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  • Dubai
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  • Ras Al Khaimah
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  • Cashback up to AED 2,000
  • Rewards + Welcome Offers
  • No Annual Fee
  • Travel benefits
  • Dining Discounts
  • Entertainment Benefits

Apply for Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card to get Salaam Points on every to spend, complimentary Fitness First visits, 50% discount at Cinemas, airport transfers, & global airport lounge access. This card is available in two variants - ‘Mashreq Platinum Elite Visa Credit Card’ and ‘Mashreq Platinum Elite Mastercard Credit Card’. Both the cards are designed to offer unmatched benefits & privileges to its elite customers. With this card, you can think of indulging in everything, with jaw-dropping offers on travel, shopping, dining, adventure, sports, entertainment and a lot more. Besides these super awesome privileges, an extended warranty and purchase protection adds more value to the card and ensure peace of mind for every user.

Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

  • Minimum Salary AED 7,000
  • Annual Fee 1st Year Free
  • Cash Back
  • Balance Transfer
  • Airport Lounge Access

Features of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

Here are some of the key features of the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card:

  • Mashreq Merchant Solutions - The bank offers the most accessible yet convenient payment experience to its customers by ensuring the absolute security. Being one of the largest card acceptance service providers across the UAE, Mashreq Merchant Payment Solutions offers an array of secured Tailored Card Payment Solutions. The payment solutions aim at uplifting SME merchants and offer business solutions for home delivery solutions, large department stores, restaurants and large conglomerates and give them the much-needed extra-edge.
  • Balance Transfer - Card members can pay off their card balance using the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit card and experience the convenience of paying back in monthly instalments. With the balance transfer facility debtors can clear their outstanding financial obligations by transferring the amounts to their new account and repaying them at lower rates of interest. Following are the benefits of the balance transfer facility:
  1. It does not need any income-related paperwork.
  2. It offers an attractive rate of interest.
  3. It comes with a fixed instalment with a maximum tenure of 36 months.
  4. It enables cardholders to transfer as much as 75 percent of their credit card limit.
  • Easy Payment Plan (EPP) - This Mashreq credit card offers 0 percent easy payment plan to its cardholders which enables them to convert their large purchases into equated monthly instalments at a wide range of vendors. The cardholder can repay it later at zero percent interest. This feature allows users to make hefty payments using their credit card which can be later paid by breaking the total amount into small easily payable instalments making it convenient for the buyer to make purchases. 
  • Credit Shield - This card comes with the facility of credit shield that offers an extra layer of protection. It basically provides its card members the option to have the outstanding amount on their credit card waived in tragic events such as permanent disability, loss of employment & death because of any cause. In addition to this, the cardholder will also get the cash benefit in case of a medical emergency. The trail of life is extremely uncertain and therefore the right approach is to be well-prepared to combat the strokes of uncertainties. The credit shield is similar to insurance coverage that provides financial assistance in case of any unforeseen events. 
  • Pay Protect - The Mashreq credit cardholder can enjoy the benefit of pay protect. It is a unique product that pays off the credit card dues in case of an unfortunate event such as the death of the cardholder or if he/she is diagnosed with a critical diseases. The pay protect feature offered by Mashreq bank for the credit cards ensures that in case of any tragic event that leads to the demise of the cardholder the dependents and family members do not struggle with the repayment of outstanding financial obligations.

Additionally, it provides a financial benefit to the loved ones of their family member.

  • Convenience Cash - Member of this credit card can avail extra cash beyond the limit set on their Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit card and get it transferred to their Mashreq Account or any other bank account across the UAE. Then, the cardholder can make the repayment through monthly instalments at low interest rate. In order to enjoy this privilege, no documentation for income is required.  
  • Revolving Balance Transfer - Card members don’t need to pay up to 39 percent interest on yearly basis on their outstanding balance with other credit card(s). They can simply transfer their credit card outstanding amount to this Mashreq Credit Card at 0 percent interest rate for 6 months. No documentation of income is required for availing the balance transfer facility. The cardholder can transfer as maximum as 75 percent of their credit card limit. The balance transfer facility makes it convenient for the user to repay their outstanding financial obligations without any hassle. An important point to be kept in consideration while opting for balance transfer is that the user is supposed to pay a balance transfer fee for availing the feature.
  • Wallet Protect - It offers simple yet comprehensive global insurance against identity theft and theft or loss of a wallet. With the wallet protect feature your credit card is safe against theft or loss of wallet. 
  • Visa Checkout - The cardholder can enjoy the shopping experience with Mashreq Platinum Credit Card. Visa Checkout makes it easy to complete the transaction. The cardholder simply needs to enter their username and password and indulge in shopping with a single account. They don’t need to fill in their credit card number and address over and over again.

