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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*


Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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The HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card is a chip-enabled card which is recognized in more than thirty-two million establishments across the world. This HSBC Credit Card offers its cardholders benefits domestically as well as in abroad. It also offers a huge range of privileges and rewards to them at a reasonable rate of interest.

HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card
  • Minimum Salary AED 10,000
  • Annual Fee Free for Life
  • Free for Life
  • Travel Benefits
  • Golf Benefits
  • Movie Discounts
  • Dining Discounts

Features of HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

The features of this HSBC UAE credit card are as follows:

1. Zero Annual Fees: The HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card levies 0 annual fee on the card members, making the card free for life. The cardholders can avail all the benefits offered by this credit card but without bearing any burden of charges for the annual membership.

2. HSBC ‘Entertainer’ Mobile App: The card members cannot ever miss out on any offers by the credit card provider by using this HSBC ‘Entertainer' App from the app store on their phones. This mobile app is free and is designed exclusively for the cardholders of the HSBC UAE Credit Cards. It offers a wide range of benefits to card members and assists them in finding offers and privileges around them or at some specific location such as hotels & malls.

3. Extended Warranty: The extended warranty feature of this HSBC Credit Card comes in effect automatically when the warranty provided by the manufacturer has expired. This feature duplicates the original manufacturer warranty of maximum one year.

4. Purchase Protection: The cardholders can make purchases above USD 100 and are protected automatically against any accidental theft or damage within the 365 days, starting from the purchase date, to a maximum of USD 20,000 per year. Up to 5,000 USD for occurrences, and a maximum 20,000 USD annually per cardholder.

5. Credit Shield Insurance: CSP (Credit Shield Plus) is an optional coverage which the card members can avail if they own an HSBC Credit Card that is issued by the bank. This insurance provides cover for the circumstances in which the cardholders are not able to pay off their debts on credit card in the case of-

  • Loss of life
  • Critical illness
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability (for self-employed only)
  • Involuntary employment loss (for salaried only)

6. Supplementary Credit Card: This HSBC credit card offers unlimited supplementary cards for free to the family & friends of the primary card member. Through these supplementary cards, the card members’ can share a lot of benefits with their friends & family. The minimum age to apply for a supplementary card is 16 years. Some of the privileges and benefits available for supplementary cardholders are-

  • Earning AirMiles
  • Zero Annual Fees
  • Complimentary Access to Airport Lounge
  • Entertainer App by HSBC
  • Free Valet Parking
  • Movie Offers

7. Balance Transfer: This HSBC Credit Card 0 balance transfer facility is also an option for the Platinum Select Credit Cardholders. They can avail the balance transfer facility at 0 percent interest for the initial 6 months.

8. 0% (FIP) Flexible Installment Plan: The cardholders can shop using their HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card and make payments in flexible and easy installments per month at a zero percent interest.

9. Minimum Payment Monthly: The cardholders need to pay a minimum amount of 5 percent of their outstanding balance per month or 100 AED (the one which is higher).

10. Cash Advance: The card members can also get a maximum of 50 percent of their credit limit available to them in the form of cash advance. However, they might have to pay cash advance fees on such cash withdrawal.

Benefits of HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

The benefits of this HSBC UAE Credit Card are as follows:

1. Benefits of using HSBC ‘Entertainer’ App: This Entertainer App offers a variety of benefits to the cardholders along with an instant access to the 9000+ "Buy One Get One Free" offers in fifteen countries that include South Africa, Singapore, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Malaysia, Jordan, England, Hong Kong, Egypt, Bahrain, Cyprus, and the United Arab Emirates. This app also offers privileges and benefits for the family of the cardholders. The benefits include hotel accommodation, wellness, dining, and entertainment.

2. Discount on Fare for British Airways: The cardholders are eligible to avail discount offers of maximum fifteen percent on the fares of British Airways (not including taxes, charges, and fees) on their Platinum Select Credit Card on some selected tickets in the UAE. The selected tickets are supposed to be either one-way or return on the British Airways' planes that originate from UAE to Europe, USA, Canada, and the UK.

