How to Get Lounge Access at Dubai Airport For Free?

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Air Travel in Dubai has become quite common with the different airlines competing with each other to cater the best airfares to the travelers. Apart from the convenience that air travel caters, prolonged waiting times and delayed flights are some of the discomforts that sometimes experienced by those people who travel very frequently. Considering all these discomforts in mind, airports provide lounges where a person can sit and relax. However, not everyone is provided this service as access to some airport lounges is restricted only to membership holders while some airport lounge levied heftily.

One of the best ways to get airport lounge access is by using credit cards. Well, yes you read it right. There are several banks & financial institutions that offer credit cards with lounge access at Dubai Airport for free.

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So, if you also travel frequently and want to enjoy free lounge access at Dubai Airport then this article is specially written for you. Here we have included some of the best credit cards in UAE that offer complimentary lounge access at the Dubai Airport along with a wide range of other benefits.

ADCB Credit Cards

ADCB offers various credit cards with lounge access. The credit cards come with a priority pass membership option which enables the cardholder to enjoy complimentary airport lounge access not at the Dubai International Airport and but also at some other airport lounges across the world.

  1. ADCB credit cards offer access to over 900 lounges worldwide.
  2. You can avail 3 complimentary accesses every year.
  3. Lounge access is available to primary as well as supplementary card members.
  4. US $27 is charged for additional guest per visit

List of ADCB credit cards offering airport lounge benefits:

  1. ADCB Traveller Credit Card
  2. Etihad Guest Above Infinite Credit Card
  3. Etihad Guest Above Platinum Credit Card
  4. ADCB TouchPoints Platinum Credit Card with MyChoice
  5. ADCB TouchPoints Infinite Credit Card with MyChoice
  6. ADCB LuLu Platinum Credit Card
  7. ADCB LuLu Titanium Credit Card

Emirates NBD Credit Cards

Emirates NBD offers a wide range of credit cards with lounge access. The cardholder can avail access either directly or through LoungeKey membership.

Some of the best Emirates NBD credit cards that offer airport lounge benefits:

  1. Emirates NBD Visa Platinum Credit Card: This card enables its cardholder to enjoy unlimited free visits at some specific Middle East airports. Additional guests accompanied will be charged 27$ per guest per visit. Please note that the card member needs to mention LoungeKey to reception staff.
  2. Emirates NBD Mastercard Platinum Credit Card: This Mastercard offers lounge access to more than 10 VIP lounges in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Jordan, & Egypt. The cardholder can avail complimentary snacks & refreshments. In addition to this, the cardholder can get access to several business facilities such as the Internet, email, phone, fax machines as well as conference spaces in some of the airport lounges.
  3. Emirates NBD U By Emaar Visa Infinite Credit Card: This card offers complimentary enrollment for LoungeKey membership. You just have to present yourself as LoungeKey member to get lounge access to more than 1000 premium airport lounges. Additional guests accompanied will be charged 27$ per guest per visit.

ADIB (Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank) Credit Cards

The below specified ADIB credit cards offer airport lounge access at the Dubai Airport as well as some other premium airport lounges. Customers who own the credit cards can present them at those selected airports in order to enjoy complimentary as well as paid airport lounge access in a hassle-free manner.

  1. ADIB Etisalat Visa Signature Credit Card: Apart from offering Etisalat benefits, the ADIB Etisalat Visa Signature Credit Card offers amazing airport lounge benefits as well. It offers access to more than 850 premium airport lounges across the world.
  2. ADIB Etihad Platinum Card: Whether you need to work or relax in a peaceful environment, ADIB Etihad Gold Card provides access to 850+ VIP airport lounges globally. Members of this card can enjoy 4 complimentary visits every year.

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The Final Verdict!

All the credit cards that are mentioned above here are all very much different from each other in terms of the airport lounge benefits they offer and also on the basis of their other benefits. Also, there are various banks in the UAE that offer credit cards with lounge access benefits without any charge. So, you can compare credit cards online before applying for a credit card in uae. This will help you to find out the best one as per your need and convenience.

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