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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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HSBC offers an Advance Credit Card in the UAE which has amazing features and offers a wide range of rewards to its cardholders. With this ‘Free for Life’ HSBC Credit Card, the cardholders can enjoy a variety of benefits like dining, entertainment, travel, movies and many more, earn AirMiles on transactions, and get a reasonable interest rate monthly.

HSBC Advance Credit Card

Balance Transfer
  • Minimum Salary AED 10,000
  • Annual Fee Free for Life
  • Balance Transfer
  • Movie Discounts
  • Airport Lounge Access
  • Free for Life
  • Valet Parking

Features of HSBC Advance Credit Card

Following are the features of this HSBC UAE credit card:

1. Free for Life: The HSBC Advance Credit Card charges no annual fees from the cardholders, making it free for life. The card members can enjoy all the benefits of this credit card without the burden of any fees on annual membership.

2. Valet Parking: The cardholders can avail up to 4 valet parking visit in one calendar month without any charges at selected Valtrans places around Abu Dhabi and Dubai with this HSBC Credit Card. However, they can become eligible for these services only when they have spent a minimum of AED 3000 using their Advance credit card in that specific month. They will have to bear charges for any valet parking visit in that month if in case they have not spent the minimum amount of AED 3000.

3. Access to Airport Lounges: This HSBC UAE Credit Card offers a lot of travel benefits to the cardholders which include free access to some selected Airport lounges in the MENA region. The cardholders can find the list of lounges on the official website of the bank.

4. ‘Entertainer’ Mobile App by HSBC: The cardholders can never miss any offer by the credit card by using the HSBC ‘Entertainer' App on their smartphones. This app is exclusive to the card members of HSBC UAE Credit Cards and is free. It offers a variety of benefits to the cardholders and helps them in locating privileges and offers around them or in some specific areas such as hotels and malls.

5. Protection from Card Fraud: The cardholders can remain protected against the unforeseen and unexpected while using their HSBC Advance Credit Card. They can get a reimbursement of USD 2000 maximum on each claim and USD 3000 maximum over a period of 12 months. It also provides a cover for different unauthorized charges from the telephone, in-store, ATM withdrawals and online purchases in case of a stolen/lost credit card or even when the credit card is still with the cardholder.

6. Purchase Protection: Under this scheme, the cardholders can shop and be protected automatically against accidental damage for USD 5000 maximum per annum. 

7. Credit Shield Insurance: CSP (Credit Shield Plus) is an optional cover that the cardholders may have if they have an HSBC Credit Card that is issued by the bank. This insurance provides cover for the circumstances in which the cardholders are not able to pay off their debts on credit card in case of-

  • Loss of life
  • Critical illness
  • Permanent disability
  • Temporary disability (for self-employed only)
  • Involuntary employment loss (for salaried only)

8. Supplementary Credit Card: This HSBC credit card offers up to 2 free supplementary cards to the family and friends of the primary cardholder. Using these supplementary cards, the cardholders’ can share a number of benefits amongst their friends and family. The minimum age for applying for a supplementary credit card is 16 years. Some of the benefits available for supplementary cardholders are-

  • Zero Annual Fees
  • Earning AirMiles
  • Free Valet Parking
  • Complimentary Access to Airport Lounge
  • Movie Offers
  • Entertainer App by HSBC

9. Balance Transfer: This HSBC Credit Card 0 balance transfer facility is also an option for the Advance Credit Cardholders. They can avail the balance transfer facility at 0 percent interest for the initial 6 months.

Benefits of HSBC Advance Credit Card

Following are the benefits of this HSBC UAE Credit Card:

1. Discounts on Fare of British Airways

The cardholders can avail a discount of up to fifteen percent on fares of British Airways (excluding applicable charges, taxes, and fees) on their Advance Credit Card on a few selected tickets in the UAE. These selected tickets should be one-way or return tickets on the British Airways' flights that are originating from UAE to UK, USA, Europe, and Canada.