Movie Tickets: Using this HSBC Credit Card, the card members can buy movie tickets online and can also avail the offer of “Buy One Get One Free”. To apply for this offer, the card members are required to follow these steps-

  • Choose the session of the film
  • Log into their respective accounts as VOX members (this offer cannot be redeemed if the check-out is done as a guest)
  • Select the number of tickets
  • On the step for ticket offer, the cardholders need to verify their HSBC card
  • Select the seats
  • The payment should be done using this HSBC Bank Credit Card

This offer is valid on 2D Premium Mercato, 2D Max VIP, 2D Max Atmos, 2D Max, 2D Standard, 2D VIP, Nation Tower, and 3D. The card members are also eligible for a 20% off on beverages & food at the VOX Cinemas.

3. DragonPass Fly and the Dine Program: The cardholders can avail offers for airport dining, at 200+ locations around the globe. They can follow the steps written below in order to redeem the benefits-

  • They need to download the mobile app ‘Dine and Fly’
  • After downloading the app, they need to finish the process of registration in order to receive their membership card (digital)
  • They can look for restaurants that are participating.
  • Then the card members need to inform the restaurant staff regarding their DragonPass membership.
  • They need to present the membership card in the digital form.

4. ‘I Love Dining’ Program: The cardholders can get a maximum discount of 30 percent at 400+ restaurants in the UAE when they pay through their HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card.

5. Careem Discounts: The cardholders can avail a discount of 15 percent for four rides every month the already existing users of Careem (maximum discount of 10 AED on each ride, using ‘HSBC’ as the promo code.

6. Program of Golf Access and Timeout: The cardholders can avail 200+ offers that cover retail, dining, and accommodation etc. across MENA using the Program of Golf Access and Timeout.

7. Agoda Discounts: The cardholders can also avail a maximum discount of 12 percent around 985,000+ vacation rentals and hotels across the globe at Agoda.

Eligibility Criterion for HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

The applicants are required to fulfill the following conditions to be able to apply for this HSBC Credit Card:

  • The applicants must be from 21 to 65 years of age.
  • For being eligible to apply for this HSBC UAE Credit Card, the applicant should be one of the salary transfer customers of the bank
  • The applicant should have a minimum salary of 5,000 AED.

Top Reasons to Get The HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

The following are the reasons why the applicants should select this HSBC Credit Card-

  • Zero Annual Fees: The HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card doesn’t levy an annual fee on the cardholders and so it is free for life. It does not charge any fee for the supplementary credit cards also.
  • Customer Service: The bank offers the cardholders customer support throughout the day so that they can avail the customer care service and support whenever they need. The friendly agents guide the card members in an informative manner, hence resolving their issues (if any) properly.
  • Benefits: This HSBC UAE Credit Card offers its card members a wide range of privileges and benefits that include the insurance benefits, dining benefits, shopping benefits, travel benefits, entertainment benefits and many more.
  • Protection: This HSBC credit card also provides protection to its card members on purchases and from frauds on credit card. This card also offers a facility of credit shield plus for the card members.
  • Discount Schemes: The card members can also avail a variety of discounts on trips, flight tickets, hotel stays, Careem rides, shopping, movie tickets and much more. This makes it a good choice for the applicants.

HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card Offers

Offers provided by the HSBC Credit Card are as follows:

  • At Home Offers: HSBC has various local businesses as their partners such that they are able to offer the cardholders a lot of attractive local offers on a discount & flexi plans for installment.
  • International Offers: The card members are eligible to avail many exclusive offers on leisure, dining, shopping, and entertainment at over 19,000 outlets in around 160 countries.

