Here's How to Keep your Money Safe While on your Dream Vacation

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I’m sure, like most of us, you are also someone who’s excitedly striking off days on your calendar to your dream vacation. After all the hard work you have put all this while, I’m sure you deserve a few days off from your busy life just to relax and have fun.

But regardless of the excitement that you cannot contain for your vacation, it is essential to plan wisely and take maximum precautions. After all, nothing else can be a bigger buzzkill than losing your financing. There are pickpockets that tend to target tourists, especially if you are not alert and careful with your wallet or bag, you can lose your money right under your nose.

7 Ways To Safeguard Your Money While Traveling

Here are some tips to help you not be an easy target and keep your finances safe while on your dream vacation.

Limit Cash, Prefer Credit

Turning to credit as a primary mode of spending on a vacation can be dangerous as you may face a temptation that causes you to overspend. But when you use cash, it easier to stick to a particular budget, as you are forced to spend only within a specified range. However, a drawback of holding cash is that it is not replaceable. In case of any unfortunate situation such as losing your wallet, or facing theft of your money, it is easy to lose all your financing for the vacation.

However, if you face a similar situation of theft with your credit card, you are not liable for the unauthorized charges. Even if you hold a debit card, you are refunded for any fraudulent purchase, however, the refund takes a few days. Therefore, you should carry some cash on your dream vacation but not in very large quantities. You should keep at least one credit card in your wallet. In order to avoid any splurging, you should set a daily budget within which you can spend. Also, one important thing to keep in mind is that you should only charge the amount on your credit card that you are certain that you can pay in full when the bill arrives at your door next.

You can opt for the best travel credit cards in order to earn rewards on the spending that you incur while you are away. These rewards can be in the form of miles, cashback, vouchers, etc. depending on the type of card.

Go For The Multi-Stash Method

If you really need to rely on cash as a mode of finance for your vacation, never ever carry all of it in your wallet. Instead, you should divide it up and store various amounts of it in different places to reduce the impact caused in case of theft.  For instance, you can keep some funds in your wallet, while remaining hidden inside your suitcase, or in your hotel room’s locker safe. If you are carrying a big amount of cash while you are out on the go, you can ask the people traveling with you to carry some cash in his/her wallet.

Another important thing to remember is not to keep any of your cards or cash lying in your hotel room. Theft can occur anywhere – even inside your hotel. Since the hotel staff has access to your room, or it may be possible that you forget to lock your room which allows anyone to enter your room when you're not around.

Also, there are ATMs located near all hotel spots or resorts which can be accessed easily. Which is why it is ideal to withdraw cash only on an as-needed basis. After all, there is no place safer than a bank for your funds.

Keep a Record Of Your Account And Customer Service Numbers

The ideal scenario is to report a stolen credit or debit card as soon as possible. However, it is very difficult to do the same if you do not have any access to your account information or the customer service number that is printed on the back of your card.

It is always sensible to plan for the worst-case scenario. This is why you should keep numerous copies of your credit cards and debit cards before you leave for your vacation, or you can even jot down your account ad customer service numbers on a piece of paper. This information should be stored in a safe place, away from your cards and cash. For instance, you could store it on your laptop, or with a trustworthy friend, or even in your hotel’s locker safe.

Say No to Secluded ATMs

Any secluded ATMs can be a call for trouble. The reason being that any ATM that is not visible from nearby locations or streets can be the right spot for any potential thief to steal your money. You should be careful about using ATMs located in your hotels or in busy areas, and also you should plan your visits to the ATM wisely. You should avoid visiting during odd hours. In case you need to visit an ATM and you find it to be a little risky, you can ask one of your travel buddies to accompany you.

Organize Your Cash, Keep it Out of Sight

Obviously, we all take a vacation in order to let ourselves loose without any worries. However, you must at all times remain alert about the people around you. You should avoid pulling out large sums of money in front of people no matter whether you are shopping, going for sightseeing or going for dinner in a restaurant, as this always draws attention. You should organize your money for the day before stepping out of your hotel room. It is good to keep only the amount you require for the day, as per the budget you have allotted yourself for the day.

Go for a Money Belt

Whether you talk about cash or the best travel credit cards, there is no better place to keep your funds safe than your own body. A money belt is a travel accessory that aims at reducing the risk of theft. These are comfortable belts that fit across your stomach or waist and have a fabric zipper pouch. This belt is to be positioned on your body before getting dressed, and then your clothes are worn on top of the belt. This is also the ideal place to store other important documents apart from your plastic and physical money, such as your passport or driving license. This helps in keeping your bankroll safe from any pickpockets out there.

Use Passwords to Protect Your Devices

In today’s world, where we all depend on our electronics to get through the day – if you face a situation where you either lose your laptop or phone or they are stolen, you are exposed to the risk of someone having access to your financial applications and any other personal information that they carry.

It is possible for a thief to pull out information on your bank account or the details of your credit card which they then use to make any fraudulent purchases.  In order to prevent any such thing from happening to you, you should protect all your devices with passwords in order to keep your financial and personal information safe. You should also set your devices to automatically lock within a few minutes of inactivity so that your devices can't be accessed without knowing the password.

To Further Conclude

The way that you plan to handle your money when you are on your dream vacation either decreases or increases the chances of theft. The potential thieves depend on the tourist letting their guard down, and once they do – BOOM! They sweep in and grab the cards and cash.

Make sure to carry as little cash as possible while stepping out, use judgment and keep a constant check on your bank statements for any unauthorized transactions.

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