How Can I Obtain a Visa Credit Card in Dubai?

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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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Irrespective of how cautiously you plan, you may end up making an unexpected payment every now & then. Having a Visa card can help you in being prepared for anything- a long trip to your favorite destination, getting your vehicle repaired, booking hotels, or simply attaining peace of mind. 

Moreover, if you want to go for huge purchases, such as new furniture or family vacation, these credit cards may help you in enjoying bargains and discounts. The Visa credit card Dubai also helps you in spreading the costs of your hefty purchases in the form of installments over a duration of several months.

How to Apply for a Visa Credit Card in the UAE?

The ways to apply for a Visa card are the same as the ones involved in applying for any other credit card. We have compiled for you a quick guide on how to obtain a Visa card in Dubai.

Modes of Application

There are three modes of applying for any credit card in the UAE- online, through phone, and by visiting the branch.

  • Online Application: You can visit the website of the concerned credit card provider and apply for the most suitable Visa card online using their net banking portal. With the rise of digitalization, each bank and financial institution has developed a user-friendly online banking portal that makes various banking facilities easy for their customers including the application process.  
  • Phone Banking: You can also contact the concerned bank on their official customer care number to apply for your Visa credit card. The customer care executive will assist you in the entire application process.
  • Visiting the Bank Branch: You also have the option of visiting the nearest branch of the bank to apply for a credit card. You need to submit a duly filled up application form along with the required documents at the branch.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Appropriate Visa Credit Card in Dubai

While you select a credit card in UAE, it is important to make comparisons between various available options. Your comparisons should be based on the following factors.

  • Cashback or Rewards Card: Some Visa cards offer cashback on the entire expenditure you make every month, while some may provide a huge collection of credit card offers Dubai. These offers may include travel, shopping, lifestyle, and dining benefits as well as various discounts. You need to analyze your potential usage of the card and choose the suitable one accordingly. If you wish to earn money while you spend, then go for a cashback card. However, if you think you would be using the card for traveling, shopping, dining, and other entertainment & leisure activities, then selecting a rewards card would be more sensible.
  • Travel Privileges: Depending upon your monthly expenditure, some Visa cards offer you air miles as rewards. These air miles can be reward points received directly from the airlines or can be reward points from the bank that can later be converted into an air miles program. The air miles can be used for buying complimentary or discounted air tickets & upgrades based on the program. Moreover, some cards also offer complimentary valet parking facility at the airport, lounge access at airports globally, meet & greet services, pick-up and drop services, and much more.
  • Annual Fees: Every credit card charges an annual fee except for the ones that are free for life. Generally, luxurious cards that come with extra benefits, charge a higher annual fee. You need to decide if you really need the offers provided on the high-end cards or not. Now, if you do not want to invest much on a credit card, then you can go for the one that comes without an annual fee (free for life card). Also, if you agree on making payment of the minimum amount as determined by the bank, it may agree on removing the annual fee.
  • Rate of Interest: After shortlisting some of the card options you must check the rate of interest charged on them. If you think you won’t be able to repay huge amounts in the future, then selecting the one that provides you with desired benefits at a low rate of interest is a good option.
  • Monthly Income: Every credit card Dubai comes with its own set of eligibility requirements. Maximum credit cards have a requirement for a minimum monthly salary. Moreover, based on your monthly salary, the bank offers you different cards. Before you select a Visa card, you must check & figure out which card you are eligible to apply for based on your monthly salary. Some card providers even offer credit cards if you are a self-employed individual or if you don’t get a regular income. But, only if you can maintain a particular amount of money in your account.

Documents Required to Apply for a Visa Credit Card

Listed below are the documents that you need to submit along with your application form.

  • Proof of Residence for expats (utility bills, rental agreement, or title deed)
  • UAE residence Visa
  • Salary slips, bank statements, or certificates
  • Emirates ID
  • Original password

To Sum Up!

If you wish to get a Visa credit card Dubai that is suitable for your needs, then read the guide mentioned above. After you have gone through this quick guide, select the card of your choice and enjoy the benefits and privileges offered on it.

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