoungeKey you have access to over 900 lounges in over 450 cities and 135 countries across the globe.

Falak Tayyeb Savers

You can experience huge discounts and exciting one for one deals across shopping, wellness, dining, and entertainment across the partner outlets around the UAE.

Mastercard App

You have access to the ‘ Mastercard App For You ‘ which provides you with exciting buy 1 get 1 offer across various services.

24/7 Access to Your Account

The convenience of the cardholder is key for the Mawarid Falak Tayyeb Platinum Credit Card, which is why you can access your account any time from anywhere in the world using the Marwarid Finance App. It allows you to access your card accounts on your fingertips, easily and clearly. Services like activation of card(s), checking the last payments, review the last 5 transactions, etc. can be accessed.

The Bottom Line

Based on the Wakalah and Murabaha mode of Islamic financing, The Platinum Credit Card includes a variety of exclusive benefits & privileges that are exclusively designed to suit your everyday needs.