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Mashreq sMiles credit card is one of the amazing rewarding credit cards that help its cardholder to earn sMiles on everyday spends put on the credit card. Be it dining out, shopping for groceries, spending at the movie tickets, travelling overseas, this credit card offers exciting rewards and benefits to its cardholders. The best thing about sMiles Card is that it comes with no tiers, no spend thresholds, and no caps on earning sMiles. Thus, members of this credit card can earn free flights as well as other privileges without any complexity.

Features of Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Here are the key features of Mashreq sMiles credit card which make this card stand out amongst the other credit cards.

Easy Cash

Card members can ensure their financial flexibility with “Easy Cash” feature offered by the Mashreq Bank. With this feature, they can enjoy a much-awaited holiday, pay their rent, or simply fulfil their other financial requirements with the Easy cash offers at low rates of interest.

Buy Now and Pay Later

The cardholder can make big purchases more conveniently with the help of ‘Buy Now’ & ‘Pay Later’ facility offered via the easy payment plan. With the help of this amazing feature, cardholders can make repayment in easy monthly instalments of a maximum of 36 months at a low rate of interest.

Balance Transfer

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card members can transfer the outstanding balance from other credit cards to their Mashreq sMiles Credit Card at a low rate of interest. The balance transfer process is easy, quick and hassle-free. Now, with the balance transfer facility you can transfer your outstanding financial obligations to your Mashreq Credit card which can be later paid easily at lower rates of interest. However, an important point to be kept in consideration here is that cardholder will have to pay a balance transfer fee to the financial institution while transferring their existing debts to the new credit card. 

Easy Payment Plans

The cardholder can enjoy East Payment Plans at the interest rate of 0% at some specific brands. And they can convert their travel purchases into Easy Payment Plans at the 0% interest rate that is repayable up to 12 months.

Online Access

Cardholders will get the freedom to access their credit card account details around the clock with Mashreq Online facility. In addition to this, card members can transfer funds, make utility bill payments; apply for add-on/supplementary cards, request additional statements, and a lot more.

Mobile Banking

Cardholders can easily manage their credit card account on the go through the Mashreq’s Mobile Banking App- SNAPP. The app works on both iOS as well as Android platform.

Transaction Alerts

Members of this credit card can keep a track of their credit card transactions with the help of Mashreq Transaction Alerts notifications that are sent on their registered contact number via SMS.

Payment Flexibility

Cardholders can make payment for their credit card bill at Mashreq Banks ATMs, Cash and Cheque Deposit Machines (CCDM), UAE Exchange, Al Ghurair Exchange, Redha Al Ansari Exchange, and Al Ansari Exchange. However, members of this card can also choose the “Auto Payment facility” for paying their credit card bill that gets debited from their linked Mashreq Savings or Current Account for the payment of the card.

Secured Transaction

Mashreq Credit Cards are enabled with the latest Chip and PIN technology that provides an extra layer of security. The unique Personal Identification Number secures retail purchases and cash withdrawals.

Benefits of Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Here are some of the main benefits of Mashreq sMiles credit card which makes this credit card a must-have:

Marhaba Lounge Access

The cardholder can enjoy unlimited access to Marhaba Lounges at Terminal 1, Terminal 2, Terminal 3 of the Dubai International Airport, DWC- Al Maktoum International Airport, and at Kuwait, Jordan, Egypt, and KSA on a complimentary basis.

Priceless Arabia by MasterCard

Cardholders can enjoy Priceless experiences in their favorite Arabian cities with their Mashreq sMiles Titanium MasterCard.

Dining Benefits

Under the dining program i.e. Mashreq Flavours, Mashreq sMiles cardholders can enjoy a wide range of cuisines & avail exclusive discounts of a maximum of 30% at more than 1,800 eateries across the UAE and 1,300 eateries in Oman, Qatar and India.

Travel with Ease

Mashreq sMiles cardholders can enjoy their travel with the much-needed peace of mind. They are covered under multi-trip travel insurance & fraud protection on a complimentary basis.

