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The introduction of credit cards has revolutionized the way people tend to spend money. Credit cards have made their place in almost every pocket across the world. People today use them to pay for everything from medical bills to groceries. A major benefit of using credit cards is that credit card providers offer reward points that can be used for shopping, traveling, movies, etc. 

Credit card providers regularly come up with lucrative offers to create and maximize their market share. With so many providers and credit cards, it becomes extremely difficult to select the right card. Furthermore, for new users, it becomes really confusing to figure out ways to navigate through welcome offers, discounts, perks, and other benefits. 

All of us love to travel for free using air miles from air mile credit cards. The excitement and fun of traveling are doubled when one gets to travel without spending loads of money. The main reason behind the increasing popularity of air mile credit cards is that using these cards for making payments allows users to accumulate air miles. 

The market today is filled so many providers that it becomes difficult to figure out which card is good for traveling and which one is good for shopping. At times this becomes so complex that people eventually give up and drop the idea of traveling using the best air miles credit card in UAE. 

If you are planning your next trip then this quick read can help you save a lot of money. Yes, you’ve heard it right. In today’s article, we’ll be sharing the list and features of best air mile credit cards in UAE that will help you to save money while traveling. Fasten your seatbelts because we are about to fly! 

Emirates Citi Bank Ultima Credit Card

The Emirates Citi Bank Ultima credit card annually offers 10,000 skyward miles. Cardholders get free access to almost 1000 airport lounges all across the globe for an unlimited period. Cardholders can bring a guest for free with every lounge key. 

The credit card provider charges an interest rate of 2.99% along with an annual charge of AED 3000. The best part about the Emirates Citi Bank Ultima credit card is that it allows users to transfer a balance that enhances the overall utility of the air mile credit card as a financial tool.

Apart from the benefits mentioned, there are several other complimentary benefits that will help the cardholders to save money while traveling. The card allows users to access multiple travel-related services on international concierge, medical assistance while traveling, travel insurance and many more. 

Cardholders can earn 2.5 skyward miles every time they spend USD 1 to make online purchases via the official website of Emirates. In terms of the local currency, the cardholder earns 1 skyward mile when the expenditure using the card is equivalent to USD 1. 

CBD Visa Infinite Card

CBD Visa card is an exclusive range of credit card that is introduced after the collaboration between Commercial bank of Dubai and Visa. CBD visa infinite credit card does not charge any sort of annual fee that makes it one of the most attractive features of the credit card. However, as per the eligibility criteria of the card people with a minimum salary of AED 30,000 can apply for the card. 

Once the cardholder successfully gathers 10,000 points they can utilize the cashback facility available from the provider. The interest rate applicable to the CBD Visa Infinite Card is 1.5%. Based on the conversion criteria of the provider with every dirham spent on the card to book airline tickets the cardholder earns 2.5 points. The points earned are converted into air miles that can be used later while traveling. Cardholders get unlimited access to VIP airport lounges globally. 

Standard Chartered Infinite Credit Card

The standard chartered infinite credit card is another air mile credit card that allows users to accumulate air miles. The minimum salary requirement in order to obtain a standard chartered infinite credit card is AED 30,000. The applicable interest rate on the card is 3.25% that is a bit higher when compared to other cards of the same category. However, the rewards are lucrative and highly useful for frequent travelers. 

This air mile credit card allows provides access to almost 900 plus airport lounges all across the world along with complementary services related to the national and international concierge. Furthermore, the card allows users to access the UAE golf club with low rate credit shielding. 

CBD MasterCard Gold Credit Card

The CBD MasterCard Gold Credit Card is another attractive air mile credit card that has been included in the list of best cards for 2020. The air mile credit card comes with zero annual fees and a minimum salary requirement of AED 10,000. The rate of interest applicable to the card is 2.99%. 

Overseas currency transactions charge a rate of 2%. Cardholders earn 1 point for grocery purchases and 0.5 points for payments made for government services. Cardholders earn 1.5 points for purchases made within the UAE and 2 points for international purchases cardholders earn 2 points for every single dirham spent. 

All the accumulated points turn into skyward miles, Etihad air miles or cash back based on the preference of the cardholder. The best part about the CBD MasterCard Gold Credit Card is that cardholders get free travel insurance with a global acceptance that helps you to secure your travel and expenses. 

Najm Voyager Platinum Credit Card

Last in the last but not the least is the Najm Voyager Platinum Credit Card. The minimum salary requirement in order to get this card is AED 8000. The interest rate charged by the provider on the air mile credit card is 3.25%. 

Cardholders earn 2.5 voyager rewards commonly called rewards. Domestic spending on the card yields 1.5 points that can be redeemed on 500 plus airlines globally. Cardholders earn rewards that can be used for dining, travel, and entertainment. The Najm Voyager Platinum Credit Card comes with an extended warranty and purchase protection that enhances the utility of the card. 


Air mile credit cards are excellent tools that allow users to maximize their savings on travel-related expenses. Travelers stuck in the confusion of choosing the right air mile credit can seek help from the list and enjoy traveling without worrying about the budget.

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