2. Benefits from HSBC Entertainer App

The Entertainer App by HSBC offers various benefits to the cardholders including an immediate access to around 8000 "Buy One Get One Free" offers across fifteen countries which include Cyprus, Bahrain, Egypt, Hong Kong, England, Jordan, Malaysia, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and South Africa. It also offers benefits for the whole family of the card members that cover entertainment, dining, wellness and hotel accommodation.

3. Movie Tickets

With this HSBC Credit Card, the cardholders can purchase movie tickets online and avail “Buy One Get One Free” offers. In order to apply for this offer, the cardholders need to do the following-

  • Select the session of the movie
  • Log in to their accounts as VOX member (the offer will not be redeemed when check out is done as a guest)
  • Select the number of tickets
  • On the step for ticket offer, the cardholders need to verify their HSBC card
  • Choose the seats
  • Make the payment using this HSBC Credit Card

This offer is valid on 2D VIP, 2D Standard, 2D Max, 2D Max Atmos, 2D Max VIP, Nation Tower, and 2D Premium Mercato and 3D. The cardholders can also avail a 20% discount on beverages and food at VOX Cinemas.

4. Travel Discount on Cleartrip

The cardholders can discover various locations across the world using this HSBC Credit Card UAE. They can avail a maximum discount of 30% while booking hotel rooms or airline tickets on the official Cleartrip website.

5. Discount on Careem Rides

If the cardholders are using Careem for the first time, they not just get the 1st ride worth 60 AED free but also get a discount of 20% on two rides in a month by using the "MASTERCARD" as the promo code. Further, they can avail a discount of 15% on their third ride (only if it is availed in the 1st two months from registration) and a discount of 10% on all the subsequent rides.

6. Privileges on Reebonz Shopping Online

This HSBC UAE Credit Card offers some exclusive privileges which include

  • Shopping credits of worth AED 350 for the new card members who sign up using the MasterCard website.
  • Bonus discount of 6% when the payment is made using the Advance Credit Card.
  • No charge on international shipping
  • Different international brands such as- Hermes, Saint Lauren, Gucci, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen.

To avail all these benefits, visit the Reebonz website and use "MASTERME6" as the promo code.

7. Discounts on Premium Shipping at MyUS

The cardholders can easily shop online from the US-based merchants of their choice and have their purchases shipped at 220 countries using MyUS. The merchants can also be leading American giants like Apple, Amazon, Ralph Lauren and more. They cardholders can avail exclusive benefits like-

  • MyUS address for using at check out with the online stores of their choice.
  • One-year Premium Membership (worth 60 USD) for free.
  • Premium Membership setup (worth 20 USD) for free.
  • A shipping discount of 25% for one year.
  • Complimentary insurance coverage for the first 100 USD on merchandise value.

Eligibility Criterion for HSBC Advance Credit Card

In order to be eligible to apply for this HSBC Credit Card, the applicant needs to fulfill the following conditions:

  • The applicant needs to open an Advance account at HSBC.
  • The applicant needs to maintain a minimum balance of 350,000 AED on an average every month in their deposits or investments.
  • There should be a net income transfer of 50,000 AED or above per month.
  • There should be 3,000,000 AED or above mortgage drawdown for the initial 24 months, then the first two points will be applicable.
  • The applicants should be aged between 21 to 65 years. 

Top Reasons to Get The HSBC Advance Credit Card

  • Free for Life:The HSBC Advance Credit Card does not charge any annual fees from the cardholders and hence is free for life. There are no charges for the first two supplementary cards as well.
  • Benefits: This HSBC UAE credit card offers the cardholders a plethora of benefits and privileges which include dining benefits, entertainment benefits, travel benefits, shopping benefits, insurance benefits and more.
  • Customer Care Service: HSBC bank offers its customers round the clock customer care support by providing the credit cardholders access to their support and services whenever needed. The friendly customer care agents help & guide the cardholders in an elaborate manner, resolving their queries and doubts (if any) efficiently.
  • Discounts: The cardholders can avail various discounts on shopping, Careem Rides, trips, hotel stays, flight tickets, movie tickets and many more.
  • Protection:This HSBC credit card provides protection to the cardholders from credit card frauds and purchase. It also offers the facility of credit shield plus to the cardholders.

