Mashreq Neo Bank

With the advent of technology and digital platform, a similar move is observed in the banking sector. One of the torchbearers for the same in the UAE is the Mashreq Neo Bank, which is a ‘digital-only’ financial institution. With Mashreq Neo Bank, you can enjoy branchless banking with excellent digital services, meaning hassle-free banking and access to award-winning services.

Similar to a regular account, you can expect a wide range of products and services offered by Mashreq Neo Bank. We will discuss the salient ones in the article below to help you get an idea of Mashreq Neo Bank products.

Mashreq Bank Products
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Best Bank Account Provided by Mashreq Bank

Products and Services Offered by Mashreq Neo Bank

Mashreq Neo Bank provides the following services and products 

Current Accounts Savings Accounts Non-Resident Account
Quick Remit Debit Cards Mashreq Millionaire
MaxSaver Insurance Investments
Loans  Offers  

Online and Offline Features of Mashreq Neo Bank

Here are the key characteristics of Mashreq Neo Bank

Online Features Offline Features
Completely Digital Banking -
Easy Access to Accounts -
Insurance and Investment Offerings -

Mashreq Neo Bank Offerings

Tabled below are the major products and services offered by the Mashreq Neo Bank –

Personal Products Offered
Current Accounts Neo Smart
Neo Salary
Savings Accounts Neo Savings
Non-Resident Account Non-Resident Indian Account
Quick Remit -
Debit Cards -
Mashreq Millionaire -
MaxSaver -
Insurance Digital Term and Critical Illness
Car Insurance
Investments Stock Trading Account
Gold Trading Account
Forex Trading Account
Loans -
Offers Salary Transfers
Early Bird Cashback
Debit Card Offers
Salaam Rewards

Current Accounts

1. Neo Smart

Mashreq's Neo Smart is a digital current account that greatly simplifies the process of banking. You can download the Mashreq Neo app and access this account to manage your banking on your smartphone.


  • Access to international stock exchanges
  • Option to invest in international currencies and gold
  • Receive cashback on each transaction within the initial 3 months
  • 1.2% per annum MaxSaver Interest
  • Quick remittances
  • Smartphone banking
  • Enhanced security with the latest security measures
  • First chequebook free
  • Complimentary Platinum debit card

2. Neo Salary

You can access plenty of benefits with the NEO Salary Account and use it online for a convenient banking experience.


  • Get up to AED 2,500 in cashback
  • Access to international stock exchanges
  • Facilities to invest in international currencies and gold provided
  • Receive cashback on each transaction within the initial 3 months
  • 1% (per annum) MaxSaver Interest
  • Straightforward remittances 
  • Smartphone banking
  • First chequebook provided for free
  • Complimentary Visa Neo debit card

Savings Accounts

1. Neo Savings 

Neo Savings Account is your one-stop solution for all your requirements related to savings and an option to easily access your account online.


  • Interest rate of 0.15% per annum
  • No paperwork
  • Receive dining, lifestyle, and travel privileges
  • Quick remittances 
  • Free Gold Investment Account application
  • Complimentary Platinum debit card

Non-Resident Account

1. Non-Resident Indian Account

The Non-Resident Indian Account is one of the most suitable options for NRIs wanting to avail of excellent banking services in a digital-only mode. 


  • Competitive interest rates
  • Quick account opening 
  • Free money transfers
  • Option to see account balance in INR and AED 
  • Real-time account activation monitoring
  • Dedicated customer care

Quick Remit

Instead of engaging in a time-consuming process of transferring funds, you can easily utilise the Quick Remit service of Mashreq Neo Bank and swiftly make money transfers to over 35 global destinations. 


  • Instant fast transfers 
  • 24/7 transfers
  • Flat fees

Neo Debit Cards

The Neo Debit Card has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the modern customer and includes multiple attractive features along with the ease of transactions.


  • Worldwide acceptance 
  • Exclusive deals
  • Offers related to lifestyle and travel 
  • Salaam Points earned on transactions

Mashreq Millionaire

With Mashreq Millionaire, you stand a chance to win AED 1 million! As a user, you can take part in the draw (quarterly and monthly) by purchasing Mashreq Millionaire Certificates. 


