Here’s how you can Manage Personal Credit Card Debt as an Entrepreneur

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Business and entrepreneurship is an outstanding way to make money and boost the overall economy of the nation. With the development of the UAE as a global business hub, more and more people are trying to enter the world of entrepreneurship and set up their own businesses. Digitization and easy access to credit have made it easier for new entrepreneurs to build a market and eventually climb up the ladder of success.

In the world of entrepreneurship where different minds work simultaneously in distinct ways, the possibilities are immense. However, with possibilities and profits comes the consideration of taking and tolerating risks. Entrepreneurs are prone to high degrees of risk that might lead to loss of capital in businesses. Furthermore, it has been observed that business owners often make the mistake of merging their personal and professional expenses that lead to haphazard and instability in finances.

The business might help entrepreneurs to create new assets that might provide lucrative returns. However, it is extremely important to mitigate or minimize the risk associated with the business as it might land a business owner into a vicious debt trap. The correct approach to efficiently combat financial hardships and obstacles business owners should build a well-structured plan that would help them to get rid of the credit card debt.

If you’ve been struggling with your personal credit card debt as an entrepreneur, don’t worry! We are here to help. In this article, we’ll be shedding light on how entrepreneurs can manage their personal credit card debt in the UAE.

Personal Credit Card Debt

Credit cards have evolved as an essential modern-day financial tool that has revolutionized the way people spend money in today’s era. credit card issuers often provide lucrative offers and discounts along with negligible rates of APR. Tempting offers lure credit cardholders to overspend and get caught in a credit card debt trap. One of the main reasons that make credit card debt extremely overwhelming is because the rates of interest imposed on credit card payments are very high.

New entrepreneurs need to be resourceful in order to cover day to day expenses. Very often the struggle to cope up with business expenses triggers business owners to use personal resources which might lead to trouble. Personal credit card is one of those financial tools that have been blamed since time immemorial for landing people into credit card debt traps.

The reality, on the other hand, is different. Like every other tool, the utility, effects and potential risks depend upon the knowledge and skill set of the user. The correct approach in order to reduce the probability of getting caught in a debt trap is to strike a balance between personal and professional expenditure along with using credit cards tactically and responsibly.

Managing Personal Credit Card Debt

Irrespective of your profession it is never a good idea to use a credit card irresponsibly. Entrepreneurs holding personal credit cards should be very careful while spending using plastic, especially for business expenses. Ideally, expenses should be segregated and business expenditure should be taken care of separately.

Even if you have reserves to counter phases of financial instability it is difficult to witness credit card debts pilling up. This section of the article will provide a detailed insight into techniques to manage personal credit card debts as an entrepreneur.

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Getting rid of High-Interest Personal Credit Cards

Although it won’t feel good to get rid of high-interest credit cards in UAE, you need to control your personal expenditure via plastic. Limiting the use of personal credit cards followed by repayment of outstanding debts will help you to get rid of credit card debt.

Consolidate your debts

Another approach to help business owners and entrepreneurs to cope up with personal credit card debt is to consolidate them. Credit card providers offer services that allow cardholders to transfer balances at low rates. Consolidating your outstanding credit card debts often helps cardholders to effectively get rid of them.

Go for a Personal Loan

If you are stuck in the credit card debt trap that has a considerable amount along with the high interest you can opt for the personal loan. A suitable personal loan that charges a low rate of interest can help entrepreneurs to make repayments for outstanding credit card debts. Furthermore, opting for a personal loan will ensure that you have a lump sum to counter emergency expenses.

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Set up a Budget

Cardholders should build a budget plan that will help them to reduce unnecessary expenses and eventually save a considerable amount of capital that can be used to repay outstanding credit card debts.


Establishing a business and earning profits is a risky game that requires a considerable amount of effort and investment. Business owners trapped in personal credit card debt can follow the tips to clear outstanding debts and channelize their energies, money, and efforts to reap returns form their business.  

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