HSBC Advance Credit Card Offers

The following are the offers provided to the cardholders by this HSBC Credit Card:

Offers at Home

HSBC has many local businesses as partners so that they can offer the cardholders many amazing local offers at a discount & flexible plans for installment.

International Offers

The cardholders can avail exclusive offers on dining, shopping, entertainment, and leisure at around 19,000 outlets across over 160 countries.

Latest HSBC Credit Card Offers

Fees and Charges on HSBC Advance Credit Card

HSBC Advance Credit Card charges very low interests and fees from its cardholders. The fees and charges are as follows:

 Fees  Amount 
Annual Fees Nil
Annual Fees on Supplementary Cards First two cards- FreeSubsequent cards- 50 AED
Set Up Fees for Supplementary Cards for different limit, other fees, and charges (excluding annual fees) 100 AED
Monthly Interest on Purchase 2.99 percent
Monthly Cash Withdrawal Interest 2.99 percent
Cash Withdrawal/Advance Fee 100 AED or 3 percent of the total (whatever is higher)
Card Replacement Fee Nil
Late Payment Charge 230 AED
Over Limit Charge 250 AED
Sales Slip Copy Retrieval 25 AED
Returned Cheque Charge 100 AED
Fee for disputing any transaction which later turns out to be genuine 100 AED
Accessing HSBC Savings/Current Account using Plus/Visa, Cirrus/Master, or Switch UAE ATMs on each transaction both in and outside the UAE 20 AED
Accessing HSBC Savings/Current Account using ATMs on each transaction Within UAE- FreeOutside UAE- AED 10 (per transaction)
Processing Fee on Foreign Currency 2 percent on the amount of transaction as changed into the billing currency
Credit Shield Plus 0.625 percent on the outstanding balance
Paper Statement for Credit Card Charges Nil
Service Fee on Urgent Delivery of Card 100 AED
Certificate for no liability 50 AED
Liability Letter 50 AED

(Updated as on 3rd January 2019)

HSBC Advance Credit Card Rewards

Following are the rewards offered on this HSBC Credit Card:

AirMiles Rewards

  • Collecting the Rewards on AirMiles: The cardholders can earn one AirMile for each 1 AED spent using the HSBC Advance Credit Card on retail transactions. The AirMiles earned on this credit card are featured on the monthly statement of the credit card and are transferred monthly to the AirMiles account.
  • Doubling the AirMiles: The cardholders just need to use their AirMiles virtual card or key tag along with their HSBC Credit Card at any of the partners AirMiles store in order to collect double the AirMiles.
  • Spending the AirMiles: The cardholders can redeem their AirMiles from the AirMiles rewards that include hotel stays, airline tickets and e-vouchers that can be utilized for the purchase of groceries, fashion, electronics, jewellery and many more. They can redeem their AirMiles for weekly offers & competitions featured on the mobile app called "AirMiles ME".

How Does the HSBC Advance Credit Card Work?

The applicants who wish to obtain HSBC Advance Credit Card can apply by visiting the nearest branch of the bank or through call or through the online banking portal.

  1. Online Application: In today’s time, online credit card applications are the most convenient. HSBC Bank offers its applicants a safe and user-friendly online banking platform so that they can easily evaluate, and then select a suitable HSBC Credit Card. The candidates can find the application on the website of the bank.
  2. Branch Application: The applicants who are not comfortable applying for the credit card online, can visit their nearest branch and apply directly for this HSBC Advance Credit Card.
  3. Phone Banking: The applicants also have an option of phone banking to connect with the bank and apply for this HSBC credit card.