The Mashreq Platinum Credit Cardholder can enjoy the comfort of Visa Checkout across various devices such as:

  1. Tablet
  2. Smartphone
  3. Desktop
  4. Laptop
  • Easy Cash - Card members of Mashreq Credit Card can enjoy the benefit of Easy Cash. It is a facility meticulously designed for availing urgently cash, without involvement of paperwork. With this facility, the cardholder can give a phone call to get the money credited in their account within a time period of 48hours.

Here are the benefits offered by Easy Cash facility:

  1. It doesn’t require documentation for income.
  2. It offers an attractive rate of interest.
  3. It comes with a time period of up to 36 months for repayment.
  4. It offers loan amount of up to 75 percent of the credit card limit.

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Mashreq Platinum Elite Welcome Bonus

You can now enjoy a joining bonus with the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card starting from 30th September 2022. Following are the details of the offer:

  • For individuals applying for their first Mashreq credit card, a welcome bonus of AED 2,000 will be provided with Mashreq Platinum Elite credit cards (starting from 30th September 2022). 
  • For thosecustomer already having a credit card with Mashreq, this bonus will be AED 200. 

*Terms and Conditions of the Welcome Offer

  • The welcome offer is only valid for new credit cards. Upgraded, replaced or renewed credit cards are not a part of this joining offer. 
  • Customers must spend a minimum of AED 4,500 within the first two months after getting the card to be eligible for Mashreq Platinum Elite welcome offer. 
  • The cashback is credited to your account at the end of the third calendar month, counting from the date of issuance of the card. 
  • Your joining bonus cashback cannot be considered as a payment towards the due monthly bill of the card. Bills are required to be paid separately following the due process. 
  • Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card holders who had applied and cancelled a Mashreq card during the last 6 months are also considered in the category of existing customers. The welcome bonus received for such customers shall be in accordance with the existing customer category.

Benefits of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

Mentioned-above are a few of groundbreaking benefits offered by Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card:

  • Lounge Access - The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card member can avail access to over 700 airport lounges in more than 300 cities right on a complimentary basis.In order to avail two complimentary airport lounge access services in the current billing cycle, the card member ought to spend AED 7,000 in their previous billing cycle.

Note- The number of lounge access on a complimentary basis is capped at 8 times each year.

  • Airport Pick up or Drop - The cardholder can avail airport pick up or drop services on an annual basis. Cardholders are eligible to avail Limousine Service on a complimentary basis thrice a year. The service is capped at one time per month which means the cardholder can’t avail the service more than one time on a monthly basis. In order to avail free service, the cardholder must spend a minimum of AED 7,000 in the previous billing cycle.

Note- The offer can be availed at Abu Dhabi Airport & Dubai International Airport.

  • Free Visits to Fitness First - Using Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card, the card member can enjoy visits to Fitness First on a complimentary basis. After fulfilling the minimum spending criteria, the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Cardholder can avail 8 complimentary visits in a billing cycle.
  • The Elite Advantage - Under Elite Advantage, the cardholder can get access to free lounge key membership as well as travel Insurance. Apart from that, the cardholder can enjoy discounts of up to 50 percent on restaurants, discount and deals on Health and Fitness, Sports, Entertainment and Leisure categories, Wellness and Spa, and many other categories.

Additionally, Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card ensures the peace of mind to the cardholder with the help of secured features like Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty.

Fees & Charges of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

Here are fees and charges associated with the Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card:

Service Fees & Charges

Annual Membership Fee

AED 650 fee applicable from 2nd Yr. onwards

Minimum Salary

AED 7000

Cash Advance Fee

3.15% or AED 210, whichever is greater

Over limit fee

AED 292.95

Late payment fee

AED 241.5

Card replacement fee

AED 78.8

Paper Statement Fee

AED 5.25

International Transaction Fees  

2.79 %

Returned Cheque Fee

AED 315

Supplementary card fee

AED 156.45

Maintenance Fee


Retail Interest Rate

3.45% monthly

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Rewards & Offers of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card


Mashreq Rewards

Members of Mashreq Platinum Visa credit card are entitled to a reward loyalty program called Salaam. This program rewards cardholders for a relationship with Mashreq and all their spends.

