Insurance House Health Insurance

Insurance House Health Insurance


Insurance House is a public joint stock insurance company incorporated in Abu Dhabi. It is listed on the Securities Exchange of Abu Dhabi under “IH” ticker symbol. This insurance company offers a diverse range of corporate and consumer insurance services and products which comply with the local needs. These products & services complement international standards. Their utmost objective is to cater to the growing number of demanders of Insurance Policy’s

Insurance House offers tailor-made scheme that caters to the needs of the customers. The pricing and cover in the scheme are governed by a lot of factors that include the scope of Geo-territories such as within the UAE, out of UAE, and even across the globe. This Insurance House Health Insurance policy covers customary and reasonable medical expenses on either an out-patient or in-patient basis. These expenses are covered up to the limit and sub-limit mentioned in the policy.

Features and Benefits of Insurance House Health Insurance

Here are a few features and benefits of this Health Insurance.

Unmatched levels of Service

With Insurance House Health Insurance Dubai, the policyholders can enjoy first-class services.

Choice of Plans

The applicant can choose the health insurance plan of their choice from the vast choices offered by the Insurance House.

Turnaround Time

This health insurance is amongst the leaders in the market when it comes to turnaround time to process new quotation requests and their renewal.


The policyholder can enjoy complete transparency on this Insurance House medical insurance.

Credit Facilities

The Insurance House offers flexible facilities of credit on this medical insurance plan.


The insurer makes sure that there is a quick and efficient response to the needs and queries of the policyholders.

Periodic Assessments

This Insurance House medical insurance UAE runs assessments periodically on the performance of the scheme. These assessments yield parameters of cost control and recommendations on risk management.

Insurance House Health Insurance Inclusions

Here a few inclusions offered by Insurance House Health Insurance.

  1. Worldwide emergency & elective coverage
  2. Facilities of regional direct billing
  3. Increase in limits of annual policy
  4. Accommodation of suite at hospitals
  5. No deductibles over medication along with zero annual sub-limits
  6. Health check-ups (routine based)
  7. Waiver of waiting period on chronic and pre-existing illness
  8. Medical assistance (international)
  9. Wellness benefits in case of colorectal, breast, or prostate cancer screening
  10. Optical and dental coverage
  11. Psychiatric treatments
  12. Benefits on organ transplant
  13. Non-life threatening congenital treatments
  14. Benefits of cash

Note: The Insurance House medical insurance includes a lot of covers, whatever is not included in this policy are its exclusions.

Insurance House Health Insurance Claim Process

Presently, the Insurance House is utilizing services of famous and authentic third-party administrators for handling their claims. These administrators ensure that the claims are settled well in time while making sure that the policyholder has access to all leading clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies around the UAE.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is the extent of coverage offered by Insurance House health insurance UAE?

Ans: This health insurance offers regional, local, and global coverage. It connects the policyholders with all leading clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies inside as well as outside the UAE.

Q2. What are the quotation requirements on this insurance?

Ans:  Following are the quotation requirements on this insurance.

  1. Trade license (updated)
  2. Required Table of Benefits
  3. Census list (including gender, age, emirate, relation category, and marital status)

Q3. What do the periodic assessments on the performance of Insurance House’s schemes yield?

Ans: These periodic assessments yield parameters for cost control and recommendations for risk management.

Q4. How does the Insurance House take care of the claim process of the policyholders?

Ans: The Insurance House collaborates with well-reputed leading third-party administrators for ensuring that the claims are processed timely and properly.

Q5. What guidelines does the Insurance House Medical Insurance comply to?

Ans:  The Insurance House Medical Insurance complies to the needs of the regulations or product guideline of Dubai Health Authority and Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

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