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Mashreq Portraits Credit Card is the UAE's first Selfie credit card that enables the cardholder to get a personalized credit card. The applicant can carry a credit card that is as distinctive as their personality. Cardholders just need to send a picture they want on their card either from their phone or they can choose a picture from Mashreq gallery that features iconic pictures. Apart from that, they get to enjoy the full range of benefits offered by Mashreq Platinum Elite Card.

Features of Mashreq Portraits Credit Card

Out of many, here are a few features of Mashreq Portraits Credit Card:

Mashreq Merchant Solutions

It offers the most accessible and convenient payment experience by ensuring the utmost security. Being one of the largest card acceptance service providers in the United Arab Emirates, Mashreq Merchant Payment Solutions offers a wide range of secured Tailored Card Payment Solutions. The payment solutions aim at uplifting SME merchants and offer business solutions for large department stores, home delivery solutions, restaurants and large conglomerates and give them the much-needed extra-edge.

With the innovative Mashreq merchant solutions, you can expand your dream business by providing easy to pay online facility for your clients and customers. In today’s era the market for digital payments is growing substantially therefore it becomes crucial for you as a business owner to add in this facility.

Balance Transfer

Cardholders can pay off their other bank’s credit card outstanding balance using this Mashreq credit card at an attractive rate of interest. They can make repayments in fixed monthly instalments with maximum tenure of 36 months. However, they can transfer a maximum of 75 percent of their credit card limit.

Now, with the balance transfer facility you can transfer your outstanding financial obligations to your Mashreq Credit card which can be later paid easily at lower rates of interest. However, an important point to be kept in consideration here is that cardholder will have to pay a balance transfer fee to the financial institution while transferring their existing debts to the new credit card. 

Credit Shield

Credit Shield offers an extra layer of protection that enables the cardholder to enjoy a waiver of the outstanding balance on their credit card in an event of some unforeseen situations such as of loss of life and permanent disability of the cardholder. In addition to that, the cardholder will get coverage against Loss of Employment. In the case of hospitalization, they will be entitled to receive a cash benefit. This feature is quite similar to insurance plans that takes care of your family’s need and outstanding debts in case of any unfortunate event leading to demise or disability of the policyholder.                 

Pay Protect

It is one of a kind product that pays off the outstanding credit card bill in case of an unfortunate event such as death or if the cardholder diagnosed with a critical illness. In addition to that, it provides a cash benefit to the family members of the cardholder to meet their various financial requirements.

Easy Cash

The Mashreq Portraits credit card offers a facility of Easy Cash. It is a facility designed especially for the times when the cardholder needs cash on an urgent basis. They can avail this facility without any paperwork. Well, cardholders can avail a loan amount a maximum of 75 percent of their credit limit. The bank will credit the amount in their bank account within 48 hours.

Smart Protect

When using a credit card, there can be any fraud transaction put on a credit card.  Well, this can be avoided by enhancing card security for making online transactions safe and secure. The enhanced security will enable the cardholder to withdraw cash from ATMs across the world without any worries. The card provides employment protection as well as health protection.

Wallet Protect

It provides comprehensive global insurance against identity theft and theft or loss of a wallet. Enjoy unparalleled travelling experience with the wallet protect feature of Mashreq SmartSaver Credit card that gives you freedom and protects you against unforeseen events.

Convenience Cash

Cardholders can avail extra cash beyond the limit set on their Mashreq Portraits Credit Card and get it transferred to their Mashreq Account or any other bank account in the UAE. And then, they can pay the money back in easy monthly instalments at the low rate of interest. In order to avail this benefit, no documentation for income is required.  

Revolving Balance Transfer

The cardholder doesn’t have to pay up to 39 percent interest annually on their outstanding balance on other credit card(s). They can transfer their credit card outstanding balance to this Mashreq Credit Card at 0 percent interest rate for a period of 6 months. No documentation of income is required for availing the balance transfer facility. The cardholder can transfer up to 75 percent of their credit card limit.

Easy Payment Plan (EPP)

This Mashreq credit card offers an easy payment plan facility which enables the cardholder to convert their huge purchase into monthly instalments at some specific vendors. And then, they can repay it later at zero percent interest rate for tenure of up to 24 months.

Benefits of Mashreq Portraits Credit Card

The Mashreq Platinum Elite Portraits credit card members can avail exclusive Platinum Elite rewards, discounts, convenience, and lifestyle privileges. The benefits offered by the card makes this card one of the most sought-after credit cards in the UAE. Here are the key benefits offered by Mashreq Portraits credit card:

Airport Lounge Access

The card member can avail free access to over 500 airport lounges in more than 300 cities with this credit card.

ELITE Lifestyle

With this card, the card member can live Elite Life to the fullest. The card provides various exclusive offers and discounts across various categories in order to match up with the lifestyle needs of its cardholder. Be it a day out at a spa, a day out their family, or a workout session at a gym; the Mashreq Portraits card member can have it all.