Here are the rewards that a Mashreq Platinum Visa Elite Credit Cardholder gets to enjoy:

  1. For every dirham on domestic spend, they will be rewarded 1 Salaam Point.
  2. For every dirham spent for purchases related to supermarket and dining, 3 Salaam Points will be earned
  3. For every dirham on international retail spend, they will be rewarded 5 Salaam Points.


Fitness First

Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card allows users to enjoy up to 8 complimentary visits per billing cycle to Fitness First. Keep in mind that a minimum spending of AED 7,000 in the previous billing cycle is required to avail of this benefit 

Airport Transfer 

Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card users can get up to 3 Limousine Services for free every year (only once in a month). Similar to the previous one, your spending in the previous billing cycle must exceed AED 7,000 for this benefit.

Access to Lounges

You can have to more than 1,000 lounges across the world with your Mashreq credit card. By making a spending of AED 7,000 or more in your previous billing cycle, you can enjoy up to 2 complimentary lounge visits in your present billing cycle month (maximum 8 complimentary visits in a year). 

50% Movie Ticket Discounts 

If your Mashreq credit card spending crossed AED 7,000 in the previous month, you would be able to enjoy up to 4 half-price tickets at Reel, VOX, and Novo Cinemas every month

Travel Easy

By using your Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card for bookings related to hotel and accommodation for your trip, you can enjoy a cashback of up to 10% (available for bookings made using

Easy Payment Plan

You can use your Mashreq Platinum Elite credit card and pay for your expenditures later. This can be used for spending related to – 

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Telecom
  • Hospital
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Surgeries
  • Dining
  • Jewellery
  • Home furnishing
  • Optics
  • Footwear 
  • Retail fashion
  • Supermarket
  • Wellness
  • Automobile

VISA Offers

Mashreq Platinum Elite Visa credit card users are rewarded for making purchases using their Visa card worldwide. They can avail of amazing discounts and attractive deals by simply using their Visa card for making payments. 

With Mashreq Platinum Elite Visa credit card, you can enjoy exclusive VISA offers related to 

  • Accor hotel and resort bookings – a stay of 2 nights can get you the third night stay free (available across the UAE, Egypt, India, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Seychelles, and so on)
  • Up to 25% discount on Jumeirah Hotels bookings
  • Careem offers like 20% discount on 3 rides per month, up to 50% discount on orders related to Careem Food & Shop, and more
  • And several more offers

How to Apply for Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card?

Applying for Mashreq Platinum ELITE Credit Card is a very simple, easy and convenient process. Interested individual can apply for this card either online or offline.


The applicant can visit the official website of the Mashreq Bank and directly apply for this credit card.


Alternatively, an applicant can visit the nearby branch of the Mashreq Bank to apply for this Mashreq credit card.

Eligibility for Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

You are eligible for Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card if:

  • You are aged 21 or above
  • You are a UAE resident
  • Your minimum income is not less than AED 10,000

Documents Required for Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

  • Emirates ID
  • Valid Passport
  • Residential proof
  • Salary certificate

*Kindly note that the given list of eligibility and documents is not absolute. The bank may require some other additional documents before giving you Mashreq Solitaire Credit Card.

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FAQs of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card

Q.1. What are the annual membership charges of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card?

Ans: The Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card charges an annual fee of AED 650 + 5% VAT on its primary card. There’s an annual fee of AED 149 + 5% VAT on the supplementary card. 

Q.2. What is Visa Checkout?

Ans: Visa Checkout enables you to enjoy hassle-free shopping experience. Simply put, it makes it easy for the cardholder to make purchases. All they need to do is enter their login with their username & password and buy whatever they want. It saves them from the trouble of entering their card number and address again.

Q.3. Where can I avail the facility of Visa Checkout?

Ans: You can avail the facility of Visa Checkout at various partner online stores.

Q.4. Where can I redeem Salaam points?  

Ans: You can redeem your Salaam points at various travel and retail partners of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card.

Q.5. Does Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card comes with any special offers?

Ans: Yes. If the cardholder shops at any of the specific partners Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card, they get to earn up to 10X Salaam Points.

Q.6. What is Snapp?

Ans: It is the banking app of Mashreq Platinum Elite Credit Card. With the help of the app, the cardholder can locate their favourite outlets and redeem their accumulated Salaam points instantly.

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