Mashreq Portraits Credit Card Features & Benefits

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  | Published: 22 October 2019 | Last Updated On: 12 January 2021
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The Mashreq Portraits Credit Card offers an array of benefits and privileges that are crafted to go well with your living standards. It involves offers on entertainment, adventure, dining, sports, travel, or shopping. Moreover, the security benefits offered by the card help you in ensuring your mental peace.

Highlights of this Platinum Card

  • 50 dirhams charged as the principal annual fee
  • No maintenance fee charged
  • 45 dirhams charged as the supplementary annual fee
  • 95 dirhams over-limit fee charged
  • 50 dirhams late payment fee charged
  • 79 percent charged as international transaction fee

Main Mashreq Portraits Credit Card Features

Here are the basic features of this Platinum credit card.

Balance Transfer

You can clear your card balance with this credit card and make the repayments through EMI (Equal Monthly Installments). It does not require any income documentation. The balance transfer on this card includes fixed installments with an attractive rate of interest and repayment tenor of up to 36 months. You can transfer up to 75 percent of your credit limit.

Simple Payment Plans

Mashreq Bank offers easy payment facilities for the purchases made using this card at a zero rate of interest. The purchase categories include cosmetics, home furnishing, electronics, jewelry, retail fashion, travel, and much more.

Easy Cash

This convenient cash facility is crafted for the situations where you are in urgent need of cash. You can get the amount credited to your bank account within 48 hours just by giving a phone call to the bank or by logging on to Mashreq Online and receiving cash instantly through Mashreq CCDM.

Credit Shield

The option of credit shield on this card provides you with the facility of getting your outstanding card balance waived off in case of any unforeseen circumstances such as employment loss (involuntary), critical illness, permanent total disability, or even death.  

Main Mashreq Portraits Credit Card Benefits

Here are the top benefits of this Elite credit card.

Lounge Access

You can enjoy free access to over 700 lounges in more than 300 cities using this Mashreq Platinum card. You just have to spend 7,000 dirhams in your previous billing cycle for obtaining 2 free lounge access services in the next cycle. You can avail a maximum of 8 free visits in one year.

ELITE Services

This card comes with a reliable saferdriver option, which ensures that the card users reach their drop location safely. The members of this portrait card get to enjoy a discount of 15 percent on this safe driver service.  

ELITE Lifestyle

This Mashreq Credit Card offers you an Elite Life that involves a world of exclusive discounts across various categories that are customized to suit your lifestyle. From a relaxing day at the spa to a workout session at the gym, or a day out with your family- it involves all.

Mashreq Salaam

You also get to earn up to four Salaam Points against each dirham you spend locally and up to eight Salaam points against each AED equivalent you spend internationally.

Portraits Card

You can make this card truly yours with the Selfie credit card facility on this card. You can send one of your favorite pictures to the bank through your phone or by selecting one from your gallery.

The Bottom Line!

The Mashreq Portraits Credit Card is loaded with a lot of amazing benefits, which assists you in achieving the lifestyle you have dreamt of. This card is designed to meet the lush lifestyle of the UAE and helps you in coping up with it. The portrait feature is the most unique and attractive benefits offered on the card.