How to Earn the Most Air Miles in 2020?

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Now-a-days a large portion of population is travelling in business class. Have you ever wondered, 'HOW'? How do they manage to pay such huge amounts to airlines? Is everyone getting rich and richer? Well, the fact is that majority of people are not paying for the business class. After all, paying thousands of extra Dihrams for a first-class seat is not so easy.

So, how do they manage to travel through first class?  The answer is Air Miles.  Air Miles are the points that you collect when you use Air Miles card to buy certain goods or services. These points then can be redeemed on air travel.

You too want to travel through business class. Don’t you? Here are a few tips to get the best Airmiles credit card and earn maximum Air Miles. Try them out!

Getting the Best Airmiles Credit Card 

The Air Miles debit card usually don’t charge high annual fee but, the rewards earned even on the best Airmiles debit card and earn card are extremely low.  However, you may compound your Air Miles earning power by also getting an Air Miles credit card. With this, the need to have Air Miles credit card arises.  They can make you earn over 1.25 miles on every AED 4.00 and additional 25 % discount. The benefits usually vary from cards to cards.

Some of the best Airmiles credit cards in the UAE that you can apply for are Emirates Islamic Skywards Gold Card, Emirates-Citibank Ultimate Card, NBAD Etihad Guest Platinum Card, The American Express Gold Card, etc.

Tips to Earn the Maximum Air Miles 

Now that you have the best Airmiles credit card, the next thing comes is make out the as many Air Miles as possible. Here are a few tips to help you:

Focus on One Airline

Flying is the prime key to earn Air Miles. However, it should be noted that you are likely earn more effective Air Miles if you focus on just 2 to 3 airlines. It’s always better to have 10, 000 points with one airline rather than having 1, 000 points with 10 airlines. Even from the view of expiry date of points, scattering of points in multiple airlines makes no sense. 

Consider Partner Airlines

A majority of airlines belong to foreign and domestic carrier networks. Sign up with any of those organizations as a member airline’s frequent flyer program. Signing up will get you an advantage to earn, combine and redeem your points on any airline that partners the organization. With this you effective Air Miles increase.

Not to mention, the airline you choose to become a member strictly depends on the airlines in which you fly the most.

*Since most of the frequent flyer programs are free of cost, you may also join multiple programs.

Book Your Air Ticket Smartly

Already mentioned, flying is the key to earn more and more Air Miles. But, the thing to note is that a costly ticket will get you more miles than a cheap one, even if the former’s route covers a smaller distance. However, choosing a crazy high fare just to earn more points will not be a wise decision. Depending on your Air Mile Card value of points varies from airline to airline. Therefore, doing simple math by comparing different fares and rewards would be the best option.

Don’t Skip to Bag a Bonus Mile

Credit cards co-branded with airlines often allure you by offering bonus miles. Don’t miss to grab that bonus mile. However, these kinds of Air Miles cards are beneficial only if you are planning a big trip in near future. This is because these cards may charge hefty interest rates.

Pay Attention to Your Shopping

A majority of airlines list their shopping portals on their frequent-flyer websites. To earn more points you may shop from those portals.

Dine out often

Dining out is another great way to rack up Air Miles. Link your credit card to a frequent flyer plan’s dining program. It will make you earn more points and keep them from expiring. Whenever you use that card to pay for a meal at the participating restaurant, you will be rewarded.

It’s time to Spend Your Miles 

Earning Air Miles is not enough. You need to spend them smartly too. Just follow a few tips - let points accumulate first, ask for free seat upgrade, if possible get a free stopover, gift your points as unforgettable presents and donate them to charity.

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