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card Offers & Rewards

The cardholder is entitled to the reward program known as sMiles. With this program, members of this card can earn sMiles on every transaction made through the Mashreq sMiles credit card. And then, they can instantly redeem the accumulated sMiles at more than 300 airlines and 1,80,000 hotels.

sMiles Earning

  • The cardholder can earn 1.5 sMiles on every AED spent locally as well as internationally.
  • In addition to this, members of this credit card can enjoy a maximum of 30,000 sMiles on paying the annual membership fee and spending on this card.
    • The cardholder can earn 10,000 sMiles on paying the annual membership fee of AED 300.
    • Card members can earn 10,000 sMiles when they spend AED 5,000 in the initial 30 days of receiving this credit card.
    • Card members can earn 10,000 sMiles when they spend AED 40,000 in the initial 12 months of card membership.

Mashreq sMiles Credit Card Fees & Charges

Here are the fees & charges of the Mashreq sMiles Credit Card:

Description Fees and Charges

Annual Membership Fee

AED 315

Supplementary Card Fee


Retail interest rate per month


Cash Advance rate per month


Cash Advance fee

3.15% or AED 210, whichever is greater

Over limit fee

AED 292.95

Late payment fee

AED 241.5

Card replacement fee

AED 78.8

Paper statement fee

AED 5.25

Returned cheque charge

AED 315

International Transaction Fee

AED 2.79%

How to Apply for Mashreq sMiles Credit Card?

Applying for Mashreq sMiles credit card is a very simple and easy process. An individual can apply for this card either online or offline.


Interested individual can apply for this card by simply visiting the official website of Mashreq Bank and filling up an online application form.


Alternatively, those people who are not comfortable with the online procedure can also apply for this card offline. All they need to visit the nearby branch of the Mashreq bank and then they can directly apply for the card.

FAQs on Mashreq sMiles Credit Card

Q1: Why should I opt for the Mashreq sMiles credit card?

Ans: Mashreq sMiles credit card is an ultimate travel companion that provides a plethora of travel benefits such as sMiles on every spend put on the credit card, instant redemption of sMiles for booking free flights, holiday packages and hotel stays and, various other travel-related benefits.

Q2: What are sMiles?

Ans: sMiles are the miles that are earned on every purchase put on the Mashreq sMiles credit card. sMiles will be earned on all transactions made by the primary cardholder as well as the supplementary cardholder.

Q3: What is the annual fee of the Mashreq sMiles credit card?

Ans: sMiles credit card offered by Mashreq Bank attracts an annual fee of AED 315 on an annual basis. Upon paying the annual membership fees, the cardholder will get 10,000 sMiles (AED 100).

Q4: What makes sMiles reward program different from other airline frequent flyer reward program?

Ans: The cardholder can redeem their accumulated sMiles to book flight tickets, hotels or bespoke travel experiences anywhere in the world at any time they want.

  1. Any Airline- The cardholder can redeem the earned sMiles to book a flight ticket for more than 300 airlines.
  2. Any Time- With sMiles credit card offered by Mashreq, the cardholder can book their travel tickets anytime. Since there are no blackout dates, the cardholder need not worry about the availability of exclusive seats. They can plan their holidays as per their wish.
  3. Anywhere-There is no restriction on where the cardholder can’t travel to.

Q5: Is there any cap on how many sMiles I can earn?

Ans: The best thing about sMiles card is that there are no thresholds, no tiers, no caps and no limits on earning sMiles. In addition to that, there is no minimum spend requirement to be eligible to earn sMiles. The more you spend, the more sMiles you earn.

Q6: Do I earn sMiles even on discounted spends put on the card?

Ans: Yes. You will get to earn sMiles even on the discounted spends put on the card.

Q7: Will my sMiles earned be cancelled on cancelling my Card?

Ans: Yes. The accumulated sMiles which have not been redeemed prior to 18 months or the card’s cancellation will be forfeited. Thus, it is advisable to redeem your sMiles before cancelling your card.

Q8: Are there any specific categories under which I can’t earn sMiles?

Ans: You can’t earn sMiles will for the payments put on the card for Government related service(s) and Charities, and Utility Bill payments.

Q9: When can I redeem my accumulated Mashreq sMiles?

Ans: You can redeem your accumulated Mashreq sMiles the moment they get credited in your sMiles account. The best part about having a Mashreq sMile credit card is that there is no minimum limit applicable for redeeming sMiles.

Q10: How can I check my accumulated sMiles balance?

Ans: You can log on to the official website of Mashreq sMiles, login to your account and check your updated sMiles. Additionally, you can check your redemption history. You can check your updated sMiles balance in your monthly sMiles credit card statement.