Fees and Charges on HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card charges very low interests and fees from its cardholders. The fees and charges are as follows:

 Fees  Amount
Annual Fees Nil
Annual Fees on Supplementary Cards Nil
Set Up Fees for Supplementary Cards for different limit, other fees, and charges (excluding annual fees) 100 AED
Monthly Interest on Purchase 3.25 percent
Monthly Cash Withdrawal Interest 3.25 percent
Cash Withdrawal/Advance Fee 100 AED or 3 percent of the total (whatever is higher)
Card Replacement Fee Nil
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Over Limit Charge 250 AED
Sales Slip Copy Retrieval 25 AED
Returned Cheque Charge 100 AED
Fee for disputing any transaction which later turns out to be genuine 100 AED
Accessing HSBC Savings/Current Account using Plus/Visa, Cirrus/Master, or Switch UAE ATMs on each transaction both in and outside the UAE 20 AED
Accessing HSBC Savings/Current Account using ATMs on each transaction Within UAE- FreeOutside UAE- AED 10 (per transaction)
Processing Fee on Foreign Currency 2 percent on the amount of transaction as changed into the billing currency
Credit Shield Plus 0.625 percent on the outstanding balance
Paper Statement for Credit Card Charges 10 AED
Service Fee on Urgent Delivery of Card 100 AED
Certificate for no liability 50 AED
Liability Letter 50 AED

(Updated as on 3rd January 2019)

Latest Offers on HSBC Credit Card

HSBC Advance Credit Card Rewards

The rewards offered on this HSBC Credit Card are as follows:

AirMiles Rewards

AirMiles is a loyalty program by the HSBC credit cards in UAE which offer rewards to the cardholders for using their credit cards with AirMiles. They can collect AirMiles by shopping regularly at various AirMiles partners that include Agoda, Toy Store, Careem, Sharaf DG, Spinneys and many more. However, there are a few transactions which are not eligible to earn this reward, these transactions are as follows:

  • Purchasing the Traveler’s Cheque
  • Repayments on credit card
  • Cash Advance
  • Finance & other charges or fees
  • The balance that is transferred to the cardholder’s credit card account

How to Earn the Rewards on HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card?

Earning AirMiles: The cardholders can make transactions, anytime and anywhere using their HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card. They are eligible to earn one AirMile for each AED four they spend. They can earn AirMiles equal to their credit limit that has been assigned to their credit cards. It is recommended that the cardholders should review the terms & conditions on the AirMiles reward schemes thoroughly.

How to Redeem the Rewards Earned on HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card?

Redeeming AirMiles: The AirMiles in the UAE has a completely interactive website & a mobile App that lets the cardholders check the balance of their AirMiles whenever they want & redeem them online. While redeeming the miles they can select from a variety of entertainment and travel rewards, including hotels stays, flights, retail vouchers & many more. The card members can visit the official AirMiles website to know more about the same and redeem their miles.

How Does the HSBC Advance Credit Card Work?

Those applicants who want to get this HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card can apply for the same online, through phone banking or by visiting the nearest branch of the HSBC bank.

  1. Phone Banking: The applicants who want to apply for this credit card have an option of phone banking through which they can connect with the bank and can apply for this HSBC credit card.
  2. Online Application: Applying for a credit card online, is an easy and efficient way of obtaining a credit card these days. The applicants can avail the option of using the secure and customer-friendly online banking platform for applying for this HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card.
  3. Branch Application: Those applicants who do not want to apply for the credit card online or through phone banking, can use the option of branch application. They can visit the nearest branch, fill the application form and directly apply for the HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card.

Documents Required to Apply for HSBC Platinum Select Credit Card

To complete the application for this HSBC credit card, the card members need to submit these documents-

  • Proof of residence in the UAE- so as to prove that the cardholder is a resident of the UAE, he needs to submit the rental agreement or title deed, utility letter or employment letter (in the case of national GCC customers) for the previous two months
  • Valid Emirates Identity Card
  • Security cheque (signed)
  • Original Passport
  • Letter of income transfer (original) from the cardholder's employer or an income certificate (original) that is issued in the previous month, or two income credit in the bank's account.
  • Bank statements (original) of the previous two months from that account in which the income of the cardholders is credited
  • A valid residence Visa (only for national non-GCC customers)

The approval for getting this credit card that is given by the HSBC bank depends upon the information available in these above-mentioned documents.

