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Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Credits cards have changed the way people shop in the UAE. Thanks to technological advancement, plastic money has replaced hard cash. Keeping up with buying trends, banks and financial institutions offer various kinds of credit card. These credit cards are loaded with various rewards and benefit with make them too good to give a miss. The best thing is that these cards are formulated on the basis of credit card expectations of the credit card applicants.

About Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Mashreq sMiles credit card offers sMiles on everyday spend put on the credit card. Be it dining out, shopping for groceries, spending at the movie tickets, travelling overseas, Mashreq sMiles Card offers rewards and benefits for the cardholders. The best thing about sMiles Card is that comes with no tiers, no caps on earning sMiles and it comes with no spend thresholds.

sMiles Earning

  1. Local Spend- The cardholders can earn 1.5 sMiles per every AED local spend put on their card.
  2. International Spend- The cardholders can earn 1.5 sMiles per every AED international spend put on their card.

The cardholder can instantly redeem the accumulated sMiles anytime, anywhere as per their convenience. They can redeem sMiles at more than 300 airlines and 1,80,000 hotels. They can search for flights and hotels and Mashreq sMiles engine will compute the discount they can avail. sMiles redemption is very easy, simple and hassle-free.

Features of Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Here are the features of Mashreq sMiles credit card which make this card stand out amongst the other credit cards.

1. Buy Now and Pay Later

The cardholder can indulge big purchases with the help of easy payment plan offered by Mashreq credit card. With the help of Buy Now and Pay Later option the cardholders can repay their outstanding balance easy instalments of up to a repayment period of 36 months at a low rate of interest.

2. Travel with Ease

Mashreq sMiles cardholders can enjoy their travel with the much-needed peace of mind. They are covered under multi-trip travel insurance & fraud protection on a complimentary basis.

3. Easy Cash

The card member can ensure their financial flexibility with Easy Cash Offers by Mashreq Bank. Under Easy Cash Offers, they can enjoy a much-awaited holiday or pay their rent at low rates of interest.

4. Easy Payment Plans

The cardholder can enjoy East Payment Plans at the rate of 0 percent at select brands. They can convert their travel purchases into Easy Payment Plans at the rate of 0 percent repayable over a period of 36 months.

Benefits of Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Here are the benefits of Mashreq sMiles credit card which makes this credit card a must-have:

1. Marhaba Lounge Access

The cardholder can enjoy unlimited access to Marhaba Lounges at Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport, DWC- Al Maktoum International Airport,  at Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, and KSA on a complimentary basis.

2. Priceless Arabia by MasterCard

Mashreq sMiles Titanium MasterCard members can enjoy Priceless experiences in their favorite Arabian cities.

3. Dining Benefits

Under the dining program- Mashreq Flavours, Mashreq sMiles cardholders can enjoy a wide range of cuisines & avail exclusive discounts of up to 30 percent at more than 1,800 eateries in the UAE and 1,300 eateries in Oman, Qatar and India.

4. Balance Transfer

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card members can transfer the balance from other credit cards to their Mashreq sMiles Credit Card at a low rate of interest. The balance transfer process is easy, quick and hassle-free.

Top Reasons to get the Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Out of many, here are the top 8 reasons to have Mashreq sMiles credit card:

1. Online Access

The cardholder will get the freedom to access their credit card account details around the clock with Mashreq Online facility.

2. Bill Payment

Using their credit card, the cardholder can pay utility bills in a matter of a few seconds from the comfort of their home.

3. Supplementary Cards

The cardholder can apply for Supplementary Cards for their eligible family members.

4. Mobile Banking

The cardholder can manage their credit card account on the go with Mashreq’s award-winning Mobile Banking App- SNAPP. The app works on both iOS as well as Android platform.

5. Transaction Alerts

The cardholder can keep a track of their credit card transactions with the help of Mashreq Transaction Alerts notifications that are sent on the registered contact number of the cardholders via SMS.

6. Payment Flexibility

The cardholder can make payment for their credit card bill at Mashreq Banks ATMs, Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines (CCDM), UAE Exchange, Al Ghurair Exchange, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, and Al Ansari Exchange.

7. Auto Payment Facility

The cardholder can opt for Auto Payment facility for paying their credit card bill with their Mashreq Savings or Current Account.

8. Secured Transaction

Mashreq Credit Cards are loaded with the latest Chip and PIN technology that provides an extra layer of security. The unique Personal Identification Number secures retail purchases and cash withdrawals.

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card Offers

Here are the various offers offered on Mashreq sMiles credit Card:

Travel Offers

Listed below are travel offers for sMiles credit Card:

a. Holidays Offers

It features holiday packages at discounted rates:

b. Emirates Holidays

The cardholder can avail a 10 percent discount on Emirates Holidays packages when they pay with their Mashreq credit card. The offer is applicable exclusively on Emirates Holidays packages for flights. The cardholder must book accommodation for a minimum of 3 nights in order to avail the offer.

