Mashreq Business Platinum Credit Card

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Get cashback up to AED 2000

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Business works on credit, and since the vision of the company aforementioned is one that aims at helping everyone do business with ease, and bank with ease too, its time to delve into the benefits of this credit card. The Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Credit Card helps one makes banking and business a breeze. However, this can only be established if one meets the eligibility criteria.

Why choose Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Credit Card?

Below are the reasons to choose Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card:

  • Monitoring spending control online
  • Airport lounge access
  • Travel Insurance
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Cash back Program

Salient Features of Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Card:

Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card comes with some power-packed and salient features. Apart from the aforementioned reasons to choose the card, here are some ground-breaking features that make this card different from others:

  • The Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card empowers the business of the card members.
  • The card also offers supplementary credit cards to its employees or partners with a control over the individual limits.
  • This card if free for lifetime.
  • The card members can save the expenses incurred in their day to day business
  • Mashreq platinum business card offers complimentary wallet protection and travel insurance. This facility is available on all the supplementary cards also.
  • The business platinum card by Mashreq Bank allows complimentary access to the Airport Lounges at prime International Airport locations across the region of Middle East.

Core Benefits of Mashreq Business Platinum Card:

These are the few of the benefits that the card holder gets if one gets into the eligibility of the card at hand.  However, there is one thing that sets the Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Credit Card apart from the rest. The business owner in question can get a record number of 99 supplementary cards for free. Along with the above one can even access easy money transfer and cash facilities at the most competitive rates that are on offer.

Having the Platinum Business Credit Card enables the customer to

  • Earn 1.25% cash back on all expenditure that is made within the country.
  • Up to 2.5% cash back on all retail expenditure internationally.
  • Owning to this, one can earn 1000 dirham per month.
  • Having no annual fee for holding this card.

These are by far some of the most attractive cash backs that one can have. Besides, one will also get added travel privileges when holding the Mashreq Bank business platinum credit card.

  1. Complimentary VIP lounge access in the Middle East. The offer stands at Dubai airports, Kuwait, Egypt and Jordan.
  2. An easy 0% payment plan for the duration of a year with an airline ticket is booked using the card.
  3. A 5% discount on air tickets and if one is using the customer can avail a 15% discount on hotel bookings too.
  4. Business travel insurance for the unforeseen situations.
  5. The multi trip business insurance covers loss of baggage, delay in baggage, a sudden trip cancellation or anything untoward that might occur with on the trip. All of the mentioned will be taken care of complimentary.

Even though one is travelling for work, it’s time to look sharp and indulge in some luxury while on the trip or even having a night out at the town. The Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Credit Card takes care of all your indulgences style wise too!

  1. A 50% discount at over 1800 restaurants in the UAE and 1300 in the partnering countries such as Qatar, India and Oman. Paying with the card will help you to add the extra fieriness to the trip.
  2. Discounts and offers across hotels, resorts and business services provided by them. Automobile services like renting a car or taxi services in cities worldwide.
  3. No fraudulent transactions policy, as one can monitor all transactions performed online.
  4. A corporate liability waiver insurance, which covers the customer against any misuse of the cards by the employee issued cards under the same name. $25000 per employee and the company can claim up to $1,600,000 per company per year.
  5. Chip & Pin technology to avoid any fraudulent use of the cards issued under the aegis of the company.
  6. A number of other benefits include Balance Transfer, MasterCard Benefits, Easy payment plans for the card holders, utility bill payments and many more such benefits that allow the card holder to ensure his growth.

Eligibility Criteria to apply for Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Credit Card:

In order to apply for Mashreq Business platinum card, the applicant must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Both the expats as well as the UAE nationals can apply for this card
  • The candidate applying for this card must have attained an age of 21 years.

Documents required while applying for Mashreq Bank Business Platinum Credit Card:

While applying for the Mashreq Platinum Business Card, the applicant must hold the following documents:

  • A valid ID of Emirates (only for Nationals of the UAE)
  • A copy of Passport together with a copy of valid VISA (for the expats)
  • Salary Certificate for three months (for salaried employees)
  • Bank statement for three months
  • Proof of residence
  • Credit copy (if the applicant holds a credit card previously)

Once the candidate has all the aforementioned documents in order, next step is to fill in the application form. The applicant has to wait for the parameters to get the approval for their request. The applicants can fill this application form online with the scanned copies for the same.

Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card Fees and Charges:

Fees and Charges Values
Annual Membership Fee No charge
Complimentary Card Fee No charge
Card Replacement Fee AED 75
Retail interest rate per month 3.45%
Cash Advance rate per month 3.75%
Cash Advance fee Higher of 3% or AED200
Over limit fee AED 279.00
Late payment fee AED 230.00
Card replacement fee AED 75
Paper statement fee AED 5
Returned cheque charge AED 300
Smart Protect (per month) AED 60

Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card Rewards:

One of the main reasons people choose Mashreq Bank Business Platinum card is Salaam Points. The card members can collect and earn, moreover, redeem for different style and travel indulgences. The Salaam Rewards system is offered to all the credit card members of the Mashreq Bank. Nevertheless, the car members can redeem these Salaam Points for the Mashreq Business Platinum Credit Card for personal along with business related endeavours.

How can the cardholders use Salaam Program for the Mashreq Business Platinum Credit Card?

The card members can use the Salaam Points for Mashreq Business Platinum Card.

If the Card Members are New Customers

  • In case the cardholders are new customers they can make use of the Points Calculator so as to simulate the number of points they can earn on the spends of their credit card.
  • The card members can view different categories of travel and retail partners of the bank in order to see where they can redeem their points instantly.
  • In case the card members do not have access to Mashreq Online, they can register themselves on the official portal.

If the Card Members are Existing Customers:

  • So as to see the number of points earned by the card members, or make use of their points, the cardholders have to Log into Mashreq Online and hit the “Salaam” button on the homepage of the official website of the bank.
  • Once the cardholders log in, they can:
    • View their overall Mashreq Salaam Points balance
    • Make use of the Points Calculator so as to simulate the number of points they can earn with the spends on their credit card
    • See different categories of the travel and retail partners to know where they can use their points instantly.

How can cardholders earn Salaam Points?

The cardholders of Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card can earn the Salaam Points in the following ways:

  • Earning spend points on the purchase via Mashreq Business Platinum Card
  • Spend Points
  • Every 1 QAR spend can earn 2 points
  • Instant and Quick redemption via Mashreq Online

How to Apply For Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card?

Applying for Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card is easy for eligible and interested applicants. The candidate can apply for this credit card simply visiting the official portal of Mashreq Bank and by filling an online application form.

Application for Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card is just 3 step process, where the candidate can compare and buy the best credit cards in the UAE and start saving immediately.

Step 1- Compare Cards –The applicants can discover and compare the best credit cards in the region in terms of rewards, benefits, features and fee structure in order to understand which credit card is best for them.

Step 2- Check Eligibility – The applicant can check their eligibility for the credit cards they’re applying for by simply filling in a few details online at the official website.

Step 3- Instant Approval – The applicants can directly fill in the application form for the card of their choice at the official website of Mashreq Bank and get an instant approval for their applications.

FAQs on Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card

Q1: How can I apply for Travel Insurance that is offered by Mashreq Card?

Ans: Being a Mashreq Bank Platinum Business Credit Card member, you are covered for the Travel Insurance automatically. Nevertheless, you would require the certificate before travelling, you have to send an email to the insurance company – AXA Insurance, and present the following:

  • Full Name (as mentioned in the Passport)
  • Contact Details such as Email ID, Telephone number, Physical Address
  • Travel Destination or countries to be visited
  • Scanned copies of the front side of your Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card that has been used to buy the entire round-trip.
  • Itinerary dates

Q2: Is it necessary to apply for the Travel Insurance before travelling?

Ans:  As said above, you are covered for Travel Insurance as a user of Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card automatically. It is not mandatory to carry the certificate before travelling. Nevertheless, if you have travel plans to any Schengen Country, it is compulsory to have the certificate before you apply for travel documents along with the VISA.

Q3: Will I be eligible to claim Travel Insurance after the return to my resident country if I travel without certificate of Travel Insurance?

Ans: It is not necessary to obtain certificate of Travel Insurance (in case you travel to a non-Schengen Country) so as to register claim under your travel insurance. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to obtain t the following:

  • Have Mashreq Business Platinum Credit Card
  • Your Rail/Air tickets must be purchased on Mashreq Platinum Business Credit Card