Here's when you Should and shouldn't Dispute Credit Card Payments

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It’s a golden rule of shopping: If you don’t like what you bought, its best to get your money back. With online shopping getting money, refunds are quite an easy task. Credit card users have the choice of reversing their payment from the merchant’s end also known as a chargeback.

There are multiple scenarios when cardholders should dispute their credit card payments for instance if the transactions are fraudulent, mistaken, or if the merchant did not supply what you paid for. Cardholders should try and resolve their issues in case of credit card payments as soon as possible since there is a limited timeline for reporting disputes.

If you witness a fraudulent transaction on your credit card it is vital to inform your credit card provider. Based on the type of credit card you have your credit card provider will reverse or remove the transaction from the bill. In this thread, we will guide you through the nuances of credit card disputes. As a user one has the option of reversing a transaction that they made willingly this is applicable especially in the case when one is unsatisfied with the product/entity supplied by the merchant.

Scenarios when you should Dispute a Credit Card Payment

Here’s a quick rundown on the scenarios when one should dispute credit card payment-

  • Fraudulent/ Unsanctioned Transactions: If you see a fraudulent or unauthorized transaction on your credit card bill, it is important to dispute the payment as soon as possible. Cardholders can dispute the payment by directly calling the credit card provider and informing them about the transaction.

Vey often transactions are made by close family members and friends and lack of communication results in misunderstanding. In such a situation credit cardholders should clear out the issue before calling the credit card provider. 

  • When a transaction is failed but the value is debited from your account: As a result of a common technical error very often the value is deducted from the bank account of the user but the transaction is failed. In such a situation cardholder should dispute the payment by attaching the transaction ID and informing the credit card provider about the issue. 
  • When payment is made by alternate means: In case the payment is made from a different method, the cardholder has the option of disputing the payment. 
  • Billing Errors: A common issue that credit card users face is the wrong billing. Quite a lot of times, transactions on the bill are listed wrong or the wrong amount is being charged from the provider. In case of billing errors, cardholders should call or write an email to the credit card provider informing them about the error in the bill so that it can be corrected. Generally, there is a timeline in which the dispute must be registered, therefore it is vital to be aware of the timeline that your credit card provider follows. 
  • When Goods are not delivered by the merchant: In the case of online shopping, a lot of customers use their credit cards to make the payment, however in case the order is prepaid and the goods are not delivered within the time frame, cardholders should ideally dispute the credit card payment by calling or writing to the credit card provider. 
  • When you are not satisfied by the product sent by the merchant: As mentioned earlier in case of pre-paid online shopping orders if the customer is not satisfied with the order, they have the option of disputing the payment which will ensure that the product is returned as they receive their money back. 

Scenarios when you Shouldn’t Dispute Credit Card Payments

There are multiple scenarios when users should not dispute their credit card payments, here’s a rundown-

  • When an unsanctioned transaction is made by a family member or friend

As mentioned earlier in several cases the fraudulent transactions reported by the credit card user are made by family members or friends. Therefore, before disputing the payment it is crucial that one confirms if the payment is unsanctioned or made by a closely related friend or family member. 

  • When a buyer is unsatisfied with purchase, but not yet spoken to the provider

In the case of online shopping, before disputing the payment in case you are dissatisfied with the purchase it is important to talk to the merchant. If you haven’t spoken to the merchant it is advised that you should not dispute the payment. Having a conversation with the merchant about the purchase will give you a clearer picture by which you can further decide whether you should dispute the payment or not.

In a Nutshell

Filing a dispute when you should not lead to triggering of different unwanted consequences. Therefore, it is important to dispute credit card payments responsibly. Every time you dispute a credit card payment it is important that you gather pieces of evidence to make sure that your claims are supported.

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