How Can I Apply for a Credit Card Online for Free?

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Best credit cards with 0 Annual fee*

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Long gone are the days when you had to make an effort of trudging to the bank in order to submit a credit card application. These days, applying for a card has become as simple as it can get.

The main thing that you need for the same is an internet connection. So, if you are blessed with that, you can easily opt for the credit card apply online facility. The online services have made this card application quick, easy, and above all, convenient.

How to Apply for Credit Card Online?

Have you ever booked a ticket online? If you have, then you would know how easy it is. Now, applying for a card online is equally simple. Here is a step-to-step process for the same.


Whether applying for a card online or offline, the first step is supposed to be a comparison amongst the various options available in the market on the basis of your requirements. You can use the comparison tools available online to compare different cards offered. After the comparison is done, you can select the one that suits your needs the most.

Official Website of the Bank

If in case you already have a bank whose card you want, you can directly visit its official website and compare the various options available and look for the one that is the most suitable.

Selecting the Card

Once you have gone through the different available options, select the card that coincides best with your preferences and requirement. Then, click on the “Apply” button on the website.

Filling the Form

After clicking on this button, you will be redirected to an application form. Carefully enter the required details with accuracy. You must then upload all the required documents with the form on the website. Your documents will be verified by the bank. If correct, only then, you will be able to avail the card.

Submission of the Form

After you have filled the form, go through it again to check if there are any errors. If you come across any mistakes, then correct them and submit the form. The bank will check if your details meet their eligibility requirements. If they do, then your application will be approved. Following this, you will receive your card in a few days.

That’s it. This is how simple it is.

Now, keep in mind, every bank may have a varying application process. Visit the website of individual banks for further details.

Eligibility Criteria to Apply for this Card in the UAE

Listed below are a few general eligibility requirements.

  • Residence:You must be a resident of the UAE to be eligible for availing this card.
  • Employment Status:You must have a stable source of income, no matter if you are a salaried personal or self-employed.
  • Age:The banks in the UAE usually offer these plastic cards to those who are aged between 21 to 60 years. The banks, in some situations, may also provide cards to applicants who are 18 years of age. If you are below 18 years of age, you may get approved for a card, but, only if you get co-signed by a legal guardian.
  • credit Score:An excellent credit rating with no default history helps in ensuring the approval of your application.
  • Income: The majority of the card providers in UAE have a minimum salary requirement that you need to meet for availing a card.

Benefits of Online Application

With the emergence of the internet, when everything has become simple and convenient, so has banking. Hence, you can easily apply for a plastic card to support your finances through the internet. Following are the benefits of online credit card application.

Comparison Tool

Before you obtain a card, it is always advised that you compare various available options in order to look for the best. However, the comparison process isn’t that simple, and most of you usually avoid it and end up with the wrong card.

For solving this issue, a lot of websites have established platforms where you can compare the options by various banks online at a single place. These platforms are also available on the official website of the individual bank. This not only helps to make informed decisions but also to get the most suitable card available in the market.

Application Process can be Simplified

With an end-to-end online paperless application procedure, applying for a plastic card can be done in a few easy steps. There is no need to visit the branch of the bank and you do not even have to speak to any representative from the bank.

You simply need to visit the concerned website, compare different options, select one, and apply for it without having to compromise with the comfort of your house.

Round the Clock Support

The best part about online banking is 24/7 customer support. The customer service executives are available for your assistance whenever you need them.

The Parting Words!

A plastic card has become an essential need for people in the Emirates. You can make an online credit card application easily by following the above-mentioned steps and without any extra effort. As long as you are eligible and have filled up and submitted the required documents accurately, your application will easily get approved.

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