How to Pay Mashreq Credit Card Bill Payment Using Online & Offline Modes

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  | Published: 09 June 2021
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A Credit Card empowers you to bear the expenses of utility bills or shopping bills which you want to pay for, later. Mashreq credit card not only provides you numerous benefits but also enhances your credit card user’s experience by offering easy methods to make credit card bill payments.

Mashreq Credit Card Bill Payment through UAEFTS in the UAE

Mashreq credit card users can make bill payments using UAE Funds Transfer System facility at exchange houses. Facilitated by the Central Bank of the UAE, UAEFTS is a Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) system that allows financial transfer from one bank to another. Since it is owned and hosted by the Central Bank of UAE, this mode is one of the safest platforms for fund transfer.

Exchange houses that accept payment from and to Mashreq Bank are:

  • Al Ansari Exchange
  • Al Ghurair Exchange
  • Redha Al Ansari Exchange
  • Al Rostamani International Exchange
  • Hadi Express Exchange
  • LM Exchange
  • Emirates India International Exchange
  • Alfa Exchange

Please note that the exchange house may demand additional charges for facilitating the transaction.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using UAEFTS to pay Mashreq Credit Card Bill

There are numerous advantages of using UAEFTS mode:

  • You can access UAEFTS payment through an exchange house. If you are unable to pay online or offline, you can use the UAEFTS service and pay for your Mashreq Credit Card bill.
  • UAEFTS mode accepts payment in foreign currency as well.
  • All banks accept payment via UAEFTS.
  • A notification is sent to you when your payment request is processed and confirmation of payment is sent when the payment is transferred.

While UAEFTS provides ease of transaction, there are some disadvantages of the UAEFTS payment mode are:

  • Additional fees may be levied by the exchange house on making payment.
  • It may take up to 2 days to clear your payment request.
  • Every exchange house does not accept payment for every bank. Finding the exchange house which accepts payment to and from your bank may be a tedious task.

Mashreq Credit Card bill Payment Options in UAE

Procedure to Pay Mashreq Credit Card Payment Offline in the UAE

With Mashreq Credit Card, you receive the option to choose your mode of payment. You can make Mashreq credit card bill payments offline or online. You can pay using:

Mashreq Credit Card Payment by Cheque

To make Mashreq Credit Card bill payment offline, you can write a cheque in the favour of Mashreq Bank. Do not forget to:

  • Mention your credit card number
  • Specify the amount
  • Mention your contact details
  • Deposit the cheque using Cheque and Cash Deposit Machines (CDM)

These cash deposit machines are placed at every branch of Mashreq bank as well as major shopping malls facilitating a convenient and smooth offline transaction. 

*Please note if you are using a cheque to pay for your Mashreq Credit Card, payments must be made three working days before the due date to allow timely clearing of cheque and avoid penalty.

Mashreq Credit Card Payment by Cash

Cash can also be used for making Mashreq credit card bills payment offline. All you need to do is find a CDM and deposit your cash along with your details. 

Procedure to Pay Mashreq Credit Card Payment Online in the UAE

To make Mashreq credit card payment you can also choose online mode through various methods:

  • Mashreq Mobile App
  • Direct Debit
  • Transfer from another bank

How to Pay Your Credit Card Bill Mashreq Mobile App

Mashreq bank allows you to make Mashreq credit card payments online using mobile banking app facility. This facility enables you to make your credit card payments anytime, anywhere in the world. All you need to do is:

  • Login to Mashreqonline
  • Select bill payment
  • Select card payment
  • Select your card
  • Enter the date and amount

The amount will be instantly deducted from your bank account.

Transfer from other banks: 

You can also pay your credit card bill from other UAE banks. To pay your Mashreq credit card bill from other UAE banks, you need to:

  • Transfer the account balance from the select bank to Mashreq bank account
  • You will require a transfer challenge code
  • Once the money is transferred to your account, open your mobile banking app and follow the aforementioned steps

Mashreq Credit Card Payment by Direct Debit Method

You can sign up for a direct debit facility offered by Mashreq Bank to pay your Mashreq credit card. The direct debit facility links your credit card payment to your Mashreq credit card and on a fixed date, the payment of your credit card is automatically debited from your bank account. This allows you to pay credit card bills without missing the due date and avoiding penalties. 

Please note: You may choose to make complete payment on your outstanding or you can also choose to pay the minimum amount or above on your Mashreq Credit Card.

How to pay Mashreq Credit Card Bill Through Phone Wallet

In case, you do not want to operate mobile banking app or access direct debit facility, you can choose to pay through your phone via phone wallet app to make Mashreq Credit Card payment online. All the smart phones in the UAE have the facility to download E-wallet apps such as EWallet, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung, PayPal, PayBy, etc. These apps let you make payments using your mobile in less than 5 minutes. All you need is:

  • Download the app
  • Enter your account details and debit card number in the app
  • Enter the details of the card you need to pay

Phone wallet is one of the quickest and the widest ranged platforms, that allows you to make transactions from any of your banks to any of your cards.

How to Pay Mashreq Credit Card bill from other Bank Credit Card in the UAE

Even though pay for a credit card bill using another credit card is not encouraged since it can result in fraud, in case of emergency, you can use another credit card to make the payment for Mashreq Credit Card using cash or balance transfer facility. 

For paying bill using cash:

  • Visit an ATM and borrow money using your credit card
  • Visit your credit card company
  • Deposit the cash in Cheque and Cash Depositor Machine (CDM)

For paying bill using balance transfer facility

  • Call your credit card company which is providing a balance transfer facility on your card
  • Verify your card details, account number, etc
  • Specify the card number and the amount of the bill card you need to pay for.

Please note, Mashreq Credit Card allows you to make complete payment or pay the minimum outstanding due or more. 

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