Documents Required to Apply for HSBC Advance Credit Card

  • A Valid Emirates Identity Card
  • Original Passport
  • UAE residence proof (rental agreement or utility bill or employment letter)
  • Security Cheque (signed)
  • For national applicants (non- GCC) only- Valid Residence Visa
  • Original Bank Statements of the last two months from the account in which the income of the applicant is credited
  • Income Transfer letter (original) from the applicant's employer or an Income certificate (original) that was issued in the previous month or two income credits in an HSBC account.
  • Original work ID or labor card (for female applicants on the sponsorship of husband or father)
  • All self-employed applicants need to submit a trade license (original)

In order to complete the application, the cardholders need to submit the following documents-

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Q1: What is a Supplementary Card?

Ans: Supplementary Cards are the add-on cards offered to the family and friends of the primary cardholder. These cards are almost the same as a primary credit card as they also offer the benefits that are offered by the primary credit card, however, the reward points earned (if any) on the supplementary card are credited to the account of the primary cardholder.

The HSBC Bank offers 2 free supplementary cards to the family and friends of the primary cardholder. Subsequently, they have to pay AED 5 for supplementary cards.

Q2: What is Cash Withdrawal and what are the fees and charges on it?

Ans: Cash Withdrawal or cash advance refers to the withdrawal made from an ATM or any branch of the bank through a credit card. It is recommended that you keep the withdrawals as less as possible as credit cards charge high interest rates on cash advance. A cash advance fee is also charged on the amount withdrawn along with the interest rate (pre-determined) starting from the date of withdrawal.

This HSBC Credit Card levies a cash advance charge of 100 AED or 3 percent of the total (whatever is higher). It also charges an interest of 2.99 percent on cash withdrawal per month.

Q3: What is the meaning of Late Payment Fee?

Ans: The credit card in a manner provides a short-term loan to the credit cardholders. Ideally, the cardholders should pay off their credit card bills before the due date specified by the bank. But in case they are unable to pay their bill, the bank charges a late payment fee on them. The late fees can negatively impact the credit Score of the cardholder and the best option to avoid such a charge is by making all your payments on time.

The HSBC credit card charges a late payment fee of AED 230.

Q4: What does HSBC Credit Card balance transfer mean?

Ans: Balance transfer refers to the transfer of the amount present in one credit card account to another credit card account. You may have to pay a balance transfer fee to avail this facility in case of some credit cards.

This HSBC UAE credit card levies no balance transfer fee.

Q5: What should I do if my HSBC Credit Card is stolen or lost?

Ans: In case you lose your credit card or if it gets stolen, you should immediately inform the bank and the local police about the same. The more time you take to report about the stolen/missing credit card, the more risk you are in. You have 24/7 access to the customer care executives of the bank, so you can call on the bank’s customer care number in such a situation.

Q6: What is Credit Shield Plus?

Ans: CSP (Credit Shield Plus) is an optional cover that the cardholders may have if they have an HSBC Credit Card that is issued by the bank. This insurance provides cover for the circumstances in which the cardholders are not able to pay off their debts on credit card in case of loss of life, critical illness, permanent disability, temporary disability (for self-employed only) and involuntary employment loss (for salaried applicants only).

The monthly premium charged on credit shield plus by this HSBC Credit Card in UAE is 0.60 percent of the outstanding balance per month on your credit card. In case you do not have any outstanding balance on your card statement then, you are not liable to pay any premium on the same for that month.

Q7: When can I avail the Free valet parking facility?

Ans: You can avail the complimentary valet parking facility only when you have spent a minimum of 3000 AED during a specific month on your credit card. In case you have not met this minimum requirement during that month, then you will be charged for this service. The charges levied on this service are debited directly from the HSBC Advance Credit Card Account.

Q8: What all facilities are available on the HSBC ‘Entertainer’ Mobile App?

Ans: The HSBC ‘Entertainer’ Mobile App can easily be downloaded on your smartphone. It includes various features such as options for home delivery, profile creation, better user experience, improved search functionality, one-touch customer service to directly access the customer care team of the bank and integration of social media so that you can share check-ins and savings on your twitter, facebook or other social media. Make sure you keep updating the app from time to time in order to enjoy new benefits.

The approval for the credit card will be given by the bank on the basis of the information available in all the above-mentioned documents.

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