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In an interview recorded a couple of months before the COVID-19 outbreak Bill Gates described how our health care systems are not ready to withstand a pandemic. None of us aware what was coming for all us, right after a few months of this interview a virus that was identified in the city of Wuhan located in the Hubei province of China would completely change the way we live.  

The novel coronavirus has affected more than 21 million people worldwide and the number of cases continues to rise. As of now, there is no medication, treatment, or vaccine developed for treating COVID-19 so the only way we can safeguard ourselves and our loved ones against the wrath of this deadly pathogen is by staying indoors and practicing social distancing.  

The virus has broken down some of the best healthcare systems in the world which has led to a substantial rise in the cost of seeking medical assistance. In order to ensure that you and your family members are financially secure in case of any unforeseen event, it is vital to building an emergency fund and getting life insurance that would cover the expense of treatment. However, a major problem faced by millions worldwide is the loss of employment due to lockdowns that are imposed with the objective of containing the spread of infections and flattening the curve.  

Now the question arises on how to manage the expenses of treatment if you or any of your family members contract the infection. Personal loans are unsecured loans that are available for UAE nationals as well as expatriates looking for easy to avail credit to cater a wide variety of needs. With the right strategy, you can make use of personal loans in the UAE to shield yourself and your family members against the novel coronavirus. 

In this blog, we will discuss how can you make use of personal loan in UAE to protect yourself and your loved ones against COVID-19. Furthermore, we will be sharing some crucial tips and tricks that will help you to plan well and prevent from contracting the infection. 

Advantages of Availing Personal loan During Medical Emergency

Online Processing and Approval

The first and foremost benefit of availing personal loans in midst of a medical emergency is that they are quickly processed and approved online which makes it convenient for the applicant instead of applying and getting it processed offline. In most of the cases, it becomes quite hectic and challenging for the care-taker to leave the hospital regardless of the fact that you or any of your family members are admitted. 

In case you don’t have a life insurance policy in place to take care of the expenses incurred in the treatment, personal loans in UAE turn out to be a viable option in times of a medical emergency as the entire approval and processing take place online. The applicant does not need to visit the lender for verification or any other formalities as is required in the case of other forms of loans. 

Instant Approval and Disbursement 

One of the best features of personal loans in UAE is that they are approved and disbursed very quickly sometimes just within 24 hours. When compared to any other form of loan personal loans in UAE are the ones that are disbursed fastest. As an applicant all you need to do is fill the application form with correct details and automated algorithms/programs will evaluate your application request and will process it within a period of 24 hours. Within a day, you can get your personal loan approved and disbursed into your bank account.  

Treatment at Best Hospital

It is a well-known fact that the prices of private medical institutions are very high and after the COVID-19 outbreak they have skyrocketed. However, one cannot deny that private medical institutions and hospitals are the ones that offer the best treatment with cutting-edge technology and well-trained paramedic staff and doctors. If you or anyone in your family is diagnosed with an ailment or COVID-19 then seeking immediate medical assistance from a specialized institution becomes the call urgent call of time. In order to manage the expenses incurred in the treatment, you can either submit a claim for health insurance or apply for a personal loan in UAE.  

Simple Eligibility 

The eligibility criteria for personal loans in the UAE is very simple when compared to other forms of loans. The requirement of documents in order to get the loan processed and approved is minimal which makes personal loans in the UAE the ideal choice for shielding your loved ones financially not only against the novel coronavirus but various other ailments and diseases. Personal loans in UAE are available for both UAE nationals as well as expatriates. You can apply and get the amount disbursed within 24 hours to cater to your financial needs efficiently without any hassle.  

In a Nutshell 

With the right life insurance and personal loan in UAE, you can ensure that lack of funds never acts as a hurdle between the safety of your family. Stay home, stay safe, and follow social distancing.

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