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Maintaining your credit score is a vital task to ensure financial stability and support. The way in which an individual uses his/her credit card has a major impact on their credit score. Missing credit card payments and paying the minimum amount in comparison to the credit limit of the user can extensively affect the credit score.

Credit card users should be aware of all the nuances, terms, and conditions of the way in which their credit card company bills them and payments are made. With the proper knowledge, one can not only manage finances efficiently but also keep their credit score high. If you are wondering how making the minimum payment on your credit card bill affects the credit score, this quick read will help you to understand as we have compiled all the information strategically combined in a simple manner.

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How is Credit Score Affected

Credit scores have become extremely important detrimental factors in deciding whether you get credit/loan from the bank. Individuals with low credit scores are generally denied as the report depicts a lack of creditworthiness.

Credit card providers and credit bureau work in integration with each to maintain the credit score of an individual. The credit card companies send monthly information about your payments to the credit cards bureau in order to set up the credit score.

Making consistent minimum payments of the credit card bill will not majorly affect the credit score of a cardholder. However, if the cardholder makes minimum payments along with missing out on due payments, the credit score will fall substantially which might end up in a serious financial problem.

It is crucial to understand the fact that the credit rating of an individual is not affected by the amount they pay, therefore making the minimum payment will not affect their credit score. Provided the condition that the cardholder makes the minimum payment of the credit card bill at the right time every month.

AECB Credit Score

Credit Utilization

Credit card companies determine how much of an individual’s credit is being used which is known as credit utilization. The credit utilization has an important role to play when it comes to actually how making minimum payments affects your credit score.

Using a significant portion of your total credit limit is more injurious to your credit card than making the minimum payment. When an individual uses a major portion of their credit limit their credit score is dropped exponentially. However, an important point to be kept in consideration here is that the dip in the credit points is temporary. In order to rebuild your credit score, all you need to do is reduce your credit balance quickly.

When a cardholder pays the minimum balance, the balance is reduced by a small degree the credit utilization will continue to affect the credit score of an individual. If the cardholder makes minimum payments and continues to make additional purchases on the credit card, the credit rating of the card will be affected.

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Benefits of Making Payments Higher than the Minimum Limit

Understanding and being aware of the fact that making minimum payments will not affect the credit score might lure the user to always make minimum payments. However, it is vital for users to know that there are numerous benefits of making payments more than the minimum limit of the credit card.

When a cardholder makes payments higher than the minimum limit of the credit card a primary benefit is that the balance is reduced faster and a significant amount of money is saved in the form of interest.

As a matter of fact, since more and more people are making minimum payments of their credit card bills, the complete communicative pattern amongst the group of credit users has changed. Many financial experts and economists advise their customers to always try and maintain that their credit utilization is under 30%. Furthermore, in reality, what matters more is the consistency with which payments are made instead of the amount which is paid by the user.

It is important to check the credit history at least two times a year. This regular analysis of the credit report will allow users to identify discrepancies in the credit reports.

In a Nutshell

Credit cards are modern-day marvels, that have transformed the entire way in which users take credit. Credit cards in UAE are the simplest tool that allows user to obtain credit without any hassle. In order to maintain the credit, score an individual should try and make more than the minimum payments. Maintaining the credit utilization ratio up to 30% will ensure that your credit score is maintained and one is eligible to apply for loans and credit cards. According to an interesting survey, 69% of the people were less likely to miss their credit card payments who had paid more than the minimum amount of their credit card bills.

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