Apply for a Debit Card Using Al Hilal Bank’s Ahlan

Ahlan by Al Hilal Bank is a mobile banking app provided by the bank to help cardholders operate their bank accounts and credit cards with great ease. With the mobile banking app, cardmembers can keep a close check on their finances and manage all their transactions in just a few clicks. 

The applicants can apply for their preferred debit card using the Al Hilal Bank – Ahlan Mobile Banking App in just a few clicks. The mobile banking app helps cardmembers have all the banking services right at their fingertips. 

Let us go ahead and find out how you can apply for your chosen Al Hilal Bank debit card using this app. But before we proceed, wouldn’t it be a good idea to go through the features and benefits that these cards offer?

Features and Benefits of Al Hilal Bank Debit Cards

The applicants need to open a savings or current bank account using the Al Hilal Bank-Ahlan app to get a debit card. Here are a few major features of an Al Hilal Bank Debit Card.

1. Easy ATM Withdrawals

Al Hilal Bank Debit Cards enables the cardholders to withdraw easy cash from any Al Hilal Bank ATMs.

2. Airport Lounge Access

Al Hilal Bank Debit Cards offer unlimited access to more than 850 airport lounges around the world. In addition, the debit cards come with exciting deals and discounts for cardmembers using LoungeKey. 

3. Dining Offers

Al Hilal Bank Debit Card offers a wide range of dining offers for cardmembers visiting the top restaurants in the country. 

4. Golf Access

Al Hilal Bank Debit Card offers complimentary golf access to various best-performing golf clubs in the MENA region.

5. Global Concierge Services

Al Hilal Bank Debit Card offers global concierge services for cardmembers to help them get assistance at any location in the world. With this service, the cardmembers can book tables, get restaurant advice and enjoy preferable services at any time of the day.

6. Purchase Protection

Al Hilal Bank Debit Card offers purchase protection against theft, loss or damage caused to the products purchased using this credit card for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

7. Extended Warranty

Al Hilal Bank Debit Card enables cardmembers to get double warranty on the warranty that the product manufacturers provide at the time of purchase using this credit card.

8. Medical and Travel Assistance

Al Hilal Bank Debit Card members get medical and travel assistance for themselves and their family members for trips of 90 days or less. The services provided include doctor’s consultation at any location, telephonic medical advice, and more.

Who Can Use the Al Hilal bank-Ahlan App?

Banking customers who are UAE residents and are 18 years of age or above can use this mobile banking app to operate their bank accounts, other banking products and services. 

After the app registration, the applicants need to follow the on-screen instructions to set up the mobile app. Here are the documents you need to provide before starting to use this app.

  • Emirates ID of the applicant
  • Passport with Residency Visa of the applicant

The applicants who are below 18 years of age need to submit some additional documents to start using the mobile app.

  • Birth certificate of the applicant
  • Emirates ID of the child applicant
  • Passport with Residency Visa of the child applicant

How to Apply for a Card in Al Hilal Bank - Ahlan?

Here are a few simple steps that the applicants can follow after downloading the mobile banking app from their preferred app store. 

1. Register on the Mobile App

First, the applicants need to register themselves on the mobile app and generate their banking credentials. They can then use these credentials to log in to the mobile app anytime.

2. Provide Your Details

Once the applicant has been registered, they need to provide their details like name, address, location, registered phone number and more to apply for their preferred Al Hilal Bank Debit Card. 

3. Upload the Documents

The applicants need to provide the supporting documents for the details they have provided. They can visit the bank’s website to get the list of the documents required.

4. Get the Card 

After submitting the application, the applicants need to wait for the requested card to be delivered to their doorstep.

The Bottom Line

Now that you know how to apply for an Al Hilal Bank debit card using the mobile banking app, you can go ahead and apply for the same today. You can also browse through our website to apply for your preferred bank’s debit cards. On our website, you can go through the various features and benefits of the chosen cards and check out how they are beneficial to you in different ways. 

In case of any doubts, you can also call our helpline number and our experts will help you find answers to all your queries.

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