Note- The offers valid until 31 March, 2019.

Hotels Offers

It features hotels offers at discounted rates:


The cardholder can avail 10 percent off when they book an accommodation using their Mashreq credit card at In order to avail the offer, the cardholder needs to use code Mashreq10

Note- The offers valid until 31 December, 2019.


The Mashreq Visa Card members can avail up to 12 percent off and Mashreq Mastercard members can avail up to 7 percent off for booking hotels, hostels and resorts at

Note- The offers valid until 31 December, 2019.

c. OYO Hotels

The cardholder can avail 20 percent off up to AED 50 for booking an OYO Room using their Mashreq credit card. In order to avail the offer, the cardholder needs to use code OYOMASH20

Note- The offers valid until 10 March, 2019.

Online Travel

Listed below are travel online offers for sMiles credit Card:


The cardholder can avail a flat 7 percent discount up to 120 AED on booking hotel and flight. In order to avail the offer, the cardholder needs to use code MASHREQ


1. The offers valid until 30 April,

2. The offers are not applicable for booking the following airlines:

  • Spicejet
  • Jazeera Airways
  • Flynas
  • Flydubai
  • Pegasus
  • Air Arabia
  • SalamAir
  • Air India Express.

3. The offer can be availed twice per Email address.


It features airline bookings at discounted rates:

a. Jet Airways

The cardholder can avail 7 percent off on booking Economy airline tickets using code JETECO. In addition to that, they can avail 15 percent off on Premiere return tickets using code JETPREM on Jet Airways using their Mashreq Card.

Note- The offers valid until 31 March, 2019.

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card Rewards

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card offers up to 30,000 sMiles when the cardholder pays the annual fee and put spending on their card. Here’s how:

  1. It offers 10,000 sMiles when the cardholder pays the annual fee of AED 300.
  2. It offers 10,000 sMiles when the cardholder spends AED 5000 during the first 30 days of getting the card.
  3. It offers 10,000 sMiles when the cardholder spends AED 40, 000 during the first 12 months of the card membership.

How to Earn Your Rewards?

For every spending put on the Mashreq sMiles credit card the cardholder can enjoy host travel benefits such as sMiles.

How to Redeem Your Points?

The accumulated sMiles can be instantly redeemed for booking free flights, holiday packages and hotel stays, and various travel-related benefits.

How to Apply for Mashreq sMiles Credit Card?

Thanks to technological advancement, applying for Mashreq sMiles credit card is a very simple process. All the cardholder needs is an active internet connection and a laptop/ phone. The cardholder can log on to the official website of Mashreq and fill out the application form.

As per credit card experts, credit card applicants should apply for a credit card after comparing the offered benefits so everything about the offered benefits by the card. That is where acts as a blessing in disguise. provides a comparison platform that enables the applicants to come across the credit card that suits their credit card needs the most.

The applicant can duly fill in the credit card applications form and submit it. Upon receiving the application form, one out of many credit cards experts will get in touch with the applicant and guide them so that their credit card needs are sorted.


Question 1- Why are the benefits of Mashreq sMiles credit card?

Answer- Mashreq sMiles credit card is an ultimate travel companion that provides a plethora of travel benefits such as sMiles on every spend put on the credit card, instant redemption of sMiles for booking free flights, holiday packages and hotel stays and, various travel-related benefits.

Question 2- What are sMiles?

Answer- sMiles are the rewards earned the miles earned by the cardholder on every purchase put on their Mashreq sMiles credit card. sMiles will be earned by the primary cardholder as well as the supplementary cardholder.

Question 3- What is the annual fee of the card?

Answer- sMiles credit card offered by Mashreq Bank attracts an annual fee of AED 300 on an annual basis. Upon paying the fees, the cardholder will get 10,000 sMiles

 Question 4- What sMiles unique?

Answer- The cardholder can redeem their accumulated Mashreq sMiles to book flight tickets, hotels, bespoke travel experiences anywhere in the world at any time they want.

  1. Any Airline- The cardholder can redeem the earned sMiles to book a flight ticket for more than 300 airlines.
  2. Any Time- With sMiles credit card offered by Mashreq, the cardholder can book their travel tickets anytime. Since there are no blackout dates, the cardholder need not worry about the availability of exclusive seats. They can plan their holidays as per their wish.
  3. Anywhere- There is no restriction on where the cardholder can’t travel to.

Question 5- Is there any cap on how many sMiles I can earn?