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Q1: What does Credit Shield Plus mean?

Ans: CSP (Credit Shield Plus) is the optional coverage which the card members can avail if they own an HSBC Credit Card that is issued by the bank. This insurance provides cover for those circumstances in which the cardholders are not able to pay off their debts on the credit card in the case of critical illness, losing their life, permanent disability, involuntary employment loss (only for salaried) and temporary disability (only for the self-employed).

The premium charged per month on CSP by this HSBC Credit Card in UAE is 0.60 percent of the total balance outstanding every month on your card. If in case you don’t have any balance outstanding on your statement of credit card, then there is no need for you to pay any premium on CSP for that particular month.

Q2: What are the facilities that I can avail from the mobile app by HSBC- ‘Entertainer’?

Ans: The mobile app called HSBC ‘Entertainer’ can be simply downloaded from the app store on your phone. This app includes a lot of features like options for creating a profile, home delivery, improved search functions, better customer experience, one-touch customer support, so that you can have direct access with the customer service team of the bank & integration of social portals for allowing you to share check-ins & savings on your social media (twitter, facebook etc). Ensure that you keep your app up to date always so that you can enjoy more benefits.

Q3: If the HSBC Credit Card I own goes missing or stolen, then what should I do?

Ans: If you end up losing your credit card or in case it gets stolen, you should inform the bank as well as the local authorities about this immediately. The more delay you cause in reporting about your missing/stolen credit card, the more at risk you will be. The bank provides you access to the customer care executives round the clock. You can contact the bank on the customer care number in this situation.

Q4: Can I make use of my HSBC Platinum Select credit card for cash withdrawal from an ATM?

Ans: Yes. You can use this HSBC Credit Card for withdrawing cash from an ATM or any branch of the bank for that matter. This is called the Cash Advance. However, the bank charges certain fees on making cash advance along with an interest beginning from the date the amount was withdrawn (pre-determined), so it is recommended to keep such withdrawals as low as you can. You must make these withdrawals only when they are completely important.

This credit card charges a cash advance fee of three percent of the total or 100n AED (the one which is higher). The cardholders also need to pay an interest of 3.25 percent on cash advance every month.

Q5. What are the Supplementary Credit Cards that are offered to me?

Ans: Supplementary Credit Cards that are the add-on cards that are offered to the friends and family of the primary cardholder. These cards are almost the same as a primary credit card because they also offer the privileges and benefits that are offered to the primary cardholder. However, if any reward points are earned on these cards, then, they are credited to the primary credit cardholder's account.

This bank offers unlimited supplementary credit cards to the friends and family of the primary cardholder.

Q6: What is the meaning of the HSBC Credit Card balance transfer?

Ans: Balance transfer means the transfer of the funds existing in one credit card account to the other. You might have to pay a fee on balance transfer in order to avail this facility in the case of some credit cards.

This HSBC UAE credit card charges no fee on balance transfer.

Q7: What does the Late Payment Fee mean?

Ans: In a way, the credit cards provide loan for short-term to the credit card members. The cardholder must pay off his credit card bill on or prior to the due date that is determined by the bank. But if in case they are not able to do so, the bank might levy a late payment charge on them. Such charges can negatively affect the credit ratings of the cardholder. The best option in such a situation is to avoid these charges by making all the payments right in time.

This HSBC credit card levies a late payment charge of AED 230.

Q8: How will I be able to find the due amount on my credit card?

Ans: The due amount for the payment on your credit card can be found on your card statement under “Total Payment Due”. Paying off this due amount, on or prior to due date, you will be able to avail the advantage of zero interest period on the card. The amount that is due on this card bill includes all the balance that is unpaid and is carried from the last statement, expenses that are billed during the current period, interest charges, annual fees, joining fee (when buying new card) and other fees, charges & taxes.

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