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Most Popular Credit Card in UAE

Credit cards are the most widely used financial tool not just in the UAE but all across the globe. Ever since digital payments have entered the market banks and financial institutions have come up with a wide array of credit cards that provide jaw-dropping offers and discounts. There is a designated card for almost every category you could think of, be it travel, lifestyle, dining, shopping, or movies. 

With credit cards becoming more and more popular amongst UAE residents, several people have a question in their minds. Is it worth using credit cards for your entertainment expenses? Most of the people prefer using their credit cards for making hefty purchases or to pay for heavy expenses such as a vacation but when it comes to entertainment expenses, we do not usually prefer them. 

In order to shed light on the topic, we’ve come up with a new blog where we will be sharing tips that will allow you to use your credit card for entertainment expenses. Furthermore, we will also explain why using credit for taking care of entertainment expenses is the right choice. Before we go ahead and dive deep into nuances let us take a quick look at some of the best credit cards in UAE that offer entertainment benefits.

Emirates-Citibank Credit Cards

Citibank is one of the biggest market players in the banking and finance industry. The bank has partnered with Emirates bank to come with an all line-up of credit cards that offer mind-blowing deals on entertainment. The line-up consists of three cards that are exclusively designed and developed to provide offers on entertainment. With this line-up, you can enjoy VOX cinema credit card offers and get buy-one, get-one complimentary tickets. You can even choose your seats when you make the payment using your Emirates-Citibank credit cards. 

Mashreq Bank Credit Cards

Mashreq bank is one of the most popular Islamic financial institutions that render shariah-compliant banking solutions to its customers. Mashreq bank credit cards come in several variants and applicants can choose a suitable card as per their needs and budget. Cardholders can enjoy up to eight discounted tickets at half the price at VOX and Reel cinemas. Apart from this, cardholders can enjoy a flat 50% cashback on Netflix subscription. Mashreq bank offers reel cinema credit card offers on the credit cards that make them the right choice for people looking for entertainment rewards. 

Emirates Islamic Etihad Credit Cards

Emirates Islamic bank is known for its outstanding services and network in the middle east. The bank offers a line-up of credit card that comes with amazing deals on movie tickets and entertainment. With Emirates Islamic Etihad guest series, you can enjoy movie ticket offers on credit cards in UAE. This card is not just limited to entertainment offers but is packed with a plethora of features that make it one of the most popular line-ups in the UAE. 

Understanding Entertainment Benefits on Credit Cards in the UAE 

In order to avail of the best entertainment offers on your credit card in the UAE, it is vital to have an idea about the kind of offers that banks and financial tend to provide. With the above-mentioned cards, it is clear that different providers offer different entertainment benefits on credit cards in the UAE. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most common types of entertainment benefits offered by credit card providers. 


Probably the most common way in which most of the credit card providers offer entertainment discounts. Typically, the discounts are fixed and are available for a given number of transactions in a month. Movie ticket offers on credit cards in UAE are mostly available in the form of discounts. 

Cashbacks/ Reward Points

The second most common way in which credit card providers offer discounts is in the form of cashback or reward points. Every time you make a purchase using your credit in the UAE, reward points are credited into your account which can be later redeemed to get instant discounts. In the case of cashback, the buyer gets a cashback of a fixed amount back into their account which in the end is a direct saving. 

Co-brand Benefits

Numerous credit cards come with tie-ups with entertainment companies as a result of which you can avail of decent discounts on movie tickets. However, a major drawback of co-branded credit cards is that they are limited to providing discounts and offers in the entertainment category. 

Points to Ponder 

With every financial tool comes terms and conditions and in order to be a responsible user, you need to consider some important points. It makes sense to make use of your credit cards under the following situations-

  • If you are a cinema buff, and you watch movies regularly
  • If you are a loyal customer of an entertainment house and your card offers a deal for the same
  • If you’ve got some coupons or discount vouchers

Make sure you keep a track of your expenditure via credit cards on entertainment to avoid falling into the debt trap. 

In a Nutshell

With the right type of credit card, you can enjoy the best of entertainment deals at the best prices. With the help of these tips, you can make the best use of your credit card to manage your entertainment. Enjoy folks!

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