You can apply for a MaxSaver account to take advantage of a high-interest rate combined with the flexibility of savings. 


  • Rates of interest up to 1.2% 
  • Easy account opening procedures
  • 24/7 account access
  • Zero minimum balance requirement
  • No processing fees
  • Monthly one debit transaction

Neo Insurance

1. Digital Term and Critical Illness

With Neo Digital Term and Critical Illness insurance, you can get digital term and critical illness coverage online. This can allow you to avail of proper coverage online and have peace of mind with respect to you and your loved ones.


  • Coverage provided by Oman Insurance Company
  • Tailored insurance premium 
  • No medical exams or paperwork needed
  • Policy customisation available

2. Car Insurance

Car insurance, besides being mandatory in the UAE, is necessary if you wish to have financial security in case your vehicle is damaged in an accident. 


  • 0% EPP for initial 6 months
  • Complimentary home contents coverage
  • Pick up and drop off services
  • NCD (no-claim discount) provided
  • 24/7 customer care


1. Stock Trading Account


  • Real-time stock trading
  • Tech tools and analysis provided
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quick account opening 

2. Gold Trading Account


  • 24-hour trading access
  • 24/7 gold-to-cash conversion
  • Competitive pricing
  • Zero storage costs

3. Forex Trading Account


  • Forex market access in real time
  • Investment portfolio diversification
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24/7 forex-to-cash conversion

Neo Loans

If you need cash for any personal requirement on an urgent basis, you can easily come to Mashreq Neo Bank to get instant and flexible loans and find the required funds for those needs. 


  • High loan amount of up to AED 20,000 
  • Flexible repayment tenure ranging from 1 month to 18 months
  • No documentation requirement
  • Competitive able interest rates
  • Salary transfer not required


1. Salary Transfers

Enjoy cashback for your salary transfer to Mashreq Neo.

Salary Transfer per Month (in AED) Cashback Amount (in AED)
5,000 to 9,999  200 
10,000 to 19,999  500 
20,000 to 49,999  1,000 
50,000+ 2,500 

2. Early Bird Cashback

Earn up to AED 350 cashback by making transactions within the initial 90 days via Neo debit cards, Quick Remit, and more.

3. Debit Card Offers

Here are the key debit card offers provided by Mashreq Neo Bank.


  • Up to 5% discount on NowNow using the promo NEO15
  • Up to 10% discount on Hamples with the promo code MASHREQ
  • Earn a 10% discount on Mumzworld with Mashreq Neo debit card purchases

4. Salaam Rewards

You can earn Salaam Rewards by using Mashreq Neo Bank services and redeem these points later for expenditures related to dining, flights, hotels, shopping, and more.

Awards and Achievements of Mashreq Bank

Year Awards Awarded by
2022 Best Private Bank - UAE Global Private Innovation Awards
2021 Best Private Bank in UAE Global Private Innovation Awards
2021 Outstanding Private Bank Middle East Private Banker International (MEED)
2019 Best Private Bank Servicing the UAE Wealth Briefing Awards
2019 Best Private Bank – Investment Management Platform WealthBriefing MENA

Mashreq Bank Customer Care

Private Customer Care
  • 800 PRIVATE (800 7748283)
  • 04 4244466
Gold Customer Care
  • 800-4-GOLD [4653]
  • +971 4 424 4653
Business Customer Care 
  • 04 424 4763
Personal Customer Care
  • 04 424 4444


Q1. What is a Neo Bank?

Ans: Neo Bank is a type of bank that emphasises the usage of the latest technology to deliver an online banking experience in line with the expectations of the modern customer.

Q2. How to find Mashreq Neo Bank branch locations?

Ans: There is no offline presence of Mashreq Neo Bank, as it is a digital-only bank.

Q3. How Do I Get a Loan from Mashreq Neo Bank?

Ans: You can visit the official website of Mashreq Neo Bank to apply for any of its loan products online.