How do Salary Accounts Work in the UAE

Most companies in the UAE open salary accounts for their employees for easy monthly salary transfers. Each employee gets to open their own salary account. The employees can also use this account for their bill payments and other regular transactions. However, if the salary account is not used for a long time, it gets converted into a savings bank account. 

The best part about salary accounts is that they come with no minimum balance requirements. In addition, they offer attractive financial benefits on credit cards and loans. Most salary accounts in the UAE do not provide interest on the balance maintained.

Let us go ahead and learn more about how salary accounts in the UAE work for the account holders.

Features and Benefits of Opening a Salary Account in the UAE

Here are the features and benefits you get when opening a salary account in the UAE.

1. Free Debit Card

Most banks in the UAE offer free debit cards with salary accounts to help account holders withdraw money from the bank’s ATMs. These debit cards also provide additional benefits at different retail outlets across the UAE. 

2. Free Chequebook

Various banks in the UAE provide account holders with an accessible chequebook facility to easily withdraw cash from their account.

3. Minimum Balance Requirement

The salary accounts in the UAE do not have any minimum balance requirement. However, most banks offer salary accounts with a minimum salary requirement. The average minimum salary required to open a salary account in the UAE is AED 5,000 per month. 

4. Online Banking

The salary account holders in the UAE get free online banking services to deal with their finances in a better way. With an online banking facility, the account holder can make easy fund transfers, bill payments, etc. in just a few clicks. 

5. Mobile Banking

The banks in the UAE offer mobile apps for salary account holders to keep a close check on their transactions. With these mobile apps, the salary account holders can have all the banking services at their fingertips.

6. E-statements

The best banks in the UAE generate free monthly e-statements for the salary account holders to help them keep a record of all their transactions. A few banks in the UAE also send account statements to the account holders by postal mail.

7. SMS and Notifications

With the best salary accounts in the UAE, the account holders get SMS alerts for each activity taking place in their bank account. This feature helps account holders keep their funds safe and stay alert of any suspicious activity.

8. Full-time Help and Support

The banks in the UAE offer full-time help and support for the salary account holders. They can contact their bank anytime to know their account details.

9. Easy Bill Payments

The salary accounts in the UAE provide various bill payment options to help account holders make easy bill payments.

10. Loan and Credit Card Offers

The account holders with high salary transfers get attractive loan and credit card offers from the banks. In addition, they get an easy application process for the same. 

Eligibility Criteria to Open a Salary Account in the UAE

Most businesses in the UAE tie up with the banks to open salary accounts for their employees. The condition is that they will transfer the payable salary in bulk into all the employees’ salary accounts. The requirements for a salary account are way different from those of a regular savings account. With a salary account, the account holders do not need to maintain any minimum account balance. However, they need to get a fixed amount of salary transferred to their account every month. The minimum salary requirements vary from bank to bank.

If you do not have an account with the bank your employer has tied up with, then your employer can help you open an account there. Therefore, salary accounts can only be opened by employees and not regular individuals.

Here are the basic requirements for opening a salary account in the UAE.

  • The applicant must be a salaried employee
  • The applicant must be a UAE resident
  • The applicant must be 21 years of age or above
  • A minimum salary requirement of AED 5,000 (it may vary from bank to bank)

Documents Required for Opening a Salary Account in the UAE

Here is the list of standard documents required for opening a salary account in the UAE. 

Category Documents Required
Mandatory Documents Emirates Identification Card
Original Passport (for verification purposes)
A Copy of Resident Visa Page of the Passport
Any one of these documents Offer Letter
Salary Slips
Salary Transfer letter
Salary Certificate

Best Salary Accounts in the UAE

Here are a few best salary accounts with their minimum salary requirements.

Name of the Bank Minimum Salary Requirement
Ajman Bank No minimum salary requirement
ADIB Bank A minimum monthly salary of AED 8,000 is required.
RAKBANK A minimum monthly salary of AED 5,000 is required.
Mashreq Bank A minimum monthly salary of AED 10,000 is required.

The employers help their employees open salary accounts with the banks they have tied up with. The applicants need to visit the bank’s branch with all the essential documents to open a salary account.


Most banks in the UAE offer multiple salary accounts with different benefits and features. However, there are certain expected benefits, including zero balance requirements, loan convenience, easy fund transfers and much more. Ensure that you get in touch with your bank representative and know all the benefits that your salary account offers. Knowing all the benefits will help you get the most out of your bank account.

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