ELITE Services

Saferdriver is a trustworthy chauffeur service that ensures customer’s safety throughout the journey. The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit cardholder can avail 15 percent off on the Saferdriver service.

Mashreq Salaam

When the Mashreq Platinum Elite Portraits Credit Card members spend 1 dirham on domestic retail spend, they get to earn up to 4 Salaam Points. And the cardholder can earn up to 8 Salaam Points on spending 1 dirham on international retail spend.,

The Elite Advantage

Be it shopping, travel, sports, dining, adventure or entertainment, card members can enjoy a host of privileges designed to compliment their lifestyle. Following are the some of the privileges offered by this card:

  • Free Benefits- The card member will get free travel insurance and Lounge Key Membership.
  • 50 Percent Off- The card member can avail up to 50 percent off on dining across various eateries in the UAE.
  • Exclusive Discounts- The cardholder can avail exclusive deals at discounted price across categories wellness and spa, health and fitness, entertainment and leisure, sports, etc.
  • Extended Warranty- The card member will get much-needed peace of mind with extended warranty for the eligible goods purchased with this Mashreq credit card.
  • Purchase Protection- The card member will get an extra layer of security, thanks to purchase protection feature. The benefit can be availed for the eligible goods purchased with the card.

Mashreq Portraits Card Offers

Mashreq Portraits Credit Cardholders can avail best deals and offers in the UAE as well as foreign countries across various categories such as travel, shopping, dining, entertainment, and a lot more.

How to Apply for Mashreq Portraits Credit Card?

An individual can apply for the credit card through any of the ways:


The credit card applicant can apply for the Mashreq Portraits credit card by visiting the official website of the bank.


Alternatively, an applicant can visit the nearby Mashreq bank branch to apply for this card.

FAQs on Mashreq Portraits Credit Card

Q1: What’s Mashreq Platinum Elite Portraits card?

Ans: The Mashreq Platinum Elite Portraits credit card is the first ever Selfie card offered in the UAE. Basically, it is the first picture card that enables you to personalise your credit card with a photograph of your choice.  You can easily upload the photograph directly from your PC or mobile phone. Alternatively, you can use an image of your choice from the various images provided in the gallery.

Q2: How is Mashreq Platinum Elite Portrait credit card distinctive from a basic Platinum Elite credit card?

Ans: The features offered by the Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card including golf privileges, dining discounts, travel benefits, Salaam rewards, etc. are offered by the Mashreq Portraits credit card as well. Additionally, with a Portraits credit card, you can personalize your credit card with your preferred picture by uploading it directly or selecting from the image gallery.

Q3: Can I convert my existing Platinum Elite credit card into a Portraits credit card?

Ans: Yes, you can easily convert your existing Platinum Elite credit card into a Portraits credit card. The only condition is that the existing credit card shall be active till the time the fresh Portraits credit card is issued and activated. After the Portraits credit card is activated, the existing Platinum Elite card will no longer remain active.

Q4: In case I replace my exiting platinum credit card to Portraits credit card, will my credit card number be changed?

Ans: Yes. Your credit card number will be changed in case you opt to replace your current Platinum Elite credit card with a fresh Portraits credit card. In such case, please make sure that your update your fresh Portraits card number with the concerned merchant such as telecom service provider, insurance provider etc. in case you have set up any Standing Instructions.

Q5: Can I get my supplementary card personalized as well?

Ans: Yes. You can get your supplementary credit card personalized and get a Portraits credit card. Presently, the Portraits credit card is offered only for the Mashreq Platinum Elite Supplementary credit card.

Q6: Do I need to provide the picture upon applying for the Portraits credit card?

Ans: No. Upon the approval of your Platinum Elite credit card application, you will get a picture reference number via text. The text will be sent to your registered mobile number asking you to upload your preferred picture. Upon receiving the reference number of the picture, you will get a time period of 48 hours to upload the image. The image can be uploaded directly from your computer/ laptop or mobile by visiting

Q7: When will I get my fresh Portraits credit card?

Ans: Once the picture is uploaded successfully; you will get your fresh Portraits card after 3-5 working days.

Q8: Once I have got my new Portraits credit card, what should I do with my existing credit card?

Ans: After receiving your new Portraits card, you need to activate your card. Your old credit card will be deactivated. It is advised to destroy your old credit card.

Q9: Are there any extra charges levied on the Portraits credit card?

Ans: No extra charges are levied on the Portraits credit card. For basis charges and fees, you can log on to the official website of Mashreq bank and refer to the Schedule of Charges.

Q10: Would I have to pay replacement charges in case I replace my Mashreq Platinum Elite card with a Mashreq Portraits card?

Ans: No. If you opt for replace an existing Platinum Elite credit card with a Portraits credit card, you don’t have to pay any replacement fees.