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Based in Dubai, Mashreq Bank was founded in 1967 as the ‘Bank of Oman’. It was the first bank to introduce consumer loans, install ATM cash dispensers and issue debit and credit cards in the UAE. The bank offers various banking products like bank accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. for individual and corporate customers. 

The bank accounts in the Mashreq Bank become dormant if not used for a long time. In this article, we will help you understand how you can reactivate dormant accounts in Mashreq Bank. Let us begin with understanding what a dormant account is and how does an account become dormant.

What are Dormant Accounts and What are Their Consequences?

If there is no transaction or financial activity in a bank account for a duration between 12 months and two years, the banks in the UAE categorise those bank accounts as dormant accounts. Any current or savings account in the Mashreq bank can be moved to this category due to prolonged non-operation.

Mashreq bank categorises dormant accounts to ascertain the security and avoid fraud in the account. Here are the consequences for a Mashreq bank account being dormant.

  • No renewal of ATM/ debit card
  • A chequebook will not be issued
  • Address cannot be updated
  • Cash withdrawals from a branch or an ATM are not allowed
  • No transactions through branch, online or phone banking
  • Issuing cheques is not allowed

How to Reactivate a Dormant Account in Mashreq Bank?

The Mashreq bank account holders can place a request for account activation in three different ways. 

1. Through Online/Internet Banking

The Mashreq bank account holders can request the account reactivation by logging into internet banking and following these steps.

  • Login to Mashreq Online Banking Portal using the provided User ID and Password
  • Go to the Service Request section
  • Create a request for reactivating the dormant bank account

2. By Calling the Mashreq Customer Helpline Number

If the Mashreq bank account holders do not have access to an internet connection, they can also call the Mashreq helpline number +971 4 424 4444 and request the account activation.

3. By Visiting the Mashreq Home Branch

The account holders can also visit the Mashreq bank home branch and follow these instructions to reactivate the account.

  • Submit a written request for account reactivation.
  • All the account holders must sign the request form in case the dormant account is a joint account.
  • Attach the essential documents such as identity and address proof, passport-sized photographs and other documents as stated by the bank representative. Make sure you carry the original documents for verification purpose.
  • The account holders may need to mention a valid reason for not operating the bank account for so long.
  • The bank may ask account holders to surrender the existing debit cards and chequebooks and will issue the new ones after the account reactivation.
  • The account holders may need to make a transaction to complete the account reactivation process. Once done, the bank account will be reactivated within 24 hours. 

How to Avoid a Mashreq Bank Account from Being Dormant?

Here are some things that account holders can keep in mind to avoid their Mashreq bank account from being dormant.

  • Close all the bank accounts that are not in use and not required.
  • Make at least one transaction in a year from all the bank accounts to keep them active.
  • Notify your bank before making any changes to personal information in the bank account.

The Bottom Line

If you have opened multiple Mashreq bank accounts, you can simply make transactions from one account to another to save them from being dormant. There is no additional fee for reactivating the Mashreq bank account. In fact, even if the bank account becomes dormant, the interest earned on the savings still gets credited to the account. 

If you need any further assistance, you can talk to our financial support team. Our experts will help you through the process of reactivating the account.

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