 Answer- The best thing about sMiles card is that there are no thresholds, no tiers, no caps and no limits,  on earning sMiles. In addition to that, there is no minimum spend requirement to be eligible to earn sMiles. The more you spend, the more sMiles you earn.

Question 6- Do I earn sMiles even on discounted spends put on the card?

Answer- Yes. You will get to earn sMiles even on the discounted spends put on the card.

Question 7- In case of reversal of a transaction, what happens to the earned sMiles?

Answer- In the case of a transaction reversal, the earned sMiles for that transaction will be reversed as well. sMiles are awarded for actual purchase put on the card.

Question 8- Will I earn sMiles for the spend put on my supplementary card?

Answer- The primary card member will earn sMiles for the spend put on the supplementary card as well. Please Note- The accumulated sMiles can be redeemed only by the primary card member and will be reflected on the statement of the primary card holder’s account.

Question 9- What happens to my sMiles earned in case I cancel my Card?

Answer- The accumulated sMiles prior to 18 months or card’s cancellation will be forfeited.

Question 10- When will sMiles get credited to my sMiles Account?

Answer- sMiles earned on your credit card will get credited into your account within 48 hours of the purchase transaction reflecting in your card account.

Question 11- Under what circumstances I won’t be eligible to earn/ redeem points on my sMiles card?

Answer- Mashreq sMiles Credit Card enables the cardholder to earn sMiles, there are a few circumstances under which the cardholder can’t earn sMiles:

  1. In case you haven’t paid the minimum due payments across on your Mashreq sMiles Credit Card.
  2. In case your sMiles card is under dispute due to any reason.
  3. In case your sMiles card is reported lost or stolen.
  4. In case your sMiles card is captured by an ATM.
  5. In case your sMiles card is cancelled.

For the reasons mentioned above, sMiles account will be blocked on a temporary basis. As a result, you won’t be able to redeem the accumulated points on your sMiles Credit Card.

When you clear your overdue payment, your card’s status will be active. After that, you can redeem the accumulated points.

Note- In case you don’t clear your over dues for a period of more than 90 days or you close your account your sMiles account will be deleted and all the accumulated sMiles will be lost.

Question 12- Are there any specific categories under which I can’t earn sMiles?

Answer- You can’t earn sMiles will for the payments put on the card for Government related service(s) and Charities, and Utility or Bill payments.

Question 13- How can I redeem my accumulated sMiles?

Answer- You can redeem accumulated sMiles at the official website of Mashreq sMiles card.

Question 14- sMiles redemption can be availed for what categories?

Answer- The accumulated sMiles can be redeemed for the following categories:

  1. Airline tickets at over 300 airlines
  2. Hotel bookings at more than 200,000 hotels
  3. Booking travel services like visa services, car rentals, Marhaba

Question 15- Does sMiles credit card offer Cash Back?

Answer- The sMiles credit card doesn’t offer any Cash Back or reward points.

Question 16- How can I log in to Mashreq SMiles portal?

Answer- First you need to register yourself on the portal. The registration process is very simple. It includes 3 basic step process:

Step 1- Log on to the official website Mashreq sMiles. Fill in your registered mobile number and date of birth. After that click on activate.

Step 2- You will get an OTP on your registered mobile number.

Step 3- Type the OTP and your account will be activated. You will be redirected to the home screen.

Question 17- Can I use the details of my Mashreq Online banking card for making a transaction on the official website Mashreq sMiles?

Answer- No, you will have to register your account at Mashreq sMiles. Your registered mobile number with Mashreq Bank will be your login id. In order to activate your Mashreq sMiles account, you would have to create a password.

Question 18- Do I need to log in/ register separately on the website of Mashreq sMiles?

Answer- Yes, log in for Mashreq sMiles registration is independent.

Question 19- Is there a need of my email address for registering/accessing my Mashreq sMiles account?

Answer- Yes, it is mandatory to provide your email id as well as the mobile number for registering or accessing Mashreq sMiles account. It helps to authenticate your account and send the relevant information including your itinerary or booking receipts. In addition to that, your contact details are shared with various service providers such as airline, hotels etc. In case of unpredictable situations, such as flight rescheduling or cancellation etc. they can contact you.

Question 20- When can I redeem my accumulated Mashreq sMiles?

Answer- You can redeem your accumulated Mashreq sMiles the moment they get credited in your sMiles account. The best part about having a Mashreq sMile credit card is that there is no minimum limit applicable for redeeming sMiles.

Question 21- How can I check my accumulated sMiles balance?

 Answer- You can log on to the official website of Mashreq sMiles, login to your account and check your updated sMiles. Additionally, you can check your redemption history. You can check your updated sMiles balance in your monthly sMiles credit card statement.

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