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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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Do you want to own a credit card that has the capability of earning rewards?

Imagine, how good would it be to own such a card! You can make use of these rewards and earn even more of them at a high rate.

Now, imagine, your credit card gives you rewards that make traveling easier for you! Did this hit your wanderlust?

A suitable travel card UAE may help you in earning free trips. It can come to your rescue in emergencies related to travel. You won’t be charged any extra fees for using this credit card overseas.

If you are aware of what you are looking for, it would be a cakewalk to find a travel credit card that goes well with your lifestyle.

Choosing between General or Co-Branded Card

The first major decision while selecting a travel card would be between a general travel credit card or a co-branded one. Let us see what co-branded and general travel cards are.

Co-branded Cards

These cards have the name of a hotel chain or an airline. Generally, the rewards earned on the co-branded cards can be redeemed only with that particular hotel or airline.

This indeed limits the options available for you, but these credit cards also offer you exclusive benefits such as priority boarding and free checked bags for airlines and bonus amenities and free upgrades in case of hotels.

General Cards

These credit cards can earn rewards, which can be used for any travel-related expense. This can either be done by using the points earned for booking travel directly or you can redeem the points earned to avail credit on your bank account.

If you are a frequent traveler on a particular airline or you prefer to stay at a specific hotel chain, a co-branded credit card can be a suitable way of getting the maximum of your costs covered. On the other hand, you can enjoy more flexibility with a general card.

Aiming for Higher Rewards & Sign-up Bonuses

The best travel credit card offers rewards worth a certain percentage of your total spending. The rate of rewards on the cards having high annual fees can be even higher.

You must also consider sign-up bonuses. These bonuses are a windfall of points, which can be earned by investing a certain amount on purchases using your card during initial months of having it- for instance, 2,000 dirhams within ninety days of opening the account.

A decent welcome bonus may let you enjoy a complimentary round-trip flight. Generally, the more your annual fee is, the more sign-up bonus you can enjoy.

What Should I Look for in a Travel Credit Card?

While evaluating various credit cards, you must check both- how to earn rewards as well as how to redeem these rewards. A few cards provide high rewards against expenses made on traveling and a low base rate on the rest of the things.

Other credit cards involve the same rate on every kind of spending. You should go for a card that offers at least 2 percent reward with annual fee & 1.5 percent with no annual fee.


A welcome bonus is not as important as ongoing rewards, especially when you have planned on using your card for the long term. But, without a doubt, they can be a fantastic perk.

However, before signing up, you must make sure that you would be able to cover the required spending for earning the bonus reasonably. It makes absolutely no sense in getting stuck with heavy debts only to earn some bonus.

Getting the Travel Protections and Perks Needed

Some protections and perks offered on your credit card prove to be particularly handy while traveling. For example, some card providers and networks provide coverage on a rental car, accident insurance, travel delay, emergency services, insurance for lost luggage, and concierge services.

Various cards, especially co-branded hotel cards and airline cards, offer benefits like priority boarding, complimentary checked bags, upgrades, discounts, and many travel credits.

What Should I Look for in a Travel Credit Card?

You need to decide the protections and perks that are must-haves for you. Make sure that the credit card you have selected has those benefits.

For example: If you check bags containing expensive stuff regularly, you may want coverage for lost baggage. If you frequently rent cars, you would want a travel card UAE with suitable coverage for the rental car.

Those who desire perks and fly frequently with a specific airline may look for a co-branded travel credit card. You should, however, know that a co-branded card generally earns less on purchases that are not related to travel in comparison to general travel cards.

Hence, if you travel through your favorite airline on a semi-regular basis, you must limit to one particular co-branded card.

Taking Overseas Travel in Account

In case you travel overseas, you must remember the following.

  • Your payment network, rather than a card provider, determine acceptance. MasterCard or Visa are accepted almost everywhere.
  • Various credit cards charge additional fees on purchases outside the UAE. These international transaction fees are a certain percentage of every purchase you make outside the UAE.

What Should I Look for in a Travel Credit Card?

In the near future, if you plan on traveling overseas, you would want to carry at least one credit card, which is accepted widely. You must always carry a Visa or MasterCard as back up; in case your primary card does not work.

Also, while traveling internationally, you must have a card, which does not levy any charges for the privilege.

The Closing Thought!

If you are a frequent traveler, then a travel card UAE is a must-have for you. But, you must not pick up any other card from the card. You need to evaluate the available options, and then select the one that fulfills your travel needs and suits your budget, both at the same time. Get the card that goes hand-in-hand with your lifestyle by referring to the tips mentioned in this article.

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