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Credit cards are truly a modern-day boon that often bails out struggling debtors in phases of financial emergencies. While issuing a credit card in UAE it is mandatory for financial institutions and banks to evaluate and document the applicant’s income. The process requires the submission of documents to verify the applicant’s income. Documents include salary slips, bank statements, etc.

A common misconception amongst the minds of people is that unemployed individuals are not entitled to get a credit card. However, contrary to the popular belief even if you are economically unproductive (student, homemaker, retired professional, etc.) you can still get a credit card in UAE.

If you want a get a credit card in the UAE and are unable to get it due to lack of steady flow of income, this quick read will help you to get one.

Providing Proof of Income from Other Sources

If you are one of those individuals who have maintained a steady flow of income via investment schemes and tools like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, etc. Good news! You can easily get a credit card in UAE. In such cases, applicants are supposed to present documents to the financial institution that verifies their income.

According to the standard guidelines credit cards are financial tools that are meant for employed. However, if you have other potential sources like investments, freelance payments, etc. that provide a regular and steady flow of income you can get a standard credit card based on that.

The majority of banks these days offer services where interested customers who are unemployed can apply on the website of the provider. The online application is followed by visiting the nearest branch along with all the required documents to apply for a credit card in UAE.

The basic detrimental factors that bank and other financial institutions look up to while offering credit cards to customers is their potential to repay. Bank and credit card providers need to justify the repayment capacity of a customer on paper to process their request. Unemployed individuals can apply for a standard credit card in UAE on the basis of their alternate sources of income.

Secured Credit Cards the Solution to your Problems

If you have low-risk investments in UAE like fixed deposits you can get a secured credit card. These credit cards offer similar services when compared to a standard credit card in UAE. The basic difference between the two is that secured credit cards are issued against the fixed deposits of a customer. The credit limit in case of secured credit cards is approximately eighty percent of the deposit amount.

Secured credit cards in UAE prevent cardholders from getting trapped in a debt trap and offer higher degrees of flexibility when compared to standard credit cards in UAE.

Add-on Credit Cards

Add-on credit cards are secondary cards issued by providers under the primary credit card in UAE. These cards are of immense use to various customers who are unable to get a credit card due to a lack of employment or a steady flow of income.

Financial institutions and providers usually offer up to five additional cards under one primary credit card in UAE. Moreover, many providers in UAE offer features where the primary cardholder can decide a transaction limit for additional cards. All the expenditure on additional credit cards in UAE is directed to the primary cardholder for repayment. Primary cardholders should closely monitor the expenditure on their additional credit cards to ensure that the credit utilization ration remains under the prescribed limit.

Add-on credit cards in UAE are usually available for close relatives of the primary cardholder like parents, spouse, children, and siblings. The credit limit is shared between the primary cardholder and add-on cardholder and the statement for both the cards is consolidated into one statement.


Undoubtedly credit cards are an absolute must for everybody but it is very important to use them responsibly to avoid potential risks. Irresponsible use of credit cards can lead cardholders into a vicious debt trap that is quite difficult to escape. A credit card is a tool and its effect are completely dependent on the knowledge and skill set of the user. One of the most important points to consider while using a credit card in UAE is making timely repayments to avoid any hassle.

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